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  • National Security and Counterintelligence in the Era of Cyber Espionage
    Eugenie de Silva
    As technology continues to advance, the threats imposed on these innovations also continue to grow and evolve. As such, law enforcement specialists diligently work to counteract these threats, promote national safety, and defend the individual rights of citizens. National Security and Counterintelligence in the Era of Cyber Espionage highlights technological advancements in int...

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  • Cold War Deceptions
    David H. Price
    Investigates how the CIA tried to influence scholars and governmentsDuring the early Cold War, the Central Intelligence Agency created dozens of funding fronts to support work that aligned with CIA goals, from clandestine operations and research to liberal anticommunist programs. While investigative journalists and congressional inquiries exposed many of these fronts, little is...

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  • From Red Terror to Terrorist State
    Vladimir Popov / Yuri Felshtinsky
    The history of modern Russia traditionally has Communism at its center. In this radical new history, Yuri Felshtinsky and Vladimir Popov show, however, that the real driver from early in the Russian Revolution was the Cheka-Russia’s shape-shifting intelligence services. Wrapped in a brutal fight to the death with the Party, it lured Russia into submission from 1918. Over close ...

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  • For Cuba--for Freedom!
    Paul J. Guzzo / Raul Andres Villamia / Rhonda J. Villamia
    Raul Villamia’s childhood in Cuba revolved around baseball and bloodshed. The violence that he witnessed led him to support Castro’s revolution, and his brother Mario introduced him to Castro’s 26th of July Movement (M267). Minor league baseball brought him to the United States, where he hoped to pursue a career in the majors, and left Villamia uniquely placed to aid Castro’...

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  • Behind Enemy Lines Nazi Spies in America During World War II
    Davis Truman
    "Behind Enemy Lines: Nazi Spies in America During World War II" dives deep into the intriguing yet flawed world of German spies on American soil from 1935 to 1945. This meticulously researched exploration delves into these agents' expectations, activities, and ultimate shortcomings, contrasting the exaggerated public perception fueled by media sensationalism with the stark ...

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  • The Mosaic Effect
    Ina Mitchell / Michel Juneau-Katsuya / Scott McGregor
    There are two worlds out there - an 'in the open' world where people go about their daily lives. Locked in by borders and governed by laws. In this world, people live with a false sense of security in 'the system'. Now juxtapose this with another world, a parallel world that operates in the shadows. In this world, a war has been waged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) whose ...

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  • Shadow Entanglement
    Brenda Bryson
    What hides in the shadow of the subconscious has the power to lead to a deadly entanglement. What happens to society when everything that it is being told is manipulated and controlled?Not only have Joe Teal and Edmund Barter been friends for over 30 years, they have worked tirelessly, side by side, to safeguard America from forces that seek to undermine its safety and freedom....

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  • Nazis Next Door, The
    Eric Lichtblau
    "A captivating book rooted in first-rate research." -- New York Times Book ReviewNew York Times bestseller -- Espionage categoryFor the first time, once-secret government records and interviews tell the full story of the thousands of Nazis--from concentration camp guards to high-level officers in the Third Reich--who came to the United States after World War II and quietly sett...

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  • Humble Yet Fierce
    Katy McQuaid
    Often, we want to speak up, but we don’t, gripped by fear and the need to get along. The reality is, it’s hard to find our voice; and then one day we do. Katy McQuaid, former deputy director of logistics in the CIA, brings her true-life stories of courage, faith, and adventure related to that journey. From the life-changing events in her first year of college to her remarkable ...

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  • The Quick Guide To The Ninja
    Inside Ninjutsu
    Discover the shadowy world of Japan’s legendary ninja in this fascinating book. From their origins as covert agents in feudal Japan to their role in modern pop culture, this book explores the history and legacy of these skilled warriors.Using recorded evidence and historical accounts, delve into the methods and tactics employed by the ninja. Learn about their weapons and tools,...

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  • Cyber-espionage in international law
    Thibault Moulin
    This book analyses the normative avoidance of cyber-espionage, arguing that it is neither prohibited nor authorised by international law. This situation did not emerge by chance but through the purposeful silence of States, leaving them free to pursue cyber-espionage themselves at the same time as they both try to prevent and fall victim to it. ...

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  • Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide
    Cincinnatus [AI] / Federal Bureau of Investigation
    The most recent version of this crucial document, obtained via FOIA with redactions in 2023. Three volumes in original form, reprinted here as a single jumbo volume. AI summary:The Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide is a comprehensive resource for FBI personnel to ensure that they conduct investigations and operations in a manner that upholds constitutional principles...

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  • Women Rescuers of WWII
    Elise Baker
    What bright secrets transpired during the world’s darkest hours? Light shone in an era marked by tyranny and mass destruction. Kindness resurfaced when the lines between friends and foes were blurred. Hope prevailed when staying hidden and quiet was a civilian’s best chance of survival. Behold, the Second World War-a ruthless period of oppression and torment that Jews and other...

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  • Spies in British Controlled Singapore
    Edward J Drea
    Imagine being Japanese, living in Singapore in the nineteen twenties and thirties, suspected by everyone around you of being a spy.Prior to December 1941, Singapore was the site of a major naval base for the occupying British. As tensions increased between the imperial powers of Japan and Britain, Japanese expatriates living in Singapore became the focus of both governments in ...

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  • Espionage Mechanism in the Arthasastra of Kautilya
    Ratan Lal Basu
    The science of espionage has a long history of evolution and probably it originated ever since the emergence of state as the supreme form of governance in clan societies. The science, in course of emergence of larger states achieved high level of development in Egypt, Syria, Persia, China, Greece and India. By the 4th century B. C. the science of espionage in India achieved a s...

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  • Bravo Alpha Elevens
    R. K. Taylor
    Far from your ordinary survival or preparations manual, Bravo Alpha Elevens seeks to educate you in the material that means the difference between life and death. If you want to know how to armor your home, evade an enemy force, hide amongst the world of spies, and survive catastrophe happily, this is the book for you. An experienced combat veteran and long-time survivalist tak...

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  • A Comprehensive Guide to HUMINT Operations
    A. Scholtens
    A Comprehensive Guide to HUMINT Operations is a book about the world of human intelligence. Written for both intelligence community professionals and general readers interested in the subject, this book covers a wide variety of topics related to the history, definition, and importance of HUMINT in today’s world.From recruiting personnel to the different types of intelligence th...

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  • US Army Small Unit Tactics Handbook Tenth Anniversary Edition
    Paul LeFavor
    A warrior’s handbook that provides a conceptual overview of all relevant topics of small unit tactics every Special Forces soldier ought to be familiar with to be effective on the battlefield. It seeks to define the course of study for the sound development of Special Forces soldiers so as to avoid the Scylla of mere academia and the Charybdis of pure pragmatism, and to preserv...

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  • The Intelligence War in Britain
    Musa Khan Jalalzai
    The sound and cry of foreign espionage has reverberated in British newspapers for years while the British domestic intelligence agency (MI5) abruptly warned that Chinese intelligence agents were making things worse when they were introduced to parliamentarians in Britain. The MI5 said that a female Chinese national was engaged in political interference activities on behalf of B...

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  • Diplomacy and Secret Service
    G.R. Berridge
    Intelligence officers working under diplomatic protection are rarely out of the news for long, and the last two years have been no exception. Strong circumstantial evidence has accumulated that they have played some role in cultivating even the President of the United States as an agent of influence for Russia. How did the relationship between diplomacy and secret intelligence ...

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  • The Intelligence War in Britain
    Musa Khan Jalalzai
    The sound and cry of foreign espionage has reverberated in British newspapers for years while the British domestic intelligence agency (MI5) abruptly warned that Chinese intelligence agents were making things worse when they were introduced to parliamentarians in Britain. The MI5 said that a female Chinese national was engaged in political interference activities on behalf of B...

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  • The American Surveillance State, The
    David H. Price
    When the possibility of wiretapping first became known to Americans they were outraged. Now, in our post-9/11 world, it’s accepted that corporations are vested with human rights, and government agencies and corporations use computers to monitor our private lives. David H. Price pulls back the curtain to reveal how the FBI and other government agencies have always functioned as ...

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  • Secret Power
    Stefania Maurizi / Lesli Cavanaugh-Bardelli
    ’I want to live in a society where secret power is accountable to the law and to public opinion for its atrocities, where it is the war criminals who go to jail, not those who have the conscience and courage to expose them.’ It is 2008, and Stefania Maurizi, an investigative journalist with a growing interest in cryptography, starts looking into the little-known organization Wi...

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  • Return Of The Fathers
    William Kitchin
    The Hunt Is On. The President, the CIA, and the Russians Launch Lethal Searches for These Four Clones Four of America’s founding fathers have been cloned and through a genetics acceleration process are now in their twenties. The White House panics, knowing that the American public could well become enamored with four illustrious constitutional figures from the past who could we...

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  • The New China-Russia Alignment
    Richard Weitz

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  • Combating Terrorism in the 21st Century

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  • Handbook of Research on Artificial Intelligence in Government Practices and Processes
    In today’s global culture where the internet has established itself as a main tool of communication, the global system of economy and regulations, as well as data and decisions based on data analysis, have become essential for public actors and institutions. Governments need to be updated and use the latest technologies to understand what society’s demands are, and user behavio...

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  • Interview with a Terrorist
    James Rosone / Miranda Watson
    From the Amazon Best Selling Authors of the Red Storm Series...Have you ever wondered what really goes on in those poorly lit interrogation rooms overseas?Are you prepared to travel down a dark path into a world few know of...and even fewer have ever talked about?In 2006, when the Iraq war was all but lost, a new strategy was implemented-not only would America place combat troo...

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  • El Golpe
    Rob McKenzie
    ’Early in my research, a friend with excellent knowledge of the United Auto Workers internal operations told me,'Don’t give up. They are hiding something'...’ It’s 1990, and US labor is being outsourced to Mexico. Rumors of a violent confrontation at the Mexican Ford Assembly plant on January 8 reach the United Auto Workers (UAW) union in the US: nine employees had been shot by...

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    Ollivier Mafaya
    Kiedy Ty lub Twoi najbliżsi znajdą się w sytuacji kryzysowej i zagrażającej życiu, wszelkie aspekty prawne, a także to czy potraktujesz wroga humanitarnie, a może wystarczająco łagodnie by nie narazić się na odpowiedzialność karną, straci jakiekolwiek znaczenie.Ta książka dotyczy zdarzeń, w których liczyć będzie się tylko to czy w sytuacji zagrażającej życiu lub zdrowiu przeżyj...

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