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  • Grow Fast, Grow Global
    Sarah Carroll
    Finalist in the Business Book Awards 2019Do you want more online sales? Seize the opportunity and sell to customers around the world.No business can avoid digital disruption. You either adapt, embrace it and then use it to your advantage, or you will get outpaced by a competitor that does. The time to act is now, so that you won’t get left behind.The internet has opened up the ...

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  • The Making of a Medical Mogul, Vol 2
    Dr. Draion Burch
    As a doctor, you are expected to never make mistakes. You have studied, trained, and devoted all of your time to your work and your patients, and you have seen extraordinary outcomes—but the constant stress, long hours, and time away from your family are starting to take a toll on your happiness, and you have lost your sense of purpose. So how do you get it back?Returning with ...

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  • Use Your Dreams to Develop Your Next Book, Creative Project, or Business Idea
    Gini Gini Scott
    USE YOUR DREAMS TO DEVELOP YOUR NEXT BOOK, CREATIVE PROJECT OR BUSINESS IDEA covers these key topics:- How dreams have inspired many projects and decisions that have changed the world;- Remembering and keeping track of your dreams by writing them down;- Understanding the meaning of your dreams;- Using a dream to brainstorm new ideas and turn them into a reality;- Guiding your d...

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  • The New Startup
    David Pike
    Do you want to be your own boss? Are you working in a cubicle, counting down the hours until 5 o’clock (or later) when you can leave the office? Are you unemployed? This book is for you. Starting a business might seem like a complex maze, but there are steps and guidelines you should follow. Based on my personal experience of 10+ ventures, research on entrepreneurship, and conv...

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  • Be a Success Maverick
    Paul Finck
    Several powerhouse authors sharing their inspirational 'Success Maverick' stories concerning their individual success and what they have done different through their lives to create the results they have achieved. An absolute must read for anyone who wants to be successful in life. ...

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  • Start-Up Enterprises and Contemporary Innovation Strategies in the Global Marketplace
    In an ever-expanding economic world, the need for new businesses with the ability to create and evolve simultaneously is paramount to ensure success. Hybrid business models are essential to foster growth and promote prosperity. Start-Up Enterprises and Contemporary Innovation Strategies in the Global Marketplace is a critical scholarly resource that examines the relationship be...

    308,25 €

  • The Real Diddy
    Harris Rosen
    Behind the Music Tales is a series which captures the mood and feel of the energy that surged through music and pop culture in the 90s and 2000s. It presents exclusive original interviews as an honest record directly from authentic creative sources, and is an accurate historical document. The Real Diddy, the 12th book in the series, captures the ambitious Sean Combs TWICE in th...

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  • Disruptive Impact
    James Paterson
    A Disrupted JourneyGlobalisation and digitisation are changing everything. In the past taxi drivers in Sydney weren’t impacted by activities in San Francisco - Uber’s birthplace. Relationships weren’t formed via a go-between in Pasadena - eHarmony’s home town.This book is a journey into the World of Disruption, a place we all now inhabit. It’s an exploration of historical disru...

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  • How To Market A Book
    Joanna Penn
    Do you want to sell more books and reach more readers?Do you want to discover how to build an author career for the long-term as well as spike your book sales right now?If you don’t know much about marketing, don’t worry. We all start with nothing.I’m Joanna Penn and back in 2008, I had no book sales, no audience, no website, no social media, no podcast, no email list. No nothi...

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  • The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product, 2nd Edition
    Katherine Radeka
    Do your products take too long to get to market? The Rapid Learning Cycles framework is an approach to product development that has helped hundreds of teams get their products to market faster.When you can get your product into customers' hands faster, you see your vision brought to life sooner. You can beat any competition to market with your best ideas. You can shorten th...

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  • Your Book is the Hook
    Karen Williams
    Writing a book is a great way for business owners to inspire and educate their clients, and leverage their knowledge and expertise.It will help you to get known for what you do, establish yourself as an authority, and get noticed by more people who need your help.In Your Book is the Hook, Karen takes you through her proven six-step process to plan, write, publish and market the...

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  • Jeff Shavitz on The Power of Residual Income
    Jeff Shavitz
    Jeff Shavitz on The Power of Residual Income: You Can Bank on It! details the vast differences between residual/recurring income and transactional revenue. Having experienced both business models, Jeff uses real-life examples from his payment-processing career (a residual-based business) in contrast to his promotional products business (a transactional-based business). This boo...

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  • Dorm Room to Millionaire
    Alex Morton
    No BS, No Fluff, No Guru Theories, and No Sugar Coating. Dorm Room To Millionaire is a present day, real world tactical guide, to have, be, & do anything you want in life. It's written by a guy who is real, raw, authentic, and tells it how it really is. Alex Morton, who's labeled the leading authority for Millennial Momentum Creation, showcases the exact strategies he&#...

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  • Be Your Brand
    Regan Hillyer
    Confused, overwhelmed, or seriously lacking focus when it comes to your personal brand? I was that person too. I could have gone in 20 different directions. Should I be this? Should I create this? Should I launch this? What if it doesn’t work? The questions were endless. The biggest reason was, simply, I didn’t have a personal brand!  Fast forward 60 days and I now sit here ...

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  • Brownie Wise, Tupperware Queen
    Fergus Mason
    In 1950 a saleswoman living in Florida decided to find a fun new way to market an unexciting product – reusable food containers. She already had plenty of experience selling household goods but now she wanted to try something different, and she was after a quirky, lively way to sell things. The solution she chose was being used to sell brushes in the USA by the late 1930s, but ...

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  • Handbook of Research on Global Competitive Advantage through Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Helen Lawton Smith / João JMFerreira / Luis M Farinha
    As businesses seek to compete on a global stage, they must be constantly aware of pressures from all levels: regional, local, and worldwide. The organizations that can best build advantages in diverse environments achieve the greatest success. The Handbook of Research on Global Competitive Advantage through Innovation and Entrepreneurship explores the emergence of new ideas and...

    492,67 €

  • Tunnel Vision
    Isadora Fokine Beauregard / Jan Attard
    Tunnel Vision is a transformational journey from darkness into light.  A gradual movement which is immensely life changing embracing silver linings from challenge and adversity to focus envision and achieve unimaginable, great human accomplishments. Tunnel Vision is absolutely necessary for the start up entrepreneur. Too many people who want to be successful, achieve greatness ...

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  • From Consulting to Cutting
    Nicole Barrett
    Nicole Barrett co-founded NiaNicole Salon in October of 2008. She has an extensive amount of training from across the world and has taken various classes in hair cutting techniques, as well as coloring techniques and finishing. With a background in business consulting, she helped Fortune 500 companies regain and maintain market eminence. As a past educator for L’Oreal, Nicole h...

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  • Thrive
    Clark Clay
    THRIVE by author and serial entrepreneur Clay Clark, is a practical guide on how to specifically go from just surviving to thriving. It is great for anyone who is dissatisfied with where they currently are in life. If you have a functional brain and you embrace the truth that entrepreneurship is a viable option to take you from where you are to where you want to be, this book h...

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  • Modern Entrepreneurship and E-Business Innovations
    Süphan Nasır
    Technology has emerged as an important component in businesses and organizations by allowing for modern innovations through the internet and other information and communication technologies. Modern Entrepreneurship and E-Business Innovations provides advanced knowledge of e-entrepreneurship and innovation as well as emerging theories, applications and challenges. This book is a...

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    Michael Horton
    You’re the boss. Not merely of a section or a team or a department but of the whole business. You have people whose jobs depend on you. To get here, you’ve probably had the opportunity to learn from some of the best books out there, including Michael Horton’s bestselling Scrappy General Management.But in the harried, routinely-chaotic world you navigate now, a world in which yo...

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  • Transitioning from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship
    Rhonda W. Novak
    Book is about transitioning from corporate America to Entrepreneurship. Talks about the drastic and subtle mind set changes needed to become a successful entrepreneur after having worked in the corporate arena. ...

    13,87 €

  • Sports Entrepreneur
    David Smith
    Create your Sports Product or Service Business Idea, Protect It, and Bring it to Life! Sports Entrepreneur is your guide to developing practical skills to: create your business idea, protect your business, build a business team, secure business funding and more. Learning these skills is a necessary addition to any education, training, or internship. FIND YOUR PASSION, DEVELOP...

    10,75 €

  • 10K Boss
    Suzi Chen
    Anyone can dream, but a dream without action will always remain just that – a dream. 10K Boss: the Power of Everyday Entrepreneurialism tells the story of 3 everyday entrepreneurs who have worked tirelessly making their dream a reality with limited access to financial resources - 10K local currency or less.A stay-at-home-mother-turned digital marketing expert, a social activist...

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  • How to take your credit score from 0 to 800
    Joe Correa
    How to take your credit score from 0 to 800: Tricks and tips to increase your credit score higher than you ever imaginedBy Joe Correa If you want to increase your credit score to the highest it’s ever been, you found the right book!Why do some people have low credit scores while others have high scores? Why are some people constantly denied credit while others always approved? ...

    15,03 €

  • The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs
    Black Matthew
    Take your idea and make it happen with Matthew Black's Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs.Do you have a business idea? something that could change your life forver?  Then this book is your shortcut to success.The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs is a bulletproof system for finding the ideas that work and then setting them up to make you money - all on your terms!Packed ...

    7,18 €

  • Cultivating Your IT Factor
    Stevii Aisha Mills
    Your brand is your business's most valuable asset. It's what influences customers, clients, prospects, partners, investors and employees. At every touchpoint, your audience is seeking a compelling experience. They want to invest their resources with the experts of that particular industry. However, prior to being able to own the master title, you have to first claim and refine ...

    12,47 €

    Seth Coyne
    In GENEROUS WEALTH: How To Make More Money By Giving It Away And By Helping Others, Seth Coyne includes real world examples of strategies that can help your business establish a reputation as a generous, helpful company that deserves the loyalty of its customers.Read this book and prepare to learn things like:-The unconventional “advertising” strategy that helped a store in Las...

    26,46 €

  • Handbook of Research on Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity Economics
    Jose Manuel Saiz-Alvarez
    Education programs in social entrepreneurship helps to create and fill jobs devoted to developing the local economy, which has become a dual transfer strategy by which a virtuous circle occurs between a retrofitted educational system based on social entrepreneurship, and vocational students who are highly entrepreneurial. The Handbook of Research on Social Entrepreneurship and ...

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  • The Sales Assassin
    Anthony Caliendo
    The Sales Assassin is the last sales book you’ll ever need to buy or read. Anthony Caliendo doesn’t tell you what you want to hear - he tells you what you need to hear! Today’s sales environment is more challenging than ever - buyers are getting pitched in old traditional ways, and are being assaulted with new marketing strategies! Your sales success depends on your willing...

    14,82 €