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  • From Logos to Bios
    Wynand de Beer

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  • Innovative Strategies and Frameworks in Climate Change Adaptation
    Alexander G. Flor / Alexander GFlor / Benjamina Gonzalez Flor
    The changes the earth is currently undertaking has been at the forefront of scientific discourse in recent years. Humans as a species have needed to react to these changes and shift their behavior accordingly. Innovative Strategies and Frameworks in Climate Change Adaptation: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a critical scholarly resource that examines the relationship bet...

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  • Inorganic Pollutants in Wastewater
    This book, 'Inorganic Pollutants in Wastewater: Methods of Analysis, Removal and Treatment' extensively investigates the most recent improvements in the area of inorganic pollutants analysis, removal and treatment of wastewater by utilizing different materials such as natural polymers, husks, graphene and carbon nanotube composites, fruit cortex etc. It covers photocata...

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  • Handbook of Research on Climate Change Impact on Health and Environmental Sustainability
    Soumyananda Dinda
    Climate change is not only one of the greatest threats to modern civilization; it is also a great challenge to economic development in the 21st century. Global warming can lead to periods of both drought and intense rain, causing crops to fail and ruining the livelihoods of many in underdeveloped countries. The Handbook of Research on Climate Change Impact on Health and Environ...

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  • Promoting Climate Change Awareness through Environmental Education
    Carolyn Stevenson / Lynn Wilson
    Addressing global climate change is a monumental battle that can only be fought by the leaders of tomorrow, but future leaders are molded through education and shaped by the leaders of today. While the pivotal role of education in spreading awareness of climate change is one universally espoused, equally universal is the recognition that current education efforts are falling wo...

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  • I Don’t Believe in Asteroids
    Kevin Kite / Michelle McCauley
    Climate change, income inequality, modern parenting, greed, and materialism-the world is going to hell so you might as well laugh. In I Don’t Believe in Asteroids, Kite and McCauley show you the way. Their irreverent, on-point comics will have you cracking up and crying all at once. Kite’s art is brilliant and bright, even as the text is jarring and penetrating. This is a grea...

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  • Svalbard REU 2014 Ny-Alesund
    Lucy L. Ivey
    This journal documents the work in the summer of 2014 of the Research Experiences for Undergraduates ('REU') Team, composed of six students, a middle-school science teacher, and two lead scientists, and funded by the National Science Foundation. The REU team was gathered in Svalbard, NO, a group of islands located in the Arctic at 78˚ north latitude, to study how high-latitude ...

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  • Eco-History. an Introduction to Biodiversity and Conservation.
    D. Rotherham Ian / DRotherham Ian / Ian D. Rotherham / Ian DRotherham
    AN ACCESSIBLE INTRODUCTION TO BIODIVERSITY, CONSERVATION AND THE ECO-CULTURAL NATURE OF LANDSCAPESKey issues are addressed in short, focused chapters, supported by a detailed thousand-year timeline based on the British Isles.Rotherham is convinced that to conserve wildlife or ecology, and to heal the wounds of human impacts, we must understand our own history and how, over coun...

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  • Animals
    Sarah Johnson
    The fourth volume in the reader series, ’Themes in Environmental History’.Comprising essays selected from Environment and History and Environmental Values, these inexpensive paperbacks address important aspects of environmental history through theoretical essays and case studies. The readers are attracting increasing interest from course-organisers. Animals examines human relat...

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  • 3D Recording and Modelling in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
    The book derives from the experiences of the authors as lecturers and tutors at different international summer schools on reality-based surveying and 3D modelling in the field of archaeology and cultural heritage. The book is organized in three main sections. The first part aims to introduce and discuss the contribution of geomatic techniques in archaeology and more generally i...

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  • The Steppe to Europe
    Lajos Racz / Alan Campbell
    This book, a much-augmented translation of the author’s original Hungarian version, is an account of Hungary’s past from the perspective of environmental history, incorporating a wide range of environmentally-relevant research findings. Data on climate, agriculture, mining, hunting, urban development and political administration are synthesised to create a rich account of a peo...

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  • Conservation Song
    Wapulumuka Oliver Mulwafu
    Conservation Song explores ways in which colonial relations shaped meanings and conflicts over environmental control and management in Malawi. By focusing on soil conservation, which required an integrated approach to the use and management of such natural resources as land, water and forestry, it examines the origins and effects of policies and their legacies in the post-colon...

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  • Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Historical Ecology Investigation
    Alison Whipple / Robin Grossinger / San Francisco Estuary Institute
    This report describes the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Historical Ecology Study, which was conducted to provide foundation information to develop sound large-scale restoration efforts in the Delta. The report documents early 1800s pattern and process in the Delta. Historical habitat type extent and distribution are described, the landscape context explored, and driving hydrolog...

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  • Indigenous Knowledge
    Sarah Johnson
    The third volume in the reader series, ’Themes in Environmental History’.Comprising essays selected from our journals, Environment and History and Environmental Values, these inexpensive paperbacks address important aspects of environmental history, by means of theoretical essays and case studies. Indigenous Knowledge investigates how indigenous peoples from various cultures in...

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  • Changing Deserts
    Deserts - vast, empty places where time appears to stand still. The very word conjures images of endless seas of sand, blistering heat and a virtual absence of life. However, deserts encompass a large variety of landscapes and life beyond our stereotypes. As well as magnificent Saharan dunes under blazing sun, the desert concept encompasses the intensely cold winters of the Gob...

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  • A Rugged Nation
    Marco Armiero
    Landscape, politics and history: the Italian mountains as a crucible of national and natural identity.This book is part of a wider current in environmental history, that explores the links between nature and nation. It uncovers how Italian identity and mountains have constituted one another. It argues that state regimes since unification in 1861 have made mountains into nationa...

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  • Bio-Invaders
    Sarah Johnson
    We are pleased to announce a new series ofenvironmental history readers, suitable for students.Comprising essays selected from our journals,Environment and History and Environmental Values,each inexpensive paperback volume will address animportant theme in environmental history, combiningunderlying theory and specific case-studies. The firstvolume, Bio-invaders, investigates th...

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  • Digging Deep in the Garden
    John Walker
    “John Walker is asking the sort of questions you don’t usually find asked in gardening magazines.” A celebrity gardener’s ‘wobble’ over climate chaos… the effect genetically modified crops might have on our gardens and allotments… how adopting a vegan-organic approach can make growing more compassionate… why pesticides must be consigned to the history books.In this diverse, liv...

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  • Water Resources in a Variable and Changing Climate
    Climate change will bring about significant changes to the capacity of, and the demand on,water resources. The resulting changes include increasing climate variability that is expectedto affect hydrologic conditions. The effects of climate variability on various meteorologicalvariables have been extensively observed in many regions around the world. Atmosphericcirculation, topo...

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  • Other Inconvenient Truths Beyond Global Warming
    Alan F Rozich
    Global warming rightfully earned the title of 'An Inconvenient Truth'. However, there are a number of other inconvenient truths that comprise a Super Nexus. The Super Nexus consists of societal needs for economic and environmental sustainability, economic and population expansion, and simultaneous resources needs. These trends will begin to act collectively in a negatively syne...

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  • Bees of California
    Bees provide food through the simple but essential act of pollination. There are thousands of bee species in North America, but bees are dying. This book is a collaboration between student artists, scientists and writers at the University of California concerned with bee decline. This book is intended for readers with an interest in contemporary poetry, art, nature, and gardeni...

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  • Rewild or Die
    Urban Scout
    Rewild or Die is a collection of essays written by Urban Scout exploring the philosophy of the emerging rewilding renaissance, in which civilized humans are thought to be 'domesticated' through thousands of years of sedentary, agrarian life. This way of life is believed to be the root of all environmental destruction and social injustice. Rewilding is the process of un-doing th...

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  • Examining the Role of Environmental Change on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pandemics
    Maha Bouzid
    Climate change is one of the most widely debated and worrisome topics of our time. As environmental changes become more prevalent, there has been evidence to suggest that there is a correlation between the environment and a substantial increase of infectious diseases and viruses around the globe. Examining the Role of Environmental Change on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pan...

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  • Tutu’s Rainbow World
    Joseph Kaifala
    Joseph Kaifala was born in Freetown. Now a Human Rights lawyer in the USA and author of “Free Slaves, Freetown and the Sierra Leonean Civil War” his poetry deals with Africa’s poverty, armed conflicts and the suffering of its child soldiers.   ...

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  • Awakening into Unity, The Complete Series Reader
    Lee Temple
    The Global Awakening project integrates widely accepted scientific, spiritual, and environmental perspectives to reveal our profound collective journey from the Big Bang to the present day—so we can understand, at the deepest core level, who we truly are, what we’re made of, and how we’ve come face to face with the greatest humanchallenge of all time—global climate change. In s...

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  • Horse Ownership Responsible Sustainable Ethical
    Jane Myers / Stuart Myers
    With horse ownership comes great responsibility; we have a responsibility to manage our horses to the best of our ability and to do this sustainably and ethically.Horse keeping has changed dramatically in the last 30 to 40 years and there are many new challenges facing contemporary horse owners. The modern domestic horse is now much more likely to be kept for leisure purposes t...

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  • In Devil’s Den Journals of a Park Interpreter
    Wallace Keck
    Note to the Reader The following is a true story of the life and experiences of a park interpreter (naturalist, ranger) in Devil’s Den State Park, living in a log cabin in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas during the years 1988-1994). One employee continues to work at the park, but the rest have moved on to other positions or retirement. Some have passed away. The day quickly app...

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  • Além Do Crepúsculo
    Pedro Cagna
    ALÉM DO CREPÚSCULO A Saga pela sobrevivênciaAlém do Crepúsculonão é apenas uma história fictícia de sobrevivência pós-apocalíptica que se passa em 2038, mas um testemunho da indomável vontade humana de encontrar esperança, beleza e humanidade nas cinzas do antigo mundo. Através da inovação e da adaptação, onde os sobreviventes não apenas enfrentam os desafios de um mundo pós-a...

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  • O Atravessador De Paredes
    Lázaro Ferreira
    Em uma trilha o personagem descobre uma vila encravada nas montanhas, aventureiro que era,se dirige para lá,onde então, acontece toda a transformação da sua vida, lá algumas pessoas não caminham, flutuam, não falam, apenas pensam, e foi permanecendo por lá,quanto tempo durou o seu aprendizado nem ele mesmo sabe, já que o tempo transcorria bem diferente por lá, então ele passa a...

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