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  • Colorful Artwork Photos by Mark Xiornik Rozen Pettinelli
    Mark Rozen Pettinelli
    Colorful Artwork Photos by Mark Xiornik Rozen Pettinelli has what the title of the book says, photos of artwork and colorful paintings of Mark Pettinelli. The colors are very bright however the paintings are classic. ...

    9,11 €

  • The Complete Guide to Fujifilm’s X-T4 (B&W Edition)
    Tony Phillips
    The best help in the world on the X-T4!Written for Fujifilm’s outstanding X-T4 hybrid camera, this is EVERYTHING X-T4 explained in easy to understand language! It is the Manual on Steroids and much more... In it, I assume you are a photographer, so I don’t dive in to the basics of photography (except in an Appendix). Everything comes with clear tutorials and examples.So if you’...

    67,56 €

  • Get Paid to Take Digital Photos
    Brenda Stephens
    You’re reading this because you have two passions in life. First, you love taking photos. You probably carry your camera everywhere with you, just waiting for a chance to snap a candid shot that tells a little story. That’s the art of photography and, if you’re reading this, you have a passion for that art. But then there’s your passion for money. Don’t worry, you’re not being ...

    8,09 €

  • Insomnia
    Insomnia is a showcase of Ishmael Annobil’s night photography, a genre benefiting from the insomnia he has suffered (and enjoyed) since his boarding school days in Ghana, in the 70s. It is also a celebration of the pioneering techniques he developed for photographing the witching hour, “when light stretches beyond visible distance to sculpt and refine shadow”. The collection fo...

    71,52 €

  • Seeing As We Are
    Ralph Singer
    Seeing As We Are is a delight, rich in tonality and subject matter. Having observed Ralph’s approach to photography first hand, this is a fine collection that celebrates his approach to image making in no uncertain terms. His fondness for and pursuit of expansive, ephemeral natural beauty yields stunning results. And his sensitive nude studies bring together his clear passion f...

    23,05 €

  • The Ultimate Guide to Natural Light for Food Photography
    Fran Flynn
    Do you compare your images to stunning feeds on Instagram and cringe?Do you wish your food shots could look as good as they taste?This handbook will help to transform your food photography images from YUCK to YUM! Smart phone photographers and SLR shooters alike can utilise this comprehensive handbook.  I will take you through 10 essential steps to creating great food images us...

    17,77 €

  • David Busch’s Nikon D750 Fast Track Guide
    David Busch
    You don’t want good pictures from your new Nikon D750—you demand outstanding photos. Afterall, the revamped D750 is the most advanced camera in the $2,300 price range that Nikon has everintroduced. It boasts 24 megapixels of resolution, blazing-fast automatic focus, and professionallevelvideo capabilities. But your gateway to pixel proficiency is dragged down by the fat but con...

    84,08 €

  • Selfies as a Mode of Social Media and Work Space Research
    Shalin Hai-Jew
    The Western cultural trend of self-representation is transcending borders as it permeates the online world. A prime example of this trend is selfies, and how they have evolved into more than just self-portraits. Selfies as a Mode of Social Media and Work Space Research is a comprehensive reference source for the latest research on explicit and implicit messaging of self-portrai...

    242,85 €

  • Mark Xiornik Rozen Pettinelli - Photos of His Bedroom
    Mark Rozen Pettinelli
    These are photographs by Mark Pettinelli of His own bedroom, which has his artwork and other paintings in it. The room is rather messy but organized in a cluttered sort of way, that is, organized. ...

    9,54 €

  • Mark Xiornik Rozen Pettinelli Color Artwork Drawings by Hand
    Mark Rozen Pettinelli
    These are hand drawings and colorings by Mark Pettinelli, after he finished his collection of photos which were manipulated images and before that a collection of cognitive psychology articles. ...

    10,08 €

  • Mark Xiornik Rozen Pettinelli Artwork
    Mark Rozen Pettinelli
    These are digital modifications to the new photomanipulation, they are my best and most importantly the page of nature images. Thanks for your time and effort to make sure that you can get the best way for you to know about this. ...

    15,06 €

  • Photoshop CC For Beginners
    Joseph Joyner
    The world of photography has become a better place ever since the release of Photoshop tool which is flourishing with emblazoning ease throughout the world. Many refreshing ideas from developers met the fundamental needs of photographers ranging from amateurs to professionals who always felt something is lagging in their photographs. ...

    11,16 €

  • Photoshop Elements 13 For Beginners
    Joseph Joyner
    We take photos every day and we cannot deny that we love doing that. So if you are looking for a way to quickly edit your photos, synchronize it in the web and share it then you must try Photoshop Elements 13. Sounds intimidating? Haven’t tried editing your photos? Then, read the tips and tricks described in this book to kick start your photo editing. ...

    11,28 €

  • The Sun Rises and Falls in Southern Ontario
    C.D Gordon Rossignol

    34,33 €

  • Living Nude Statues
    George Arthur Lareau / Korina S. Mitchell
    A Sky-High Flight of Imagination! When a photographer's imagination really soars, a book like this one is created. Imagine posing live models like museum statues, and transforming their photographs back into statues! Then, place them in exotic digital backgrounds. The result is 240 genuinely stunning photographs in a coffee table book that will deliver many hours of enchanting...

    57,81 €