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  • Developing Metadata Application Profiles
    The prevalence of data science has grown exponentially in recent years. Increases in data exchange have created the need for standards and formats on handling data from different sources. Developing Metadata Application Profiles is an innovative reference source that discusses the latest trends and techniques for effectively managing and exchanging metadata. Including a range o...

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  • Relational Thinking Styles and Natural Intelligence
    Jayne Tristan / Phyllis Chiasson
    The science of intelligence has created a plethora of theories and measurements, which have various applications of both computational, social, and managerial significance. Relational Thinking Styles and Natural Intelligence: Assessing Inference Patterns for Computational Modeling explores a specific set of intelligence theories, unifying and quantifying to create a verifiable ...

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  • Strategic Pervasive Computing Applications
    Varuna Godara
    Through use of networked embedded devices, pervasive computing leaves the concept of personal computers far behind and are offers new opportunities for businesses to avail and to offer to their customers. Strategic Pervasive Computing Applications: Emerging Trends combines the views and opinions of leading experts and practitioners in the field of pervasive computing technologi...

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  • Hands-On Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform
    Alexis Perrier / Giuseppe Ciaburro / Kishore Ayyadevara
    Enhance your understanding of Computer Vision and image processing by developing real-world projects in OpenCV 3Key FeaturesGet to grips with the basics of Computer Vision and image processingThis is a step-by-step guide to developing several real-world Computer Vision projects using OpenCV 3This book takes a special focus on working with Tesseract OCR, a free, open-source libr...

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  • Contemporary Strategies and Approaches in 3-D Information Modeling
    Bimal Kumar
    It is generally accepted that building information modeling (BIM) related technologies offer considerable advantages to many participants in the construction sector. Currently, there exists a whole range of commercially available BIM software platforms that are specialized to suit the functional needs of their main users. Contemporary Strategies and Approaches in 3-D Informatio...

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  • The Machine Learning Solutions Architect Handbook - Second Edition
    David Ping
    Design, build, and secure scalable machine learning (ML) systems to solve real-world business problems with Python and AWSPurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookKey FeaturesGo in-depth into the ML lifecycle, from ideation and data management to deployment and scalingApply risk management techniques in the ML lifecycle and design architectural patterns for...

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  • 3D Printing with Fusion 360
    Sualp Ozel
    Improve your Autodesk Fusion competence around 3D printing workflows by learning how to repair broken STLs, design for additive manufacturing, position and support parts, and slice themKey FeaturesUse Autodesk Fusion to import and repair external designs and create native lightweight designs for 3D printingMaster the setup of 3D printing within Fusion’s Manufacture workspaceGai...

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  • Data Science Project Ideas for Thesis, Term Paper, and Portfolio
    Zemelak Goraga
    'Data Science Project Ideas for Thesis, Term Paper, and Portfolio' is an indispensable guide for students and enthusiasts exploring the frontiers of data science and technology. This comprehensive book unveils a collection of thought-provoking project ideas spanning advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Delve into the transformative realms of busine...

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  • Vector Search for Practitioners with Elastic
    Bahaaldine Azarmi / Jeff Vestal
    'This book delves into the practical applications of vector search in Elastic and embodies a broader philosophy. It underscores the importance of search in the age of Generative Al and Large Language Models. This narrative goes beyond the ’how’ to address the ’why’ - highlighting our belief in the transformative power of search and our dedication to pushing boundaries to meet a...

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  • Data Modeling with Microsoft Excel
    Bernard Obeng Boateng
    Save time analyzing volumes of data using a structured method to extract, model, and create insights from your dataKey FeaturesAcquire expertise in using Excel’s Data Model and Power Pivot to connect and analyze multiple sources of dataCreate key performance indicators for decision making using DAX and Cube functionsApply your knowledge of Data Model to build an interactive das...

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  • Data Exploration and Preparation with BigQuery
    Mike Kahn
    Leverage BigQuery to understand and prepare your data to ensure that it’s accurate, reliable, and ready for analysis and modelingKey FeaturesUse mock datasets to explore data with the BigQuery web UI, bq CLI, and BigQuery API in the Cloud consoleMaster optimization techniques for storage and query performance in BigQueryEngage with case studies on data exploration and preparati...

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  • Data and Analytics in Action
    Zemelak Goraga
    ' Data and Analytics in Action: Project Ideas and Basic Code Skeleton in Python ' is an indispensable guide for students navigating the dynamic realm of data science. This comprehensive book offers a diverse array of researchable project ideas spanning industries from finance to healthcare, e-commerce to environmental analysis. Each project is meticulously designed to bridge th...

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  • Cracking the Data Engineering Interview
    Kedeisha Bryan / Taamir Ransome
    Get to grips with the fundamental concepts of data engineering, and solve mock interview questions while building a strong resume and a personal brand to attract the right employersKey FeaturesDevelop your own brand, projects, and portfolio with expert help to stand out in the interview roundGet a quick refresher on core data engineering topics, such as Python, SQL, ETL, and da...

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  • Alteryx Designer Cookbook
    Alberto Guisande
    Streamline your workflow, transform raw data into actionable insights, and use Alteryx Designer to shape, design, and visualize dataKey FeaturesAcquire the skills necessary to perform analytics operations like an expertDiscover hidden trends and insights in your data from various sources to make accurate predictionsReduce the time and effort required to derive insights from you...

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  • Insights from the Algorithm
    Crazy Science
    'Insights from the Algorithm: A Machine Learning Story' is an engaging and informative journey into the fascinating world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This narrative weaves together a rich tapestry of concepts, techniques, and practical applications, offering a comprehensive understanding of this rapidly evolving field.This compelling narrative takes readers...

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  • The Software Principles of Design for Data Modeling
    Debabrata Samanta
    The Software Principles of Design for Data Modeling , written by Debabrata Samanta of Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosovo, offers a practical and comprehensive solution to the challenges of designing effective software architecture for data modeling. This book covers key topics such as gathering requirements, modeling requirements with use cases, testing the system, bui...

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  • The Software Principles of Design for Data Modeling
    Debabrata Samanta
    The Software Principles of Design for Data Modeling , written by Debabrata Samanta of Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosovo, offers a practical and comprehensive solution to the challenges of designing effective software architecture for data modeling. This book covers key topics such as gathering requirements, modeling requirements with use cases, testing the system, bui...

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  • Beginning Data Science in R Data Analysis, Visualization, and Modelling
    Balakrishna Ch / Santhosh Kumar B / Sathishkumar S
    Welcome to 'Beginning Data Science in R: Data Analysis, Visualization, and Modeling.' In this book, we embark on an exciting journey into the world of data science using the R programming language. Whether you’re a novice seeking to explore the fundamentals or an experienced practitioner looking for a comprehensive reference, this book is designed to be your companion.Data scie...

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  • Splunk 9.x Enterprise Certified Admin Guide
    Srikanth Yarlagadda
    Find all the information, exercises, and tools to ace the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam in one place Key Features:Explore various administration topics including installation, configuration, and user managementGain a deep understanding of data inputs, parsing, and field extractionExcel in the Splunk Enterprise Admin exam with the help of self-assessment questions and m...

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  • Business Intelligence Career Master Plan
    Danny Moncada / Eduardo Chavez
    Learn the foundations of business intelligence, sector trade-offs, organizational structures, and technology stacks while mastering coursework, certifications, and interview success strategiesPurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookKey Features:Identify promising job opportunities and ideal entry point into BIBuild, design, implement, and maintain BI syste...

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  • Essentials of Big Data and Analytics
    Mahammad Idrish I. Sandhi
    In an era characterized by an explosion of digital information, the ability to harness, analyze, and derive insights from vast and complex datasets has become a cornerstone of success for businesses, organizations, and researchers alike. The convergence of technology, data, and analytics has given rise to the field of Big Data and Analytics-a field that empowers us to uncover h...

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  • Building Data Science Applications with FastAPI - Second Edition
    François Voron
    Learn all the features and best practices of FastAPI to build, deploy, and monitor powerful data science and AI apps, like object detection or image generation.Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookKey Features:Uncover the secrets of FastAPI, including async I/O, type hinting, and dependency injectionLearn to add authentication, authorization, and intera...

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  • Data Wrangling on AWS
    Navnit Shukla / Sam Palani / Sankar M
    Revamp your data landscape and implement highly effective data pipelines in AWS with this hands-on guidePurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookKey Features:Execute extract, transform, and load (ETL) tasks on data lakes, data warehouses, and databasesImplement effective Pandas data operation with data wranglerIntegrate pipelines with AWS data servicesBook ...

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  • Azure Data and AI Architect Handbook
    Breght Van Baelen / Olivier Mertens
    Master core data architecture design concepts and Azure Data & AI services to gain a cloud data and AI architect’s perspective to developing end-to-end solutionsPurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookKey Features:Translate and implement conceptual architectures with the right Azure servicesInject artificial intelligence into data solutions for advanced an...

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  • Data Engineering with dbt
    Roberto Zagni
    Use easy-to-apply patterns in SQL and Python to adopt modern analytics engineering to build agile platforms with dbt that are well-tested and simple to extend and run Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookKey Features:Build a solid dbt base and learn data modeling and the modern data stack to become an analytics engineerBuild automated and reliable pipel...

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  • Natural Language Understanding with Python
    Deborah A. Dahl
    Build advanced NLU systems by utilizing NLP libraries such as NLTK, SpaCy, BERT, and OpenAI; ML libraries like Keras, scikit-learn, pandas, TensorFlow, and NumPy, along with visualization libraries such as Matplotlib and Seaborn. Purchase of the print Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookKey Features:Master NLU concepts from basic text processing to advanced deep learning tech...

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  • Graph Data Modeling in Python
    Gary Hutson / Matt Jackson
    Learn how to transform, store, evolve, refactor, model, and create graph projections using the Python programming languagePurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookKey Features:Transform relational data models into graph data model while learning key applications along the wayDiscover common challenges in graph modeling and analysis, and learn how to overcom...

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  • Driving Data Quality with Data Contracts
    Andrew Jones
    Everything you need to know to apply data contracts and build a truly data-driven organization that harnesses quality data to deliver tangible business valuePurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook.Key Features:Understand data contracts and their power to resolving the problems in contemporary data platformsLearn how to design and implement a cutting-edge ...

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  • Big data
    Edison Medina La Plata
    ¿Estás utilizando inteligentemente toda la data recopilada y almacenada? En un escenario de feroces transformaciones digitales, debemos ser capaces de ayudar a nuestras organizaciones a salir airosas de estos cambios y ser competentes al desarrollar empresas basadas en datos (data driven). No se trata de trabajar con hojas de cálculo u otros mecanismos tradicionales, sino de em...

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  • Linear Algebra Tools for Data Mining
    Dan A Simovici
    This updated compendium provides the linear algebra background necessary to understand and develop linear algebra applications in data mining and machine learning.Basic knowledge and advanced new topics (spectral theory, singular values, decomposition techniques for matrices, tensors and multidimensional arrays) are presented together with several applications of linear algebra...

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