Destrezas de secretaría y oficina

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  • Six Essential Soft Skills of Indispensable Assistants
    Anna Tjumina
    Are you an Indispensable Assistant? Six Core Soft Skills for Indispensable Assistants- Do you suffer from lack of recognition while being an amazing Assistant?- Do you want to be more confident and reap benefits of a strong sense of pride?- Have you lost your balance in life and sacrificed most of your private life to your profession?This personal development series for New Gen...

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  • How to be a PA
    Maria Fuller
    #1 Best-seller in the UK, it's THE book for Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistants and Office Support Professionals. An essential 'go to' manual full of practical business tips, advice and office insights.Written by a highly experienced (CEO level) corporate Executive Assistant, this book will become your office handbook, improving your...

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  • MiniScript Shorthand
    Levin Leonard
    Existing shorthand systems (Gregg, Pitman, Teeline) provide non-alphabetical symbols or outlines to increase the writing speed. A number of writing strokes is significantly reduced and a high speed can be attained. However, a great deal of time must be spent on memorization and retention is difficult if you decide to use Gregg, Pitman, Teeline and similar symbol-based methods. ...

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  • Course in Isaac Pitman Shorthand
    Issac Pitman
    'The student must remember that when he is writing shorthand he is to write strictly according to SOUND, leaving out all silent letters. In other words, the spelling in Isaac Pitman Shorthand is phonetic, the ordinary spelling being entirely discharged, and the sounds of the words only being represented by the shorthand characters employed.'-So begins ’Course in Isaac Pitman Sh...

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  • Quickhand
    Jeremy Grossman / GROSSMAN

    19,95 €