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    Mauro MAZZA
    El volumen Coordinado por el profesor Mauro Mazza, profesor asociado de Derecho Público Comparado en el Departamento de Derecho de la Universidad de Bérgamo, ofrece el resultado de una reflexión sobre las características de los sistemas constitucionales de Asia Oriental. En el transcurso del trabajo, además de la profundización de los derechos extranjeros considerados, también ...

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    Domenico AMIRANTE
    El volumen del profesor Domenico Amirante proporciona un enfoque sobre los sistemas constitucionales del Sur de Asia desde una perspectiva metodológica diferente a los análisis comparativos tradicionales (a menudo eurocéntricos o, en todo caso, vinculados a la Western Legal Tradition). El trabajo se desarrolla en tres partes: la primera lleva al comparatista 'más allá de Occide...

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  • Reform of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises
    Xue Bai
    In her thesis, Xue Bai realizes an in-depth study examining the challenges China faces in its endeavor to maintain a level playing field when state-owned enterprises (SOEs) actively compete in the market. The study examines various rounds of SOE reform in China and highlights the nature of SOEs and their close linkages with their government owners and the Chinese Communist Part...

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  • State and Statehood
    Tejas Sateesha
    As a result of the current paradigms on statehood and state transformation favouring Western modernity, the belief that it is incorrect to classify recognition as either declaratory or constitutive when it is actually a combination of both, and the possibility of governance without acquiring statehood, this research involves a thorough investigation into the relationship betwee...

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  • Trends in Comparative Law and Economics
    Nuno Garoupa
    The book is a short introduction to comparative law and economics, a growing field in the interaction between law, economics and comparative political science. It is a guide to economists, lawyers and political scientists looking for a brief overview. It includes both strands of the traditional literature, namely the role of legal families and microeconomic analysis of legal ru...

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  • The Associational Counter-Revolution
    Chrystie Flournoy Swiney
    In an increasing number of countries around the globe, representing all regime types, in all regions, with all levels of economic and military strength, civil society’s autonomy from the state, its defining feature, is diminishing. While a variety of tools are used to restrict civil society organizations’ (CSOs) independence from the state, an increasingly popular and dangerous...

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  • The International Competition Network at Twenty
    The International Competition Network (ICN) is a unique phenomenon. As a virtual and informal network of competition enforcement agencies from around the world, it has in less than two decades become the single most authoritative platform in the field of international competition law and policy. Currently uniting more than 140 competition authorities from developed and developi...

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  • Competition Case Law Digest, 5th Edition - A Synthesis of EU, US and National Leading Cases
    This 5th edition of the Competition Law Digest provides readers with a synthesis of leading antitrust cases from 1990 to 2021, from the EU & Member States, the US, and other relevant jurisdictions. This Digest comprises of 44 essays and is structured in three main parts : Part I deals with competition rules in general (unilateral practices, mergers...), whereas Part II is dedic...

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  • Competition Inspections in 21 Jurisdictions
    Nathalie Jalabert-Doury brings together distinguished practitioners from around the world to provide an in-depth analysis of the legal and practical aspects of competition inspections across 21 major jurisdictions. Each country chapter comprises a series of questions and answers outlining the legalbasis and scope of powers under relevant local legislation, the key stages of a d...

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  • Student Housing in Europe
    Throughout Europe, students move from their home address to accommodation, whether temporary or not, near their university or college. The majority of European countries have experienced a sharp increase in the number of students in higher education in recent years and, consequently, in the number of students staying in student housing. At the same time there is a severe housin...

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  • Turkish Competition Law
    Gönenç Gürkaynak
    Gönenç Gürkaynak illuminates the entirety of Turkish competition law in the first such treatise of its kind, spanning across the historical roots of legislation, policy, and institutions, to substantive aspects, enforcement, and procedure. All components of the law are individually discussed, with extensive references to essential case law that are further enriched by the autho...

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  • Independence and Impartiality in International Commercial Arbitration
    Ilka Hanna Beimel
    Independence and impartiality are key to any judicial process. The dualistic nature of arbitration, i.e., being judicial and contractual, raises the question of how to set the standard of independence and impartiality in arbitration. On the one hand, arbitrators are decision makers similar to judges. On the other hand, they solve disputes outside the courtroom and are (often) a...

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  • Comparative Constitutional Justice
    Matteo Nicolini / Silvia Bagni
    Comparative Constitutional Justice adopts an innovative approach to constitutional justice. From a methodological perspective, it assumes that it is impossible to apply an absolute criterion of classification, which depends on the purposes comparative scholars aim to achieve when delivering their own taxonomies. A broad definition of constitutional justice is adopted, which rev...

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  • Campaign Finance Law
    Orestis Omran
    This book provides a detailed analysis of the different principles that shape the constitutional background of campaign finance law. Through three indicative country specific examples, the author examines legislation and jurisprudence that reflect such principles and demonstrate the common and different approaches in this upcoming field of law as driven by different constitutio...

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  • Civil Courts Coping with Covid-19
    This book is available digitally as an Open Access resource at Click here to access the content. The unforeseen Covid-19 pandemic has propelled, and continues to propel, unprecedented transformations to civil proceedings and the landscape in which they operate. Courts have proven to be creative and innovative in their responses to the pandemic, and in their ...

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  • International private law regulation applicable in Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and/or the BES islands 2020/2021
    The population of the Caribbean territories of the Dutch Kingdom – Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba – can be described as a strongly “transmigrating population”. This means that both domestic and foreign legal practitioners are regularly confronted with a question that can only be answered with the help of the rules of private international law ...

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  • Comparative Company Law
    Anthony O. Nwafor / Anthony ONwafor
    Topics discussed in this book are deliberately comparative and show the different levels of the ground rules for the regulation of corporate operations in the different jurisdictions. The United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Africa are primarily chosen simply on the common law background upon which the statutory provisions in those countries are founded. There are also references ...

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  • Lei Anticorrupção e FCPA
    Andre Kurkowski / Julio Mariano Fernandes Praseres
    A corrupção é um problema endêmico social que atinge o mundo inteiro. Alguns países conseguem combater a corrupção de forma adequada com resultados positivos, enquanto outros sofrem pela falta de implementação de instrumentos necessários para enfrentar este mal e seus efeitos devastadores.O Brasil, em sua história mais recente tem passado por grandes escândalos envolvendo atos ...

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  • Enforced performance of commercial sales contracts in the Netherlands, Singapore and China
    Paula Kemp
    When commercial parties conclude a contract for the sale of goods, their main objective is to exchange the subject goods for the agreed purchase price. The civil law and common law traditions have adopted the notion that these contractual promises are binding and each has put in place specific instruments to protect the interests of both parties. However, while the civil law tr...

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  • Legitimacy, Justice and Public International Law

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    Ernesto JINESTA

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  • Ruling the Law
    Jorge L. Esquirol

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  • Houses, Homes and the Law
    Michel Vols
    This book is the result of the successful collaboration between two research networks: the Housing Law Working Group of the European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) and the TENLAW research network. It deals with evictions, their social background and regulation under procedural and human rights law; housing problems of indigenous and ethnic minorities and immigrants; the re...

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  • Anglo-American Law
    Dr. Michael Arnheim / DrMichael Arnheim
    English and American law share a common origin. Yet the differences between them are now greater than the similarities. Anglo-American Law: A Comparison identifies the differences between the two systems of law and their constitutions. From Anglo-Saxon law to Brexit, from the Founders to President Trump, Arnheim compares the English and American legal systems and shows how they...

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  • Freedom of Speech in Practice
    Anthony Gray
    This book considers the application of free speech principles in controversial contexts like the speech of public sector employees, hate speech, free speech in a university setting, and online speech. ...

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  • The Cambridge Companion to Comparative Constitutional Law

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  • Comparative Constitutional Law Documents
    Aalt Willem Heringa
    Comparative Constitutional Law Documents contains a selection of constitutions and fundamental legislative instruments from five Western democracies: the United States, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it provides the text of the European Convention on Human Rights, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the Treaty on Europ...

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  • The Transnational Illegal Adoption Market
    Elvira Loibl
    The last half-century has witnessed the emergence of a transnational illegal market in adoptable children. Numerous cases have been uncovered whereby children from the Global South were purchased or kidnapped from their families or orphanages in order to meet the high demand for adoption among couples and individuals in the Global North. This book provides a comprehensive crimi...

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  • Failures of American Methods of Lawmaking in Historical and Comparative Perspectives
    James R. Maxeiner / James RMaxeiner

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  • Beyond High Courts
    Beyond High Courts: The Justice Complex in Latin America is a much-needed volume that will make a significant contribution to the growing fields of comparative law and politics and Latin American legal institutions. The book moves these research agendas beyond the study of high courts by offering theoretically and conceptually rich empirical analyses of a set of critical supran...

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