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  • Hear the Beat, Feel the Music
    James Joseph
    How do you count music? What’s an 8-count? How do you find the beat in a song?This book, along with more than 20 YouTube videos, will teach you how to count music the easy way—using the 8-count, the way dancers count. If you struggle to stay on the beat, the music lessons in this book are a mini-course in how to get rhythm. Being “rhythmically challenged” is not a lack of abili...

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  • Cómo aprender a bailar
    Equipo de expertos 2100
    Aprenda y domine los diferentes bailes europeos(vals, mazurca, polca, pasodoble, etc.),latinoamericanos (tango, samba, merengue, etc.)y norteamericanos (fox trot, twist, rocknroll, etc),mediante un fácil y cómodo métodoque le permitirá aprender sin maestro.El objetivo esencial de este libro es enseñarlelos pasos fundamentales de los estilosde baile más conocidos y practicados,p...

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  • El guerrero tlahualil
    Flavio Fabián Castillo Ramírez / José David Calderón García / Luis Gabriel Zambrano Rodríguez
    En Sahuayo, Michoacán, cada año se celebra una festividad religiosa de gran importancia y que, además de convocar a un número importante de pobladores, se ha convertido en unsigno inequívoco de identidad: la fiesta patronal de santo Santiago. En la presente obra se indagan los orígenes de esta celebración, las circunstancias del culto a Santiago Apóstol (figura clave para la co...

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  • Cantos y danzas populares de Europa
    Giuseppe Presti / Nicoletta Romanelli
    De la misma forma que la fotografía captura un paisaje, un monumento o un traje regional, también la música puede recoger el sentir de un pueblo, un país, o una cultura la música nos habla a todos con su lenguaje universal y nos habla de todos con intensidad, transmitiéndonos la esencia de cada país: alemania, austria, españa, francia, holanda, irlanda, italia leyendo este libr...

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  • Dancing through the dissonance
    Erica Rose Jeffrey / Lesley Pruitt
    This book explores the relationship between peacebuilding and dance, including insights dance provides on key debates around peace and conflict.It investigates the application, practice, and analysis of a dance-focused peacebuilding programme and tells the important story of young people who engage in dance for peacebuilding. ...

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  • The Incompleat Sound Operator
    Ridge Kennedy
    A 'how-to' book for people who operate sound systems that covers all aspects of 'doing sound.'  It includes information about pre-event planning, setup, and operation.  It covers gain structure (getting the volume right) mixing and sound equalization.  There are recommendations and tips for all aspects of sound operation.  Also it includes a visual glossary. 3 ...

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  • Calendar 2021. Tango
    Elena Pankey / TBD
    Month by month calendar 2021 with photos of the beautiful photos of Tango poses, tango dancing art. It starts from January 2021 and it ends in December 2021.  It has five lessons, short information about tango Argentine, an interesting quotations about the benefits of dancing and what is Authentic Tango.   It is fun for everybody. 3 ...

    11,19 €

  • How To Be a Professional Dancer
    Elly Sarfert / HowExpert
    This book is a general How-to about becoming a professional dancer. The term “Professional Dancer” is an all-encompassing term, used to describe individuals who are currently using dance training and dance performance to make a living. Professional dancers perform in Musical theater, on television shows, on cruise ships, in ballet companies, and many other venues of performing ...

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  • Burlesque Dancer 101
    Emilie Declaron / HowExpert
    • Learn how to become a professional burlesque dancer, with clear detailed steps illustrated by real-life examples of famous performers from the 20th century and current stars, and beneficiate from a former performer’s insight• Discover the legends of the art form and its origins, find out what kind of performer you want to become, enter a world of glamour and glitter you never...

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  • Bridge V22N1
    Michael Workman
    "The original goals of Bridge in the late 1990s emerged from the bedrock notion of interdisciplinarity, of a need to recognize interdependence of art across the disciplines, and to think and combine them where appropriate; we feel this concept has further evolved over the decades. The simple belief behind Bridge is that separate fields of inquiry can and should be thought of as...

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  • The Star Struck Dance Studio of Yucca Springs
    Mary Lou Sanelli
    We all need a safe place to shine when we are young, if not in our parent’s eyes, at least in our own. Lucy Maglietta, growing up in the town of tiny Yucca Springs on the vast Mojave Desert, longs for a place that—unlike her home life—feels safe and calm, and she finds it at the Star Struck Dance Studio.When the aging ballet mistress passes the teaching baton to Lucy, she accep...

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  • Teaching Dance Beyond The Steps
    Jen Dalton
    In a career spanning over two decades and counting – from humble beginnings teaching dance in her parents’ garage while still at school, to becoming a distinguished studio owner, dance teacher coach and industry leader – Jen Dalton knows exactly what it takes to stay current and achieve mastery in the evolving world of dance.With a philosophy centred on empowering and educating...

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  • Dancing Out of the Closet - Totally True Stories
    Matthew Shaffer
    Hidden in all of us is a metaphorical closet where we have hoarded our darkest secrets, irrational fears, and unresolved traumas. In Dancing Out of the Closet, Matthew Shaffer exposes his outlandish childhood dramas, zany coming of age (while coming out of the closet) young adult debacles, and the “pinch me” moments that come from working alongside superstars like Leonardo DiCa...

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  • Vital un viaje hacia la danza
    Jalaluddin Rumi
    'Esta etapa de mi vida ha sido un viaje en el que, sobre todo, he aprendido a aprender y es a través de este aprendizaje como he construido una técnica que comienza con la reconstrucción de mi propio cuerpo. Lo que sucede en mis clases es una elaboración de mi recorrido tanto en el aspecto técnico como vivencial'.'Para mí, el cuerpo es, técnicamente, un instrumento de investiga...

    14,56 €

  • Dancing Out of the Closet - Totally True Stories (hardback)
    Matthew Shaffer
    Hidden in all of us is a metaphorical closet where we have hoarded our darkest secrets, irrational fears, and unresolved traumas. In Dancing Out of the Closet, Matthew Shaffer exposes his outlandish childhood dramas, zany coming of age (while coming out of the closet) young adult debacles, and the “pinch me” moments that come from working alongside superstars like Leonardo DiCa...

    37,72 €

  • Dance Studio Secrets
    Clint Salter
    Dance Studio Secrets is your must-have collection of dance studio ownership journeys from owners all around the globe at different stages of their business. Pull back the curtains for an up close and personal look into how other studio owners are creating thriving businesses and fulfilling lives inside and outside of the studio, including: The best ways to fill your classes i...

    17,61 €

  • Core Strength & Stability for Dancers
    Kerrie Hains
    ‘Core Strength & Stability for Dancers’ is the must-have reference for any dancer. With over 300 colour photos showing step-by-step exercises, correct technique, and explanations of what to look for with correct movement and technique. This reference guide is essential to give you the competitive advantage. It provides proven, practical exercises to help prevent injuries, impro...

    24,85 €

  • I Am Dance
    Hal Banfield
    Winner of the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work, author and photographer Hal Banfield brings this photographic series to life in the pages of his debut book.Capturing the grace, beauty, and strength of black dancers in motion, I Am Dance: Words and Images of the Black Dancer shines a spotlight on dancers from the concert to the commercial world of dance, with inti...

    46,25 €

  • Rocking Chair
    Roberto Sironi
    Con questo libro, voglio raccontarvi una storia altrettanto bizzarra e curiosa, una di quelle storie che non ha bisogno di grandi protagonisti, ma di tantissimi personaggi che nella quotidianità chiamiamo comunemente uomini e donne! ...

    32,94 €

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Belly Dance
    Katayoun Hutson
    Whether you have started belly dance classes or have yet to take the plunge, this book will help answer many of your questions, including:“What are the benefits of belly dance and can I do it?”“How do I find a class that’s right for me?”“Where does belly dance come from?”“Can men belly dance? What about kids?Master teacher and professional belly dancer, Katayoun Hutson, will gu...

    7,87 €

  • Confessions of a Dancer
    Emily Sophie
    Emily Sophie takes us on a journey through her experiences in the dance industry and life, revealing her most vulnerable self and intimate confessions about emerging from the darkness and into the magic and light. This book has got personal stories, actionable tasks and techniques to use as coping strategies and many life lessons that are useful and appropriate for all in this ...

    14,59 €

  • Discovering Musicals
    Marc Raymond Strauss
    One of the few studies that cover both Broadway and Hollywood musicals, this book explores a majority of the most famous musicals over the past two centuries plus a select number of overlooked gems. Doubling as an introductory college and university text for musical, dance and theater majors and a guide for both musical connoisseurs and novices, the book includes YouTube refere...

    57,24 €

  • Glory
    Glory Van Scott
    Activist. She grew up in privilege, the daughter of a Chicago physician and his socialite wife. And then, in 1955, her cousin, Emmett Till, was murdered. Even through her anger, she knew that the horror of her family tragedy could sink her—and it was her realization that she and her family were not the only ones in pain that helped her to cope. “People are in pain all the time....

    25,67 €

  • Peace About Life
    Claudine Naganuma
    It challenges you on every level, and it's always waiting around the corner with another punch…It is just so much easier to say “I love you” to people... I mean the grim joke of Parkinson’s is it’s the gift that keeps on taking… I think it’s great to create beauty through movement…Peace About Life: Dancing with Parkinson’s is a collection of uninhibited, first-hand accounts...

    26,03 €

  • Eiko & Koma(日本語・英語版)English-Japanese Edition
    Forrest Gander / Eri Nakagawa / Matthew Chozick
    (English follows) 現代アメリカを代表する詩人、フォレスト・ギャンダー。その鋭い感性と卓抜な技量によって、日本にルーツをもつパフォーマンスアーティストEiko & Komaの肉体による唯一無二の表現を、言語芸術へと見事に転生させた。選び抜かれた言葉としなやかに変化する詩形は読む者を魅了し、深遠なる意味へと導く。全20篇の詩作品に、アナ・リー・キャンベルによるEiko & Komaの写真が光彩を添える。現代芸術の担い手による稀有なコラボレーション作品、待望の日本語・英語版。日本語版は中川映里とマシュー・チョジックによる共訳。 Sublime and delightfully observant, this poetry collection by renowned American poet Forrest Gander playful...

    47,27 €

  • Palabras Bailables
    Francisco De La Calleja
    Palabras Bailables es una colección de palabras de saber, inspiración, motivación y humor para bailarines de todos los niveles. El maestro de danza, autor y bloguero Francisco De La Calleja se basa en la experiencia de 33 años de carrera en danza y educación para compartir su experiencia sobre el aprendizaje , la enseñanza y la vida del bailarín. 82 pensamientos únicos y memora...

    16,23 €

  • Секреты Танго
    Elena Pankey
    Танго выражает бесконечные чувства. Танец стал символом Буэнос-Айреса. Оно выросло вместе с этим городом и его литературой. Если у вас есть вопрос, как сделать человека счастливее - научитесь хорошо танцевать танго. Эта книга поможет вам изучить основные приемы, которые превратят вас в сильного лидера или ведомого (последователя) на танцполу, а также в вашей личной жизни. ...

    26,62 €

  • Learn Tango Secrets
    Elena Pankey
    This book is about how to control your own dance and life, while influencing and empowering your partner.  It has unique information about Argentine Tango, which is always in demand.  It helps to solve some problem that many people have, while they are learning to dance.  Also, the stories in this book are compelling and entertaining.  This books helps to learn essential Argent...

    25,69 €

  • Creativity, Trauma, and Resilience
    Paula Thomson / S Victoria Jaque / S. Victoria Jaque / SVictoria Jaque
    Creativity, Trauma, and Resilience is an examination of creativity and its ability to foster meaning, purpose, and a deeper sense of connection. This is particularly important for individuals who experience higher doses of childhood and adult trauma and who may be contending with the residual effects of terror and uncertainty. Paula Thomson and S. Victoria Jaque outline psycho...

    162,88 €

  • Paroles De Danse
    Francisco De La Calleja
    Paroles De Danse est une collection de mots de sagesse, d'inspiration, de motivation et d'humour pour les danseurs de tous niveaux. Le professeur de danse, auteur et blogueur Francisco De La Calleja, s’appuie sur l’expérience d’une carrière de 33 ans dans le domaine de la danse et de l’enseignement pour partager son expérience de la performance, de l’apprentissage, de l...

    14,87 €

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