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  • The Unforgotten Babies
    Marina Young / Peter Young
    Healing starts the moment you feel heard.This is part of my abortion story and journey of healing. Along with my husband, Peter, sharing from a male perspective, which is often not heard.I am not a counsellor, but someone with certain life experiences which has shaped me into the person I am today. I did, however, train in Mental Health and did some community papers, which have...

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  • How to Keep Your Stuff Safe Online
    Raef Meeuwisse
    Any everyday person can protect themselves from the majority of online cybercrime.  All you have to do is follow some basic security steps, most of which are completely FREE to implement.This short guide is designed to be an easy and quick read that helps you identify and implement basic but highly effective security in a matter of hours.  The main security guidance is covered ...

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  • Reproductive Racism
    Susanne Schultz
    The book analyses how demographic knowledge production and states’ grip to the variable of population intertwine. It introduces the concept of the Malthusian matrix in order to understand how class-selective and racist hierarchies within population narratives are combined with gendered policies of reproductive bodies and behaviours. ...

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  • Women’s Sovereignty and Body Autonomy Beyond Roe v. Wade
    Arlene Bailey / Sharon Smith / Trista Hendren
    June 24, 2022 will stand in infamy as the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the landmark case known as Roe v. Wade which gave women sovereignty over their own bodies with regard to abortion. That sovereignty is now being given back to the States and women will have no say as to what happens to them.This turning back of the clock is not just in America. Women all ove...

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  • Public Morality and the Culture Wars
    Bryan Fanning
    Public Morality and the Culture Wars: The Triple Divide is an academically rigorous and strictly non-polemical analysis of the intellectual and ideological conflicts at the heart of the ’culture wars’. ...

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  • Hole in My Heart
    Lorraine Dusky
    In the days before Roe v. Wade, an ambitious young journalist, abandoned by her hometown beau, leaves Michigan for a dream job on the city desk of a Rochester, New York newspaper. Burned once, she’s eager for love, but as the only Girl in the newsroom, she’s more concerned with finding allies and making friends.When a new leading man appears, she recognizes a kindred spirit. So...

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  • Hole in My Heart
    Lorraine Dusky
    In the days before Roe v. Wade, an ambitious young journalist from the Midwest is abandoned by her Michigan beau. Instead of wallowing, she dusts herself off and lands a dream job on the city desk of a Rochester, New York newspaper. Burned once, she’s eager for love, but as the only Girl in the newsroom, she needs to find allies and make friends.When a new leading man appears, ...

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  • Where Is Ashley? A Woman’s Journey To Healing and Hope After Abortion
    Kimberly I. Lewis
    Has Abortion Affected Your Life?Have you ever felt a numbness, an ache deep inside that seems to never go away? Do you feel a sadness and a loss? Is there a deep secret you’ve kept hidden because it’s too painful to face? Have you wanted to reach out and talk to someone but are too ashamed? This book is for every woman who has experienced abortion…no matter if it was last week ...

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  • Lilies That Fester
    John Bossert Jr. Brown
    The twentieth century promised much in terms of progress. Europe was at peace, and America was poised to become a world superpower. Certain religious leaders envisioned new programs to help the poor, while others pondered plans to evangelize the world. Protestants in America were divided over issues such as biblical authority and social programs, but there was a surface unity, ...

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  • Lilies That Fester
    John Bossert Jr. Brown
    “Included in the history of modern mass violence has been the destruction of one billion unborn children through abortion. That this violence has often included Christians is horrifying. In Lilies That Fester, John Bossert Brown declares ‘No more!’ How might mass violence be slowed? Through Christian disciples standing up to the world’s murderous powers....

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  • Pornografía y obscenidad
    David H. Lawrence
    Pornografía y obscenidadpor David. H. Lawrence«¿Qué es, entonces, la pornografía? En cuanto al arte, no es ni la carga ni la estimulación sexual. Ni siquiera es la intención deliberada del artista de despertar o de excitar sensaciones sexuales. No hay nada de malo en las sensaciones sexuales en sí mismas, siempre y cuando se manifiesten sin rodeos y no solapadamente o a escondi...

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  • Fight the Patriarchy
    Nikki Catanzaro
    Did the overturning of Roe v. Wade make you sick to your stomach? Are you angry that women in America are still fighting for basic human rights? If so, this important guide will help you use your anger to affect real change if your life and in our society. It will provide perspective on the role patriarchy has played in creating inequality in America and give you tips on how to...

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  • Biblical Strategies to Abolish Abortion
    Rusty Thomas
    Rusty’s book is a must-read for anyone wanting a clear concrete road map to abolish legalized abortion! It is not just abstract theory but rather a phenomenal practical comprehensive applied handbook and reference guide for the battle to end abortion. Rusty gives an incredibly detailed history and present backdrop of abortion, clear direct vision, and detailed short- and long-t...

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  • From a Place Called Shame
    Carolyn Parker
    'The question hung in the air as if she’d typed the words on a manual typewriter and left that one sentence on a blank sheet of paper for all to see.'She was just eighteen. A naïve country girl all alone in the big wide world for the first time. Soon, her rose-tinted, fairy-tale world would be shattered by the sudden need to make a stark, life-changing decision. A decision that...

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  • Women Write Now
    Edna J White / Twenty One Authors / Twenty-One Authors
    Something or Other Publishing is proud to announce the next entry in their renowned anthology series with 'Women Write Now: Women in Trauma,' a collection of personal stories of trauma and recovery from women around the world. Curated by Best-selling Author and Editor of SPEAK Magazine Edna J. White, who contributed her own piece 'Layers of Me' to the project, 'Women Write Now'...

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  • Aftermath
    Elizabeth G. Hines
    A must-read collection of acclaimed writers, thinkers and activists, Aftermath: Life in Post-Roe America offers an indispensable look what the loss of Roe v. Wade means for American life, and what the future of the fight for reproductive justice may look like from here. ...

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  • Sister Paula Vandegaer
    The Society for Sister Paula
    Sister Paula was educated and trained as a licensed social worker and then came to California to work for Holy Family Adoption Services when she was twenty-six. Here she found her true calling-helping young pregnant women in crisis; it was work that combined her spiritual belief in the sanctity of human life and her skills as a social worker.This book follows Sister Paula’s tra...

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  • A Daughter’s Lament
    Lee Gander
    What if the doctor who had saved your child’s life from a previously hopeless terminal condition had never been born--could have been born, but was aborted? Would knowing that your child could have been saved change your perspective on abortion? In A Daughter’s Lament, Grace almost loses her child, Piper, to just such an illness and learns the true value of every conceived chil...

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  • A Daughter’s Lament
    Lee Gander
    What if the doctor who had saved your child’s life from a previously hopeless terminal condition had never been born--could have been born, but was aborted? Would knowing that your child could have been saved change your perspective on abortion? In A Daughter’s Lament, Grace almost loses her child, Piper, to just such an illness and learns the true value of every conceived chil...

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  • Birth controlled
    Amrita Pande
    This book analyses the world of selective reproduction - interventions that influence reproductive outcomes and allow only some pregnancies to be borne to fruition - by a critical analysis of three modes of controlling birth, namely contraception, reproductive violence, and repro-genetic technologies. ...

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  • Lo que yo mpienso de la guerra. Despertad
    León Tolstoy
    Cuando pensamos en ofrecer al lector la reedición de este librito, en el cual su eminente autor dice la opinión que le merecen en general todas las guerras, algo hubo que nos acabó de decidir a dar entrada a este trabajo en nuestra colección. El cual algo, fueron las siguientes pocas palabras, puestas por el gran Víctor Hugo al frente de su obra incomparable Historia de un crim...

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  • Sobre «Humanae Vitae» de San Pablo VI
    Antonio María ROUCO VARELA / OTROS Y
    INDICE * PRESENTACIÓN, José Andrés-Gallego(Catedrático de Historia Contemporánea, Universidad CEU San Pablo y CSIC) y Fernando Fernández Rodríguez (Presidente de AEDOS). /* PRÓLOGO, Antonio Mª Rouco Varela (catedrático de Derecho Canónico y cardenal de la Iglesia Católica)/* LA ENCÍCLICA 'HUMANAE VITAE': UNA ACCIÓN SALVADORA DE DIOS EN SU IGLESIA,Juan José Pérez-Soba (Profesor ...

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  • Abortion Compassion
    Jim Hollingsworth
    In our society we have always stood for the little guy. No matter the cause we have always come to the defense of those who seemed unable to defend themselves.So it is truly surprising that we do not come to the aid of those who have no defense at all, the unborn.After they are born when tragedy strikes we would scoop them up in our arms and protect them from all danger, but be...

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  • Diálogos entre ética y ciencias sociales
    Varios Autores
    Este libro ofrece una selección de textos sobre problemas éticos relacionados con la teoría e investigación en el campo social. Con esta compilación se busca promover un diálogo interdisciplinar entre ética y ciencias sociales animado por lo siguiente. Primero, que los comportamientos humanos en una comunidad se relacionan con valoraciones, juicios éticos y afectos que pueden s...

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  • Repealed
    Camilla Fitzsimons
    In Ireland, 2018, a constitutional ban that equated the life of a woman to the life of a fertilized embryo was overturned and abortion was finally legalized. This victory for the Irish feminist movement set the country alight with euphoria. But the celebrations were short-lived - the new legislation turned out to be one of the most conservative in Europe. This book tells the st...

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  • Period?
    Miriam Prosnitz
    Did you know that women have about 450 periods in their lifetimes? That’s an average of ten years menstruating. No wonder they want to abolish the tampon tax.Period? Life with Menstruation is a collection of humorous short stories focused on women’s experiences surrounding menstruation. It’s an uncomfortable topic for many, and rather than pretend it doesn’t exist, this book sh...

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  • Abortion!
    Carolyn Booker-Pierce
    'Abortion!: George and Giovanna' is a book written about a mother who received healing and forgiveness after the abortion of her two children. Sometime after the abortions, with some research, she learned many facts about abortion, which led her to discover what she now calls her truth about abortion. It was not an easy journey but one that needed to happen. Never thinking of e...

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  • 'El sexo es mi lenguaje'
    Paula T. es el sinonimo que elije la autora para aunar historias eróticas antipatriarcales dónde de mezcla arte, prostitución,sadomasoquismo,infidelidades,dinero,poder y humor contextualizando el fin de una época de vergüenzas y el advenimiento del feminismo de la segunda década del siglo veintiuno 10 ...

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  • The Soul of Abortion
    Tziporah Kingsbury
    Just talking about the tough stuff often provides a space for deep healing and new degrees of human connection. It creates freedom from the shackles of shame and isolation.This book is a blueprint to help us create new structures and ways to support the emotional and psychological impacts of abortion for women, their partners, and their communities as a whole. It is a compassio...

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    The United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the developed world, and some of the least effective sex-ed. In fact, teen pregnancies are highest in those states with the highest levels of abstinence-only education, and lowest in states with comprehensive sex education.Abstinence is a good message, but by itself is not enough.For example, abstinence is not 100% ef...

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