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  • Death of the Snake Catcher
    Ak Welsapar / Lois Kapila / Youssef Azemoun
    This book features people from one of the most closed countries of today's world, where the passage of time resembles the passage of a caravan through the waterless desert. This world has been recreated by a true-born son of that mysterious country, a Turkmen who, at the will of fate, has now  been living for a quarter of a century in snowy Scandinavia. Is that not why two ...

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    F. Scott Fitzgerald / FScott Fitzgerald
    The powerful story of Benjamin Button, who starts his life as an old man and gradually becomes younger, is one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s best known stories, and now a major motion picture.'This story was inspired by a remark of Mark Twain’s to the effect that it was a pity that the best part of life came at the beginning and the worst part at the end. By trying the experiment up...

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  • Tales of the Jazz Age
    F. Scott Fitzgerald / FScott Fitzgerald
    F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of America’s greatest writers. His novel The Great Gatsby remains on the bestseller lists 70 years after his death. Tales of the Jazz Age defined a generation. It was Fitzgerald himself who coined the phrase. He and his wife lived a decadent, fast-paced lifestyle that is reflected in his writing. ...

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  • Flower Fables
    Louisa May Alcott
    Louisa May Alcott was an American novelist best known as author of the novel Little Women. In the mid-1860s, Alcott wrote passionate, fiery novels and sensational stories. She also produced wholesome stories for children, and after their positive reception, she did not generally return to creating works for adults. Alcott continued to write until her death. ...

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  • A Collection of Lovecraft
    H. P. Lovecraft / HPLovecraft
    Collected here are 14 tales of terror and the supernatural by one of the greatest masters of all time.The AlchemistThe Beast in the CaveMemoryThe Picture in the HouseBeyond the Wall of SleepDagonThe White ShipThe Statement of Randolph CarterThe Doom That Came to SarnathPoetry and the GodsNyarlathotepThe Cats of UltharPolarisThe Street ...

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  • A Bundle of Colorful Yarns
    Louis Winslow
    A Bundle of Colorful Yarns: An Eclectic Short Story Collection represents the author’s second book of short stories. A natural-born storyteller, Louis Winslow imbues his characters with honesty, “a trait I hold in high esteem.”His new collection of 35 stories covers a wide range of topics. Most are action-adventure tales, and many feature outdoor themes. He explains, “The bulk ...

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  • A Tale or Two and a Few More
    Terry H. Watson / Terry HWatson
    A veritable feast of short stories to tempt the palate of the discerning reader, A Tale or Two and a Few More is a captivating collection of tales about humanity in all its guises. Here we have tales of love, loss, hope, compassion and forgiveness.Catch a glimpse into the private and personal experience of a World War 1 survivor, and share momentarily, his pain as he revisits h...

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  • Code of the West
    Sahar Mustafah
    Short story collection by Sahar Mustafah, David Friedman Award for Best Fiction. 2016 Grand Prize Winner for Prose, Willow Books Literature Awards. “The native and immigrant Palestinians in Sahar Mustafah’s Code of the West live in a world where the threat of violence is part of their existence. Some of these characters exist within their own ethnic enclave, while others travel...

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  • Anywhere But Here
    Jordon Greene
    Have you ever woken in the middle of a dream only to find it isn't over?For Taren Evans, it's reality. He’s stricken with an unnerving disorder that forces him wide awake in the middle of his dreams, in the middle of his nightmares.Unable to move or speak, Taren can only lie in bed, helpless, while the cruel dream world melds with the real world around him. A place wher...

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  • Something You Once Told Me
    Barry Stewart Hunter
    Ten highly original and deeply human stories from a writer who knows what it means to love and lose. Intelligent, brave and funny, this stylish collection has got classic written all over it. ...

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  • Tables Turned
    Ian David Noakes
    A single mother's patience snaps when a delinquent yob crosses the line and breaks into her property in the middle of the night. Instead of calling the police, she ties the insolent terror to a dining chair and attempts to find out why she does the things she does. ...

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  • The Voyage of Kings
    The fourth book in an epic six-volume, 3,000 page Trilogy, with achingly beautiful, thought-provoking, thoroughly unique and skillfully crafted collections of poetry, essays, short stories, romantic verse, and color illustrations that portray this heartfelt and truly profound endeavor as a timeless and deeply memorable wedding of Word and Art . . .A wing-swept journey through t...

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  • The Voyage of Kings
    The second book in an epic six-volume, 3,000 page Trilogy, with achingly beautiful, thought-provoking, thoroughly unique and skillfully crafted collections of poetry, essays, short stories, romantic verse, and color illustrations that portray this heartfelt and truly profound endeavor as a timeless and deeply memorable wedding of Word and Art . . .A wing-swept journey through t...

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  • These Shoes
    Erik Moton
    Thought provoking, These Shoes, is a collection of poems, short stories and pondering that challenges the different views of the world and makes the reader question if they'll really judge a situation a certain way if the shoes were on their feet.They say, 'one size fits all,' however, you'll think twice before stepping into These Shoes. ...

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  • Collateral Damage and Stories
    Bob Mustin
    The stories in this collection examine the ways we use imagination to set aside human anguish and move on with our lives. Here baseball opens a passageway to life after death, obsession transforms romantic complexities into a corrupted form of happiness, conquest and empire begets guilt and a healing sacrifice, and the recipients of medical technology deal with the well-meant h...

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  • When it All Went to Hell
    Phill Pappas
    Full of disorientation and disillusion, revelation and redemption, loneliness and hope, When It All Went To Hell is a collection that will take you from the smallest of small town America to the far reaches of Africa and back again. These tales are inhabited by unpredictably real and absurdly honest characters that explore the complexities and simplicities of love and relations...

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  • The Gender of Inanimate Objects and Other Stories
    Laura Marello
    In the phosphorescent title novella of Laura Marello's collection, an enigmatic drifter pursues her circuitous path through the intricate cultural terrain of Sweetwater County, California, a patchwork of communities where 'everyone speaks the wrong language.' Through subtle, disciplined prose inflected with the deep colors and clear lines of ancient Mykonos and the northern...

    14,01 €

  • The Boxford Stories
    Kristen Carson
    Welcome to the world of the Runyons and the Feldsteds, two Mormon families in 1970s Maryland. Far from their Western American roots, they cling to each other like exiles clutching a precious box of topsoil from the old country. In The Boxford Stories you will meet Ada Runyon who always turns to Ruthalin Feldsted when she needs an ear—sharing her deepest confidences, her everyd...

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  • The End of Summer
    J. Tonzelli / JTonzelli
    The world’s oldest celebration comes to life in The End of Summer: Thirteen Tales of Halloween, an anthology that honors the darkest and strangest night of the year. Each story is designed to be intrinsically and intimately about Halloween-its traditions, its myths, and its effects-and they run the gamut from horrifying to heartbreaking. Halloween night is the tapestry through ...

    21,21 €

  • Tornado Days
    Christine Todd
    Whether she's writing about an unscrupulous dentist, a courageous albino woman, a butcher with dark edges, or a grief-stricken couple, Christine Todd's stories contain unexpected twists, and surprising 'aha' moments. Like the bereaved couple in her title story, her characters live through their own 'Tornado Days,' their lives changed forever, in an instant. ...

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    F. Paul Wilson / FPaul Wilson

    22,57 €

  • White Ash
    Michael Aloisi
    This collection of short stories from the author of Fifty Handfuls, range from the emotional title story, White Ash, to the satirical, A Modern Day Romance. With twenty original stories, including several unpublished pieces, this collection has something for every reader. The book also contains a unique section entitled, Inspirations, where the author explains where he got the ...

    18,53 €

  • Soul Proprietorship
    Dianalee Velie
    In Soul Proprietorship: Women in Search of Their Souls, Dianalee Velie seeks - and finds proprietorship of the soul - through a wonderful collection of character-driven short stories, with an accent on magical realism.  Sensations Magazine initially published five of the 24 stories in this new collection, over a period of several years.  It's always a pleasure to see work that ...

    12,01 €

  • Frozen Shadows
    Gene O'Neill
    Hitch a ride with the master of setting as he blends and bends genres with science-rich, thought-provoking short stories. “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” “A maestro of the field, Gene O'Neill's stories are consistently well-executed. He writes with authority, depth, and loads of worldly and writerly experience, and delivers fascinating stuff.” – Darren Speegle, author...

    13,81 €

    Robert Rahula
    Despite the title, this is a book definitely NOT for children.  Here are 21 adult short stories from one of Spain’s most accomplished and brilliant writers.  Robert Rahula delivers a dazzling collection of contemporary “portilla” short stories – that writing style that interweaves graphic sexual detail, existential philosophy, wry political commentary, and intricate dreamlike p...

    12,02 €

  • The Beginning of the End
    J.K. Norry
    Hope dwindles as the world dies…Prologue Prequel is a memory from the mind of a certain general that first encountered zombies years ago. When a top secret experiment goes horribly wrong, only he stands between the world and outbreak.John’s Stones are his last chance at redeeming himself. Caught between the world of humans and the mind of the monster, John might be able to make...

    9,51 €

  • Letting Paddy Fly
    David King
    Set in times ranging from the mediaeval to present day and in places as far apart as Australia, Europe and North America, these eighteen short stories reveal life in its bewildering, sometimes funny, and at times achingly sad moments. All is witnessed through the eyes of diverse, often flawed characters: a professional cyclist who must choose between his wife and his career, a ...

    18,48 €

  • The Secret and the Sacred
    Erin K. Parker
    Erin K Parker’s The Secret and the Sacred is a collection of short stories that will linger long after you’ve closed the book.  What happens when your new friend confesses that he has a terminal illness?  When the people in the next apartment make you feel like you’re never alone?  When you discover you have hidden powers to right the wrongs?  When you receive a message from th...

    8,86 €

  • There's Nothing Romantic About Washing the Dishes
    Katrina Joyner
    Collection of short stories inspired by real life. Most represent a mundane side from science fiction and fantasy writer, Katrina Joyner, that people don't get to see often. Silver - Redemption can come in many ways, depending on how you find it and where you look. Over It - Sometimes when faced with your evil stepmother, leaving bread crumbs on the trail is not enough. ...

    10,43 €

  • The Book of Ten
    Paul Cotterell
    A Collection of Short Stories A man at a fete is kidnapped… A demon is trapped in a washroom… A travel agency deals in time travel… A man is befriended by bees… The Book of Ten is a collection of fifty short stories, loosely linked by the theme of quirky thrillers with a twist. A man tries to give away money on a train… A cat befriends a young woman in a chemists sh...

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