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  • Tutu’s Rainbow World
    Joseph Kaifala
    Joseph Kaifala was born in Freetown. Now a Human Rights lawyer in the USA and author of “Free Slaves, Freetown and the Sierra Leonean Civil War” his poetry deals with Africa’s poverty, armed conflicts and the suffering of its child soldiers.   ...

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  • The Borgias
    Alexandre Dumas
    This novel comes from the famous crimes of Alexandre Dumas (1839-1840), one of the first collections of Dumas. Model of the Prince of Machiavelli (one of the readings of Dumas), Caesar Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI, extends his power over Rome. All means are good to ward off enemies and rivals. His crimes will have no limit, since he goes so far as to eliminate, by poison or...

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  • For Faith and Freedom
    Walter Besant
    'For Faith and Freedom' is a historical novel written by Walter Besant. The book was first published in 1889 and is set in the late 17th century during the Monmouth Rebellion, a Protestant uprising against the Catholic rule of James II in England. The novel follows the story of Richard Coppinger, a young man who becomes involved in the Monmouth Rebellion due to his commitment t...

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  • Worrying Won’t Win
    Montague Glass
    'So you see, Abe, them fellers, including Mr. Roosevelt, is willing to let no personal modesty stand in the way of a plain patriotic duty, at least so far as thirty-three and a third per cent. of his answer was concerned. But at that, it wouldn’t do him no good, Abe, because, owing to what Mr. Roosevelt maintains is an oversight at the time the Constitution of the United States...

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  • Ucrania, el precio de la libertad
    John Mario González
    ¿Qué precio está dispuesto a pagar el pueblo ucraniano por su libertad? Este libro, Ucrania, el precio de la libertad. Viaje por un país en guerra, es un ensayo histórico-político esencial para entender las raíces de la guerra, la lucha existencial del pueblo ucraniano por su identidad, por defender su libertad y la democracia, y por recuperar la historia que la propaganda sovi...

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  • Unshackled
    Sana Malim
    Unshackled is Sana Malim’s debut poetry collection reflecting on the heartbreak, disappointment, and grief over genocide in Gaza. It is a testimony of unshakeable faith, hope in divine justice, and the firm belief that one day, Palestine will be unshackled from the grips of cruelty. ...

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  • War, Genocide and Cultural Memory
    Claus Bundgård Christensen / Niels Bo Poulsen / Peter Scharff Smith
    This book presents the most comprehensive study of the Waffen-SS until this date. Based on archival studies done in more than 20 archives in 13 different countries over a period of 5 years the book covers the entire history of the Waffen-SS and follows the post-war fate of the SS-veterans as well. ...

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  • Justice and War Crimes
    Graham Blewitt
    Justice and War Crimes traces the creation of the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) in early 1994 prior to the arrival of the first Prosecutor, Richard Goldstone and his two successors, and details the Tribunal’s incredible journey towards its total success. Much of this story has never been told before.It is a personal and unique look at the inner workings of the OTP (from 1994 t...

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  • A Segunda Guerra Mundial
    Américo Moreira
    A Segunda Guerra Mundial, um dos eventos mais impactantes da história moderna, é desvendada de forma profunda e abrangente neste livro fascinante. Ao longo das suas páginas, o leitor é conduzido por uma análise multifacetada que explora as origens profundas do conflito, as estratégias das potências envolvidas e as consequências duradouras que moldaram o nosso mundo. ...

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  • More Nights than Days
    Yudit Kiss
    More Nights Than Days is a unique exploration of the experience of children who survived the Holocaust-including Roma and Sinti victims-and the genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, and Bosnia. Children are among the principal victims of armed conflicts and slaughters; nonetheless, they perceive events through the prism of their unique perspective and have a range of coping techniques...

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  • Pacificateur
    Antoine de Boston
    Une édition en quatre volumes des écrits d’Antoine de Boston. Il contient quatre livres avec diverses tentatives pour formuler des solutions au conflit ukrainien à divers moments tout au long de l’année 2022. L’auteur prend en compte la peur de l’escalade nucléaire, ainsi que les exigences d’un règlement pacifique, le tout sans perdre compte tenu du fait que l’Ukraine est justi...

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  • Friendless Childhoods Explain War
    Bob Johnson
    Friendless Childhoods Explain War uses the author’s groundbreaking discoveries working with the UK’s most dangerous offenders to cast an expert eye over international conflict. All such violence, he contends, is born of childhood experiences that lead to adult anger, grievance and revenge.From Toddler Thinking to Nursery Nightmares and Guff Disease the book lays bare prevailing...

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  • Against War
    Desidarius Erasmus / D.B. Updike
    Dutch thinker and theologian Desiderius Erasmus played a key role in the development of humanism during the Renaissance and early modern periods. In Against War, Erasmus mounts a stunningly lucid and detailed argument against armed combat on humanistic grounds. ...

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  • Kent State Murder Day - May 4, 1970
    Richard Del Connor
    On May 4, 1970 the Ohio National Guard fired bullets into college students in a non-violent demonstration at Kent State University.  They were protesting the Vietnam War and Cambodia Campaign of illegal bombing by the United States Government and Military Industrial Complex.  We were bombing huge areas of another country because they wanted a different type of government than t...

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  • The Ukraine-Russia Conflict
    Christoffer Smestad
    The Ukraine-Russia Conflict - is an in-depth analysis of one of the most significant conflicts of our time. From its origins in the political upheaval of the Euromaidan protests to the ongoing military tensions in the Donbass region, this book explores the many facets of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.With chapters examining the geopolitical, historical, and cultural context of th...

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  • Memory and Erasure
    Memory and Erasure is part of a growing body of academic literature to properly document and narrate the Gukurahundi genocide which, hopefully, may contribute to survivors and victims’ families’ quest for justice and closure. Deployed in January 1983, the Fifth Brigade’s legacy has continued to cast a dark shadow not just over Matabeleland and Midlands, but over the entire coun...

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  • Hitlers Vernichtungsbefehle
    August Eigruber
    Mit dieser Edition werden allen, die an der wissenschaftlich und humanitär motivierten Auseinandersetzung mit dem Nationalsozialismus interessiert sind, Protokolle von Hitlerreden zur Verfügung gestellt, die August Eigruber, der Gauleiter von Oberdonau, angefertigt hat und die eine Quelle des offenen Totalitarismus und der unverblümten Misanthropie der Nationalsozialisten ist.N...

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    Paul Craig Roberts
    The Empire of Lies elucidates the major deceptions that have played a central role in shaping history in the 21st century. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, draws upon his experience as a Washington insider to reveal the truth about the manipulation of the gold market, 9/11, COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, and several other mass deceptions...

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  • The Rwanda Poems
    Andrew Kaufman
    The only book of poetry to date devoted to the Rwanda genocide and published in this country, this is a work of nonfictional poetry, a cousin in genre to the nonfictional novel. It is based not only on the poet’s observations and encounters during months spent in post-genocide Rwanda, but on his numerous extensive interviews with survivors, all of whom lost most if not all of t...

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  • A Short History of Anger
    Joy Manesiotis
    Winner of the New Measure Poetry PrizeA multilayered book and performance, A Short History of Anger speaks through fragments, fractures, song, and the voices of a Greek Chorus. This lament confronts the massacre of Greek citizens in the 1922 Destruction of Smyrna, and the buried traces of this tragedy as they haunt the poet’s family history. Governed by its musical, rituali...

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  • Trauma and Truth
    Elena Pedigo Clark
    The collapse of the USSR was relatively bloodless. The Chechen wars were not. Trauma and Truth examines key works about them by contemporary Russian-language authors, provides suggestions for teaching these challenging texts, and concludes with a discussion of what this trauma might mean for Russia today. ...

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  • From Volyn To Kherson
    Frank Prem
    From Volyn To Kherson, tells the stories of hardship and suffering and bewilderment experienced by the people of Ukraine in the early weeks of the 2022 Russian invasion and war.The collection draws on news reports and social media postings during the most un-curated war the world has ever witnessed, interpreting and translating the raw emotion of this wartime experience.There i...

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  • Grown Men Cry Out at Night
    Karl Wegener
    Grown Men Cry Out at Night is set in 1946 and it is a story about three people whose lives are thrown together in post-war Germany as they work together to track down a Gestapo officer accused of war crimes.Caspar Lehman is a battle-weary U.S. Army Counterintelligence agent assigned to lead a counterintelligence detachment in Bremen Enclave. His service during the war has left ...

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  • The Child on the Train
    Christopher Briscoe
    Join photojournalist Christopher Briscoe on his journey through the war-torn country of Ukraine in his latest book, The Child on the Train. Briscoe’s talent for finding fascinating stories is on full display as he travels throughout the country, taking perilous paths to uncover the struggles of everyday people. With its captivating photographs and moving storytelling, The Child...

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  • War, Genocide and Cultural Memory
    Claus Bundgård Christensen / Niels Bo Poulsen / Peter Scharff Smith
    This book presents the most comprehensive study of the Waffen-SS until this date. Based on archival studies done in more than 20 archives in 13 different countries over a period of 5 years the book covers the entire history of the Waffen-SS and follows the post-war fate of the SS-veterans as well. ...

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    Matthew Vandenberg
    Hill is a lobbyist for Waytheon, who’s a lot like Patrick Bateman but obsessed with state-sanctioned genocide.This is the second sequel to one of many alternate stories from the novel FREE LATIFA (following on from piece #126). The first was X BENCH.This is AMÉRIÇAISIAN PSYCe. ...

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    G. AMARE
    In the shadowed heart of Africa’s Tigray region of Ethiopia, a dire genocidal war unfolds, shrouded in a 'Tsunami of Lies' that threatens to drown the world’s understanding of the truth. In this unflinching exploration, the book embarks on 'Tigray’s Journey Through Webs of Betrayals, Lies, Deception, and the International Community’s Unresponsiveness,' peeling back layers of de...

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  • The Clash of Cultures
    Gursimran Singh
    In 1984, the Sikh community - a minority amidst the Hindu majority that dominates the Indian nation-state - faced the most traumatizing of events for any group - complete annihilation. Since its inception, the fundamental Sikh ideas of freedom and equality drew fire from the majority Hindu and Islamic populations in the region. Throughout the history of the Sikh community, the ...

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  • Cultural Genocide
    Drew Eldridge
    A carefully researched and shocking list of thirteen little-known details concerning residential schools, mass graves and broken treaties in Canada. What happened? Who was involved? Why was it allowed to go on for so long? In Cultural Genocide, Drew Eldridge invites readers to ask all the hard questions as they confront unsettling aspects of Canada’s dark history. ...

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  • After the Smoke Clears
    Mark J. Allman / Tobias Winright
    While most studies of just war focus on the rationale for going to war and the conduct of the war, this important book examines the period after the conflict. What must be done to restore justice? In the words of the authors, ''’Victory’ is declared by presidents and other leaders, yet all too often no just peace is to be found in the wake of today’s conflicts. . . . After the ...

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