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  • The Key to LIFE
    Jim Phillips
    LIFE is singing the song within you that yearns to be sung.  Join Jim Phillips as he explains the “simplexities” of LIFE over the course of your current, unique “souljourn”. The Key to LIFE: Living In Full Expression reveals ancient wisdom within the context of modern day living that unlocks the vault of Divine wisdom within you. Jim’s insights and experiences offer an opportun...

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  • The Headless Horseman of Booger Holler and Other Dover Tales
    Mindy Campbell Hudson
    Collected through firsthand interviews, author Mindy Campbell Hudson brings local lore to life in The Headless Horseman of Booger Holler and Other Dover Tales with stories of Dover, Arkansas's own legends, history, and supernatural tales. Complete with photographs of historical Dover, this collection of tales captures the legacy and traditions of rural Arkansas and sets it ...

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  • Waterloo Betrayed
    Stephen M. Beckett / Stephen MBeckett
    THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SUPERCEDEDSee Operations of the Armée du Nord : 1815, The Analysis for the definitive guide of French operations in 1815.   Discover why Napoleon really lost the Waterloo Campaign Napoleon was betrayed during 1815 There is no doubt of this. The Traitors admitted as much, and the Allied powers documented their acts. In the immediate aftermath of Napoleon's...

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  • Underworld & Archetypes Fully Illustrated
    James Bennett
    Looking at today’s culture through the lens of mythology, James Bennett sees a split between heaven and earth, and believes that to restore global health we must turn our attention downwards, to the Underworld. He proposes that:• Heaven and hell represent the intellect and body if they become polarized. The darkness of the underworld symbolizes its obscurity to intellect.• Inte...

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  • Satellites Out of Orbit
    Chris Wind
    A unique collection of feminist prose and poetry in five sections: I. Epistles: epistles written by Eve, Cain’s wife, Noah’s wife, Delilah, the Queen of Sheba, Mary, and others - as if they were feminist II. Myths: the myths within the myths revealed - what might Pandora, Circe, Penelope, Eurydice, Persephone, the Gorgons, and others have thought and done if they had not been t...

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  • Ka Ab Ba Building The Lighted Temple
    Dr Terri R. Nelson
    The book KaAbBa Building The Lighted Temple/Metaphysical Keys to the Tree of Life draws a circle that is inclusive of the Afrikan origin of the Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian wisdom. It reveals the undeniable root and link of Ancient Africa to all the religious systems that would develop worldwide. This book is explosive in its power to convey the meaning of KaAbBa, the Medu Neter  (...

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  • Missouri Folklore Society Journal, Special Issue
    'We drafted a call for papers, asking for a range of pieces that tell the story of public sector folklore in Missouri. The response was remarkable, and we ultimately worked with authors of the eight articles collected here. From the integration of traditional artists in public school residencies, to collaborations between a folklorist and a social worker who examine foodways, t...

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  • Alien Threat From the Moon
    Dylan Clearfield
    We may be in danger from our own moon. Hostile aliens have established numerous bases there and exercise complete control of this nearby neighbor. Using information found in secret alien files and never before seen photographs, hot spots of extraterrestrial activity on the moon are revealed in this book and close ups of extraterrestrial complexes, UFOs, and ancient cities are s...

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  • MerKaBa
    Dr Terri R. Nelson
    African Cosmology, Kemetic Science, Psychology Spirituality, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Social Thought/ What is the MerKaBa Energy Body of Light and what does it, the Great Pyramid, the Tree of Life, even Christmas, all have in common? This book seamlessly unites all of these symbols, so that our Consciousness may be Unitive. A Dimensional Shifting from The Linear Tree of Life an...

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  • Living the Hero's Journey
    Will Craig
    Author Will Craig shares the paths traveled, lessons learned, and insights gained as the founder and former dean of an international coaching and mentoring company. Experience how to use movies and mythology to uncover the path that is truly yours. This is your Call to Adventure: Unroll the Map of Self-Discovery and embrace a whole new world of joy and wisdom. Gain access t...

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  • Sea Tales South Beach Miami
    Nick Hernandez
    The roaring twenties, cars driving to the south most point of Miami Beach for dances and the most popular burlesque spot in Miami Florida. Honky-tonk bars at the entrance of the pier that extended out onto the ocean make for a couple of drinks before dancing the night away. The burlesque house at the end of the pier built on the water. Too bad a barge broke loose during the 192...

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  • Atlantis; The Cypriot Empire
    Jordi Guri Harth
    Was Cyprus the island of Atlantis?A Mediterranean empire with its centre in Cyprus?In antiquity people used to believe that. Hebrew texts call the whole of the Mediterranean basin 'The Lands of Kittim' Kittim being the ancient name for modern day Larnaca. Other ancient writers clearly state that Cyprus once ruled all the islands.You find it difficult to believe? Don’t worry you...

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  • Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths
    G. A. Gaskell
    2024 Reprint of the 1960 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition and not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. This classic reference guide to more than 5000 words and phrases pertaining to religion and myth is reprinted from the 1960 edition. It retains its value as a comprehensive source on the language and vocabulary of scripture and myth. Each word is clear...

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  • Conto - Ligações De Uma Paixão
    Duarte M. B.
    Sinopse: O amor tem seus caminhos misteriosos para fazer se encontrarem duas pessoas. Após isso o que os movem, influenciam, inspiram e faz acontecer adanadada paixão-amor? Será uma meraQuímica, Destino, Acaso,Vontade e ou Desejos de e entre essas duas pessoas? Muitas indagações e reflexões ainda envolvem os sentimentos denominados de amor e paixão, mas aqui amor e paixão serão...

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  • Myth and the Making of History
    Sheds new light on the relationship between myth and history in ancient China and the central role they have played in shaping early Chinese thought. ...

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  • The Dybbuk
    Morris M. Faierstein
    A comprehensive study of the history and evolution of the dybbuk, from kabbalistic tradition to popular folklore. ...

    127,06 €

  • Visitor’s Guide To The Moon
    Eddy Jokovich / Greg Appel
    Fasten your seatbelts, put your chair in an upright position, take your G-force medication and prepare to be entertained. Visitor’s Guide to the Moon is a comprehensive handbook that invites you to explore the mysteries and marvels of the moon. From the historical feats of the Apollo missions to the cutting-edge plans for future lunar exploration, this guide covers it all. Leap...

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  • Haunted Ohio IV
    Ohio proves it is truly 'The Haunt of It All' in this return to the popular Haunted Ohio series. You just can’t keep a good ghost down and the author has unearthed over 100 more spirited tales from around the state including 'Mistress Suzanne,' a murdered bride who showed a honeymooning couple to their room, the 'pasta-geist,' who craved raw macaroni, 'Bernie,' the ghost with a...

    15,55 €

  • Stories of Greek Gods, Heroes, and Men
    Caroline Hirst Harding / Samuel Bannister Harding
    *** ILLUSTRATED IN COLOR ***The Greeks believed that the whole world was divided among three great gods, who were brothers The first and greatest of these was the god of the heaven and earth. The second was the god of the ocean, the rivers, and the brooks. The third was the god of the under-world, or the dark space beneath the surface of the ground. But besides these, there wer...

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  • La ópera de Beijing en español
    Yang Song
    Este libro es un viaje por el corazón palpitante de una de las tradiciones escénicas más fascinantes de China: la ópera de Beijing. A través de sus páginas, intento tender un puente entre dos mundos aparentemente dispares: la rica herencia cultural de China y el ávido lector de habla hispana, ansioso por descubrir las sutilezas de esta forma artística milenaria.La ópera de Beij...

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  • A Beginners guide to Psychic stuff
    Andrew Gilbert
    Ever wondered about Tarot cards? Ever thought there may be some truth in this lark about reading the tea leaves? Ever thought you would buy a book on Faith healing?This is one of those books that goes into most of the spiritual arts and touches most aspects of spiritual life. It is always respectful and written with just a touch of humour mixed in. There are way too may people ...

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  • Les Dieux de la Chance
    Larz Trent
    Dieux de la Fortune: Dévoilez les secrets ancestraux pour attirer la chance et la prospéritéFatigué de dépendre de la chance ? Découvrez comment différentes cultures à travers l’histoire ont façonné leur destin en adorant les dieux de la chance !Dans 'Dieux de la Fortune', Larz Trent vous invite à un voyage fascinant dans un univers où la chance et la fortune ne sont pas de sim...

    16,66 €

  • Revelation of Messiah
    Deloris Biocic
    The Messiah known to us as YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH fulfilled approximately 300 Old Testament prophecies. He told the Pharisees that Abraham wrote of him. On the road to Emmaus, after he was resurrected from the dead, he expounded upon those prophecies to his two traveling companions, beginning with Moses and continuing through the prophets. The Apostle Paul wrote to the Hebrews in c...

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  • America Beware
    The Water Spiders
    Freedom House, which operates out of Washington DC, is committed to the highest standards of both freedom and democracy in America. They believe 'that freedom flourishes in democratic nations where governments are accountable to their people'.But they have recently (2022) felt obliged to say that all over the world 'democracy is under attack by populist leaders and groups.'And ...

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  • Giants on Ancient Earth
    Jason M. Breshears
    Written records of the ancient world excavated from the Near East to the western shores of ancient South America are filled with obscure references to a race of giants. Most biblical scholars are unaware of or choose to ignore the over 80 references to giants found in the books of the Old Testament. In the same way, historians have overlooked the hundreds of references to gigan...

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  • Lady Guest’s Mabinogion
    Charlotte Guest
    A cornerstone of Welsh folklore, this new edition of the Mabinogion features Lady Charlotte Guest’s original English translation of the medieval collection of Arthurian legends and Celtic myths. Sourced from Lady Guest’s 1877 English translation, this new edition of the Mabinogion features twelve tales of heroes, gods, and magical creatures in an exciting odyssey of early medi...

    42,65 €

  • Tales of the Cosmos
    Peta Oakes (Gaelic Mac Dubhdara)
    In the vast tapestry of human imagination, mythology, folklore, and legends intertwine to weave captivating tales that transcend time and culture. From the haunting odes and hymns echoing the deeds of gods and heroes to the enchanting melodies of short stories brimming with magic and wonder, the realm of mythos beckons. Medusa’s petrifying gaze, the chilling howl of werewolves ...

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  • The Prose Edda
    Snorri Sturluson
    'The Prose Edda,' a timeless compilation of Old Norse tales and poetic theories meticulously crafted by Icelandic scholar Snorri Sturluson in the 13th century. Offering a treasury of myths, legends, and insights into Viking Age beliefs, this cornerstone of Norse literature unveils the rich tapestry of gods, giants, and heroes that populate the ancient Nordic cosmos. From the th...

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  • Awakening
    Candice Calder
    Be awakened to the truth about hybrid creations, vampyres, ancestors within the soul-parts of a human. Be awakened and enlightened by the true, candid words of the artist and photographer Candice Calder. Her encounters with real demons and her battle to survive. Her sexually explicit past is exposed. Learn about her dark, sinister and harrowing past that nearly took her life w...

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  • The Prose Edda
    Snorri Sturluson
    The Prose Edda, also known as the Younger Edda, Snorri’s Edda, and simply Edda, was written in Old Norse during the thirteenth century in Iceland. Snorri Sturluson, a distinguished poet, legislator, and frequent visitor to Norway’s royal court, determined in 1220 to assemble Norse mythology’s narratives and poetic practises before they faded under the influence of Christianity ...

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