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  • Zany Girl , Answers your natural hair questions
    Tambeara Watkins
    I’m Zany Girl, and I have been natural for several years. Boy, let me tell you starting out with a big chop wasn’t an easy thing to do. At first, my friends and family questioned my sanity, then my hair did this beautiful thing, curly, coiled styles that got “wow your hair is beautiful, and can you help me go natural?”  Soon afterward, “being natural” became more popular and mo...

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  • Ready, Set, Go! Cosmetology School Graduate Book 3
    Eric Ryant / Jeff Grissler
    If you are a new graduate, cosmetology school teacher, newcomer to the beauty field, or even a salon pro, this book is a must-read. Ready, Set, Go! How to Get a J.O.B. in a Salon is here to help brand-new cosmetologists rev-up their careers, or help experienced cosmetologists get back to where they belong: on the road to success!    Inside you’ll find:   Insider secrets abou...

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  • A Nova Drenagem
    Larissa De Andrade Pedrosa
    Embarque na revolução estética comA Nova Drenagem: Conheça a Técnica de Drenagem Veno-Linfática peloMétodo DVL Pedrosa . Larissa de Andrade Pedrosa, Especialista em Estética, revela uma técnica envolvente que transcende padrões convencionais. Este não é apenas um método; é um compromisso moldado por mais de 15 anos de dedicação, redefinindo a experiência terapêutica.Destaques P...

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  • DIY Natural Skincare
    Elara Finch
    'DIY Natural Skincare: Creating Homemade Skincare Products Using Natural Ingredients' provides a comprehensive guide to crafting your own skincare products. It offers step-by-step instructions, essential ingredient knowledge and customizable recipes. With a focus on natural ingredients, the book promotes healthier skincare choices while emphasizing the importance of sustainabil...

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  • The Secret of Natural Beauty
    Fried Editor
    Are you here to give your skin that tender loving care it truly deserves? Do you want to break free from the harmful effects of the chemicals? Every day we use the word 'Skincare', but are you really using it as it is intended? Caring for your skin takes more than just applying multiple layers of products. It’s not 'care' when you are putting harmful chemicals on your skin. I a...

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  • Everyday Beliefs
    Dan Johnson
    Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is a rare inherited skin disorder that affects one in 50,000 children, regardless of gender, race, or ethnic background. This upbeat and life-changing book by Dan Johnson is an invaluable guide to significantly reducing and inactivating EB Simplex, shifting your EB treatment to a preventative regime. It contains valuable information, tips, and protoco...

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  • Organic Beauty Products Recipes
    Shahaan Merchant
    Discover the secrets to radiant skin and luscious locks with 'Organic Beauty Products Recipes.' This comprehensive guide is your passport to the world of homemade beauty, offering a perfect blend of knowledge and practicality. In the first section, dive deep into the world of natural ingredients as we explore their properties and benefits. Learn about the moisturizing magic of ...

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  • A Makeup Artist In Your Pocket
    Mish Ancker Bush
    'Mish has the techniques to help you look your best. In her new book, A Makeup Artist in your Pocket, this industry expert reveals the tricks of the trade to bring out your unique beauty and hide flaws. Step-by-step guides with illustrations make it easy to try at home.' -Miranda Devine, New York Post journalist, Fox News contributor and best-selling author 'I can’t recommend M...

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  • The Ladies Book of Useful Information
    Alberta R. Browder
    The Ladies Book of Useful Information, probably one of the limited books packed with comprehensive list of useful and mandatory information for women. Every woman who reads this book can learn the secrets of youth, beauty and health and can transform the knowledge to generations next, as contents of this book is applicable irrespective of the time boundaries.  Readers of this b...

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  • Beauty Prime
    The Reader’s House
    EDITOR’S LETTERAs we embrace the crisp air and vibrant colors of autumn, it brings me great pleasure to introduce the third issue of Beauty Prime magazine. With this edition, we delve into the essence of the fall season, exploring the artistry of makeup and the significance of self-care in our lives.Our cover story, 'Radiant in Autumn: A Comprehensive Guide to Fall Makeup and S...

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  • The Skincare Revolution
    Unleash your inner radiant goddess with the DIY skincare revolution! Ditch the harsh chemicals and expensive labels. This movement empowers you to concoct your own customized beauty potions, crafted from nature’s bounty. Imagine whipping up a whipped honey cleanser, indulging in a yogurt serum, or pampering with avocado eye patches - all from your own kitchen!Forget cookie-cutt...

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  • Unlock Your Inner Radiance
    Lalitha Kumari
    Internal light definition and its benefitsInternal light is light that is produced by the own brightness of an object. It is not light that is reflected off the surface of an object, but light that is produced from the inside of the object.Objects that produce internal light are called internal light sources. Some of the internal light sources are:·        Sun: The sun is an in...

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  • DIY Cosmetics
    Jennifer Stephens
    Dive into the world of DIY skincare with a comprehensive guide to crafting your own natural and organic skincare products at home. Learn to create moisturizers, serums, masks, and more using plant-based oils, herbs, and essential oils. With step-by-step instructions and safety tips, you can enjoy tailor-made skincare that suits your unique needs. ...

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  • Natural Skin Care Recipes for Glowing Skin
    Adeline Warner / Kyrah Morrison / Najia Porter
    Discover the wonders of homemade skin care with this comprehensive guideSay goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to natural ingredients that will leave your skin supple and glowing. Try the recipes and experience the transformation for yourself. ...

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  • Mude Sua Rotina
    Camila De Lima
    Está na hora de desvendar todos os segredos e empoderar as pessoas a cuidarem de sua pele de forma completa e consciente. Com os conhecimentos compartilhados neste livro, você estará equipado com todas as informações para alcançar e manter uma pele radiante e saudável. Lembre-se de que cada pele é única, por isso é importante adaptar essas dicas às suas necessidades individuais...

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  • The Truth About Melasma
    Janett Juwien
    'Janett’s book is a must-read for anyone who suffers from melasma. With so much misinformation about melasma in the world, harsh treatments and products that do more damage than good, what a breath of fresh air The Truth about Melasma is. Finally someone is talking about the root causes and how to treat it effectively, as opposed to focusing on the symptoms. I highly recommend ...

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  • Thriving With Hairloss
    Peggy Knight
    After a lifetime of wearing wigs and over 40 years of working directly with women, Peggy knows firsthand the Ups and Downs of Thriving with Hair Loss.  Share your story with women around the world.  Our Thriving with Hair Loss Ups and Downs are the same journey no matter our language or location. ...

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  • EcoCultivo, El Arte de la Agricultura Sostenible.
    Carlos Marinoni
    "Este libro es una guía esencial para aquellos que desean adentrarse en el mundo de la Agricultura Natural. Explorando los principios fundamentales de Mokichi Okada, te sumergirás en un enfoque respetuoso con la naturaleza, que fomenta la salud del suelo, la biodiversidad y la producción de alimentos frescos y saludables. Aprenderás cómo cultivar en espacios reducidos, mejorar ...

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  • The Natural Skin Care Playbook
    Dr. Christina Hector
    The act of caring for the skin with natural ingredients has been around for centuries. If natural skin care practices have been around for so long, why are products with harsh chemicals still on the shelves-and what can we do to incorporate natural skin care into our lives? In The Natural Skin Care Playbook: Everything You Need to Know About Plant-Based Beauty, board-certified ...

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  • Pump it up magazine - Jan Daley
    Anissa Boudjaoui Sutton / Mike B. Sutton
    Welcome to the June 2023 edition of Pump it up Magazine! This month, we proudly feature Jan Daley as our cover girl, celebrating her induction into the Women Songwriters Hall of Fame with her powerful single, ’The Way of a Woman,’ addressing the issue of cheating in relationships. Join us as we explore the captivating world of artistry, wellness, and resilience.Cover Story: Jan...

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  • Retailing in Salons & Spas
    Retail for you as an owner of a salon or spa is a huge potential to boost sales & increase revenues & profits. Sending your clients home with the items they will require to continue the treatment, feeling & looks-promotes customer retention & ensures client loyalty, besides adding to your profits- while making sure that clients continue with the relaxing & uplifting experience ...

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  • Blessed Blade
    Renan Jusino
    I wanted to write about my experiences, stories, legacy, and contribution to the beauty industry. Over the years, customers have asked questions about what I do, and were curious about my experience and years of working as a barber. So I thought I would share my experiences and stories with you. Dealing directly with people can be difficult and we need to have patience to work ...

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  • Selling Skills for Spa’s, Salons & Health Clubs
    This book is a must have for anyone in the Spa/ Beauty Salon/ Health Club & similar businesses on how to Increase Sales, Revenues and Profits and take the business further by:1.Selling Yourselves (Customers go by what they see in you first- the way you carry & conduct yourself.2.Selling Your Services.3.Retailing your Products- Up-Sell & Cross-Sell4.Retaining Customers for Life5...

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  • Smart Soapmaking Around the Year
    Anne L. Watson
    SPECIAL NOTE! -- ANNE WILL PERSONALLY ANSWER ANY QUESTION OF YOURS AFTER READING THIS BOOK. ASK ON HER WEB SITE, AND YOU’LL NORMALLY HEAR BACK WITHIN HOURS! In between writing several of today’s most popular and innovative beginner books on soapmaking -- including the modern classics 'Smart Soapmaking' and 'Milk Soapmaking' -- Anne L. Watson engaged in a number of projects, exp...

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  • Spa, Salon & Health Club Selling Skills
    If you could drastically increase the value of each customer’s visit to your Spa, Salon or Health Club by 60% or more...(Yes, certainly more!), how would that impact your business’s profitability? To be brutally honest, sadly, most spas, salons or health clubs LOSE that amount every time a customer walks out of their door!Salon Marketing has changed considerably over the last f...

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Skin Care Take Care of Your Skin to Youthful looking Through The Right Beauty Routine And Healthy Diet
    Pamela Thorne
    Our skin is a window to our inner well-being and health. The only real way to achieve youthful-looking skin is to maintain physical and mental health. But remember that our skin is our first defense against the outside world. Don’t neglect your skincare routine as you begin eating healthier and exercising regularly.This book will teach you about the best products, the right way...

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  • Acne
    Shayan Waseh

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  • The Lush Long Hair Care Guide
    Allison Tyson
    Tired of scouring the internet looking for answers to your hair woes?Still spending hundreds of dollars on gadgets, expensive hair cremes and hair extensions that probably won’t work and only cause more damage to your hair?’The Lush Long Hair Care Guide’ is a compilation of natural remedies (recipes, food sources, supplements etc), hair facts and helpful need-to-know informatio...

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  • Mentally Fit
    Tomekia Manning
    'Mentally Fit' offers hope, guidance and strategies for improving the mind, body and spirit which are essential to being successful in every area of life. The book is designed to to help others understand their self-worth and follow their dreams using a growth mindset, faith and actions to accomplish the goal. The premise behind 'Mentally Fit' is to offer a holistic approach to...

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  • The No Compromise Black Skin Care Guide
    C.R. Cooper
    Breaking Barriers: Caring for Melanin-Rich Skin in the Modern Era:Is the Skin health arena truly a space where gender and age neutrality prevail, or do imbalances still persist? If you’re a male or teen who has ever felt overlooked in the pursuit of genuine support for skin health, or a Skin Professional navigating uncertainties about client perceptions based on gender or age, ...

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