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  • 'All About Equity Spending... With a Love Story'
    Oscar Dean Windham
    'All About Equity Spending... With a Love Story', is the only book in the entire world, at this time, that brings into sharp focus the facts which illustrate that our United States federal deficit is irrelevant. A lot of people think that the deficit is meaningless but they aren’t exactly sure why and how. All those misconceptions fade away after reading this literary contribut...

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  • Your Book is the Hook
    Karen Williams
    Writing a book is a great way for business owners to inspire and educate their clients, and leverage their knowledge and expertise.It will help you to get known for what you do, establish yourself as an authority, and get noticed by more people who need your help.In Your Book is the Hook, Karen takes you through her proven six-step process to plan, write, publish and market the...

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  • Shortcuts Get You Lost!
    Mark Villareal
    Unlock the keys to success in any meaningful endeavor. Read this book to learn: * Key discussion points that motivate front-line team members * How to engage employees in productive, problem solving dialogue * The importance of illustrations and stories in shaping the culture of your business. This book will enable and empower your team to scale to new heights and achieve world...

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  • Presentation Skills 201
    William R. Steele / William RSteele
    Are you already a good presenter but want to be even better?Do you want to take your skills to a whole new level of effectiveness with all types of audiences?A small number of presenters don’t settle for being good. They want to be exceptional. They want to have the kind of speaking skills that routinely open doors, win promotions, land business, secure approvals and project le...

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  • Guaranteed Formula for Public Speaking Success
    Everett Ofori
    Guaranteed Formula for Public Speaking builds upon many of the great works on public speaking in that it provides concrete techniques that you can learn in the morning and use to great advantage in the afternoon. It is also a text that has been used successfully to train corporate executives, including doctors and salespeople. Whether you want to give an information speech, a p...

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  • How to Be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer
    Kristy Grant-Hart
    'How to Be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer' teaches compliance profesionals the secrets of influence, persuasion and motivation so they can become in-demand business assets.This book is a powerful guide to help practitioners move from the check-the-box mentality of a paper program worker to become a dynamic business leader.Roy Snell, the CEO of the Society of Corporate Co...

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  • Technical Writing, Presentational Skills, and Online Communication
    Raymond Greenlaw
    This book addresses four main topics: professional ethics, technical writing, presentation skills, and online writing. These topics are woven throughout the book and some of them are the main subjects of one or more chapters. The overarching theme of this book is to provide well-tested, best-practice techniques and strategies for main topic areas while focusing on information t...

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  • Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics
    In recent years, building information modeling has become a very active research area of construction informatics with investigation of ICT use within construction industry processes and organizations. The Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics: Concepts and Technologies addresses the problems related to information integration and in...

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  • Mindful Social Marketing
    Janet Fouts
    With the firehose of information on the internet, how does a marketer stay sane? How can we be effective, enjoy our jobs and have real communication with the people that we want to connect to? If you’re a marketer who feels overwhelmed by all the new roles getting thrown at you, mindfulness will increase your efficiency and help you be happier at your job. If you’re already u...

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  • Public Speaking
    Clarence Stratton
    Importance of Speech. There never has been in the history of the world a time when the spoken word has been equaled in value and importance by any other means of communication. This book is a must for serious speakers. It brings up and gives great examples of good public speaking for everyone. Anyone want to improve their speeches or just get started? Try this for great ideas a...

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  • Neuroleadership Development and Effective Communication in Modern Business
    In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, leaders face unprecedented challenges in navigating complex organizational dynamics, fostering innovation, and driving sustainable growth. Traditional leadership approaches often must address these multifaceted issues, leading to stagnation and missed corporate opportunities. The emerging field of Neuroleadership offers a transfor...

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  • Neuroleadership Development and Effective Communication in Modern Business
    In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, leaders face unprecedented challenges in navigating complex organizational dynamics, fostering innovation, and driving sustainable growth. Traditional leadership approaches often must address these multifaceted issues, leading to stagnation and missed corporate opportunities. The emerging field of Neuroleadership offers a transfor...

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  • Short Story Writing
    Charles Raymond Barrett
    Learn to Write Short Stories That Win  Write short stories with confidence after reading How to Write Winning Short Stories, a great guide for anyone seeking writing tips, help with writing fiction (especially short fiction), and insider tips for winning writing contests. This concise and practical guide includes developing a theme and premise, choosing a title, creating charac...

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  • The Training of a Public Speaker
    Grenville Kleiser
    The power of eloquence to move and persuade men is universally recognized. To-day the public speaker plays a vital part in the solution of every great question and problem. Oratory, in the true sense, is not a lost art, but a potent means of imparting information, instruction, and persuasion. Eloquence is still 'the appropriate organ of the highest personal energy.' As one has ...

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  • Model Speeches for Practise
    Grenville Kleiser
    This book contains a varied representation of successful speeches by eminently successful speakers. They furnish, in convenient form, useful material for study and practise. The student is earnestly recommended to select one speech at a time, analyze it carefully, note its special features, practise it aloud, and then proceed to another. In this way he will cover the principal ...

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  • Effective Communication Skills
    Arnold Wolf
    'Effective Communication Skills' is your guide to mastering effective communication, even if you’ve struggled in the past. Harvard Business Review emphasizes its importance, yet many still face challenges. This book provides proven strategies, including active listening, decoding nonverbal cues, conquering public speaking fears, and navigating cross-cultural communication. It o...

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  • Minhas Pílulas Corporativas No Linkedin
    Paulo Pandjiarjian
    Minhas Pílulas Corporativas no LinkedIn: Prescrição para Uso Diárioé uma coletânea envolvente que mergulha nas complexidades do mundo corporativo, oferecendo reflexões perspicazes sobre inovação, estratégia, meio ambiente, nova economia e o universo empresarial. Através de postagens instigantes, o autor conduz o leitor por uma jornada única, abordando temas como a resiliência d...

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  • Elevate
    Davina Stanley
    Davina Stanley shares how to set your team up to deliver better papers and presentations to senior decision makers in a fraction of the time.Few people, it seems, enjoy preparing papers and presentations for senior leaders and Boards.Equally, leaders and Boards frequently complain about the mediocrity of such papers.Despite this, all concerned aim for papers that support rich d...

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  • How to Speak and Write Correctly
    Joseph Devlin
    The examples of these men are incentives to action. Poverty thrust them forward instead of keeping them back. Therefore, if you are poor make your circumstances a means to an end. Have ambition, keep a goal in sight and bend every energy to reach that goal. A story is told of Thomas Carlyle the day he attained the highest honor the literary world could confer upon him when he w...

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  • Transforming Staff Performance Using Cutting-edge AI Tactics
    Zemelak Goraga
    'Transforming Staff Performance Using Cutting-edge AI Tactics' is your gateway to a revolutionized workplace. This groundbreaking guide unveils strategic AI interventions designed to empower staff and transform productivity. From laying the foundations of AI basics to exploring collaborative intelligence, personalized learning paths, and predictive performance metrics, each cha...

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  • Stop Networking, Start Needworking
    Dave Carberry
    Don’t Just Network, Needwork:Master Human Connections Effortlessly!In this age of technology overload and 'Follow Me' culture, you can get lost in a sea of content and connections. The networking waters can be perilous and emotionally draining. So many of us are still doing it the hard way, making few connections that we rarely-if ever-use. But here’s a game-changing truth: our...

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  • Be The Best Part of Their Day
    David L. Schreiner
    What’s the 'secret sauce' to Supercharged Communications? Can it be quantified? Can it be taught? More than that, as a leader, who are you? What are the values you project-not just in the workplace but 24/7?David Schreiner, Ph.D., spent years researching and speaking to executives and people in large organizations across the country to try to discover just that. The good news i...

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  • Successful Project Managers Roadmap
    David R. White / David RWhite
    Project managers need to be able to quickly tell the story of their projects, and the project roadmap is a key visual tool for doing so.From setting expectations to updating stakeholders and the management team, a well-thought-out project roadmap is a vital component of your project planning documentation.In this book, you’ll learn what is a project roadmap, the crucial compone...

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  • Business Correspondence
    Andy R. Kraus
    HOW TO WRITE THE BUSINESS LETTER: 24 chapters on preparing to write the letter and finding the proper viewpoint; how to open the letter, present the proposition convincingly, make an effective close; how to acquire a forceful style and inject originality; how to adapt selling appeal to different prospects and get orders by letter  The practical uses of the business letter are a...

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  • The World’s Best Business Models - The Game of Networking and Innovation
    Sorens Books
    The World’s Best Business Models - The Game of Networking and Innovation is a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow’s enterprises.  If your organization needs to adapt to harsh new realities, but you don’t yet have a strategy that will get you out in front of your competitors, you need The World’s ...

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  • From Tension to Transformation
    Janet M. Harvey
    How do we embrace being generative to sustain excellence in the workplace?The modern working world doesn’t leave much time for reflection. Leaders in particular are encouraged to speed ahead, make quick decisions, and seek swift solutions to any problem that may arise. However, the full-speed-ahead approach can backfire. By taking time to pause and reflect, it’s possible to not...

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  • Writing Compelling Business Cases
    A Business Case is a decision-making tool. Business Case authors therefore have a responsibility to write a Business Case that balances brevity with clarity, in a way that is easy and interesting to read and helps Decision Makers make the best decision for the organisation and key stakeholders. Writing a Business Case can be a daunting task. Many organisations do not hav...

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  • Gestión de marketing para principiantes Cómo crear y establecer tu marca, construir relaciones con los clientes y aumentar las ventas con la gestión de marketing.
    Sebastian Wahlig
    ¿Le interesa la gestión de marketing pero necesita un resumen de los aspectos básicos para entenderla correctamente y evaluar las oportunidades por sí mismo? Entonces esta guía es exactamente lo que necesita: La gestión inteligente del marketing es una herramienta importante para la creación de marcas y la fidelización sostenible de los clientes.Aquí obtendrá una introducción a...

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  • Journey to 9th Floor
    Shivendra Kumar
    This book is based on true story and inspired by true events in the Author’s life from ' A Street book seller to the author of a Book '. A marketer by profession and an emerging author has been learning, gathering experience and memories over the last 23 years in his professional career. This will help in handling tough situations and learning in our professional career. It wil...

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  • Transformed Communication Codes in the Mediated World
    Transformed Communication Codes in the Mediated World: A Contemporary Perspective offers a comprehensive exploration of the profound shifts in communication practices catalyzed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. This book serves as an essential compendium of research, shedding light on the multifaceted implications of these changes across various domains. In the wake of the COVID...

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