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  • Blessed Are the Weird
    Jacob Nordby
    The world wants its soul back…In this book, author Jacob Nordby offers a bold new definition of success in the modern era.“The only success now is living and creating a work-of-art life: unique, rich with meaning, naked of anything we don’t care about, and ruthless about carving out something absolutely real from a world that has gorged itself on fakeness and become critically ...

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  • Projective Processes and Neuroscience in Art and Design
    Rachel Zuanon
    Recent advances in neuroscience suggest that the human brain is particularly well-suited to design things: concepts, tools, languages and places. Current research even indicates that the human brain may indeed have evolved to be creative, to imagine new ideas, to put them into practice, and to critically analyze their results. Projective Processes and Neuroscience in Art and De...

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  • Relational Thinking Styles and Natural Intelligence
    Jayne Tristan / Phyllis Chiasson
    The science of intelligence has created a plethora of theories and measurements, which have various applications of both computational, social, and managerial significance. Relational Thinking Styles and Natural Intelligence: Assessing Inference Patterns for Computational Modeling explores a specific set of intelligence theories, unifying and quantifying to create a verifiable ...

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  • Exploring the Benefits of Creativity in Education, Media, and the Arts
    The use of imagination can lead to greater outcomes in problem solving, innovation, and critical thinking. By providing access to creative outlets, productivity increases in schools, businesses, and other professional settings. Exploring the Benefits of Creativity in Education, Media, and the Arts is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on the stimulatio...

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  • Habit Hack
    Joy Rae
    Transform Your Life, One Habit at a TimeHave you ever wondered how some people effortlessly achieve their goals while you seem stuck in a cycle of unproductive habits? Discover the secrets to rewiring your brain for success with Habit Hack: Rewire Your Brain for Success. This compelling guide dives deep into the science of habit formation, providing you with actionable strategi...

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  • The Joy of Learning
    Elias Hartley
    In 'The Joy of Learning: Unlocking Your Intellectual Potential,' Elias Hartley delves into the intricate and ever-evolving journey of lifelong learning. Through insightful exploration and practical advice, Hartley reveals how each new experience, challenge, and even failure can become a stepping stone to greater knowledge, skills, and intellectual joy. This book transcends the ...

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  • The Forensic Psychology Of False Allegations
    Connor Whiteley
    Whenever victims report crimes to the police, they make an allegation a crime has happened. These allegations are not always true.Why do people make false allegations?In this fascinating, engaging forensic psychology book, you’ll explore the great topic of false allegations and the multitude of reasons behind this behaviour. By the end of this great book, you’ll know:·      Wha...

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  • The Forensic Psychology Of False Allegations
    Connor Whiteley
    Whenever victims report crimes to the police, they make an allegation a crime has happened. These allegations are not always true.Why do people make false allegations?In this fascinating, engaging forensic psychology book, you’ll explore the great topic of false allegations and the multitude of reasons behind this behaviour. By the end of this great book, you’ll know:·      Wha...

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  • Fundamentos elementales de modificación de conducta
    Juan David Camargo Reyes
    Este libro sobre análisis de la conducta enseñará a los lectores las características básicas de las técnicas de modificación de conducta, tanto de forma teórica como práctica. Si el estudiante de psicología recién iniciado en estas temáticas, o el profesional en psicología requieren fortalecer sus habilidades clinicas correspondientes a éstas técnicas, entonces se recomienda qu...

    17,68 €

  • Effective Learning
    Robert C. Bell
    When you’re doing poorly in school, the standard advice is to Work Harder. That will help a little, and there is no escaping the fact that hard work is necessary. BUT! More effort usually means doing more of the same ineffective type of work you already did in the past. It wasn’t very successful then, and just doing more of it isn’t going to help you much. You’ll still be wasti...

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  • Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health and Well-Being
    Climate change has far-reaching consequences beyond its environmental impact. It also significantly affects human social and mental well-being, both at individual and community levels. Addressing the social and mental well-being impacts of climate change requires a multi-faceted approach that includes both mitigation and adaptation strategies. This involves reducing greenhouse ...

    321,12 €

  • Creativity and 'the Paris Review' Interviews
    Ronda Leathers Dively
    In Creativity and The Paris Review Interviews: A Discourse Analysis of Famous Writers’ Composing Practices, author Ronda Leathers Dively explores contexts, behaviors, and composing practices that generated some of the world’s most significant literary works. Her analysis ultimately leads to concrete recommendations for aspiring writers and for composition instructors seeking to...

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  • Cognitive Science
    José Luis Bermúdez

    175,40 €

  • Me, Myself, and I
    Grant Mattos
    Embark on a Profound Journey into the Heart of Who You AreImagine unlocking the mysteries of your mind and self with a book that promises to be a transformative odyssey into understanding the essence of your being. 'Me, Myself, and I: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mind and Self' is a meticulously crafted guide that invites you on an exploration of the most intimate parts of y...

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  • I Pissed In Some Guy’s Bottle Of...
    Rick Leslie
    The Only Memoir That Doubles as a Self-Help Book.You might think I Pissed In Some Guy’s Bottle Of.... is just another stupid memoir written by some guy trying to get his rocks off. But Leslie’s life story is more a how-to book than autobiography-one packed with everything a person needs to right life’s wrongs.Inside you’ll learn how to get even with jerks, how to get the last l...

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  • Conquer Your Fears in 7 Steps
    B. Vincent
    Embark on a transformative journey to reclaim your life from the grips of fear with 'Conquer Your Fears in 7 Steps: A Comprehensive Guide.' This profound and empowering guide leads you through a meticulously crafted, step-by-step process designed to help you face, understand, and ultimately master the fears that have held you back.From the initial acknowledgment of fear, throug...

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  • Cognitive Neuroscience
    Marie T. Banich / Rebecca J. Compton

    185,35 €

  • Brain Power
    B. Vincent
    Discover the transformative power of your mind with 'Brain Power: Unlocking the Secrets of Learning and Memory.' This comprehensive guide delves into the fascinating world of cognitive enhancement, offering readers a deep dive into the mechanisms of the brain that drive learning and memory. From the fundamental principles of neuroplasticity and cognitive neuroscience to practic...

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  • The Many Dimensions of Dementia as Seen Through Family’s Eyes. Subtitle
    Shirley KalpinOlson
    If you have met or known someone inflicted with a deadly Dementia or Alzheimer’s and feel you are having a difficult time knowing what to do or say, you may want to read about how this family was able to deal with a situation which could have been much more tragic and unbearable. There is sickness, sadness, grief, anger, crying, feeling of uselessness and just feeling like giv...

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  • Principles and Clinical Interventions in Social Cognition
    K. Jayasankara Reddy
    There are a plethora of questions experts are asking surrounding the intersection of clinical intervention practices with social cognition. How do neuro-cognitive processes shape social understanding? What experimental methods illuminate social cognitive complexities? How can social cognition be applied practically in clinical contexts and psycho-social rehabilitation? How does...

    475,31 €

  • DBT Workbook For Clinicians-The DBT Clinician’s Guide to Holistic Healing, Integrating Mind, Body, and Emotion
    Lucia Alarm
    DBT Workbook for Clinicians: The DBT Clinician’s Guide to Holistic Healing - Integrating Mind, Body, and EmotionThe Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Workbook for Holistic Therapists.Advanced DBT Strategies for Holistic TherapistsThis workbook, tailored specifically for modern therapists, extends beyond the confines of traditional methodologies.Dialectical Behavior Therapy, ...

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  • Down a Peg
    Susan Adam
    It’s a secret held long enough. The arts make us human. They pull us together and tear us apart. They help us feel safe - and loved. And they bring that va-va-voom into our days (and nights). From the bone-shaking stomp-stomp-clap of a live concert to the world’s ubiquitous use of emojis and the chill-inducing impact of a swastika, Susan Adam draws you into the biology and psyc...

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  • What are Coincidences? A Philosophical Guide Between Science and Common Sense
    Alessandra Melas / Pietro Salis
    It is a common opinion that chance events cannot be understood in causal terms. Conversely, according to a causal view of chance, intersections between independent causal chains originate accidental events, called 'coincidences'. Firstly, this book explores this causal conception of chance and tries to shed new light on it. Such a view has been defended by authors like Antoine ...

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  • The Spider’s Thread
    Keith J. Holyoak

    33,84 €

  • The Myth of Multitasking - How to Truly Master Your Focus in a Distracted World
    Viruti Satyan Shivan
    Unlocking Productivity and Peace of Mind in the Age of Information Overload In 'The Myth of Multitasking: How to Truly Master Your Focus in a Distracted World,' readers embark on an enlightening journey to debunk common misconceptions about multitasking. This compelling book dives deep into the psychology of focus and the impact of digital distractions in our modern lives. It p...

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  • Decoding Dreams - A Deep Dive into the Mind’s Nightly Theater
    Viruti Satyan Shivan
    Unlocking the Secrets of Your SubconsciousEmbark on an enlightening journey into the mysterious world of dreams with 'Decoding Dreams - A Deep Dive into the Mind’s Nightly Theater.' This comprehensive guide delves into the fascinating realm of our subconscious, offering a detailed exploration of the various types of dreams we experience and the hidden meanings behind them. Str...

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  • From Rock Bottom To Rock Solid
    Scott J. Prendergast
    Turn Your Struggles Into Strength: Navigating Life’s Challenges with Confidence and HopeFrom Rock Bottom To Rock Solid isn’t just self-help through storytelling; it’s a toolkit for life - your lifeline. You’ll walk away with tangible strategies to conquer the hurdles life throws your way. This book’s mission is to inspire, connect, and empower you, ensuring you don’t just survi...

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  • El secreto de volverte a elegir y vivir una vida con propósito
    Reyna Arellano
    El propósito de este libro es ayudar a ese poder superior a transmitir a la humanidad que todo es posible cuando crees en él, a caminar con fe y creer que detrás del horizonte el sol está saliendo para ti.Soy una mujer que se ha enamorado de los libros porque descubrió que en ellos reside mucha sabiduría. Tal vez pensamos que solo cuando éramos niños y asistíamos a la escuela e...

    20,80 €

  • Through A Paradox Lens
    Jeff Flesher
    Through a paradox Lens is an exploration of paradoxical thinking based on human sensemaking and practical application. It introduces and describes a new theory of paradox called The Association and Unity Theory of Paradox and the practical application tools of the Paradoxical Awareness Model and the Paradoxical Inquiry Problem-Solving Method. These tools and models improve sens...

    35,01 €

  • 100 More Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People
    Susan Weinschenk
    Thousands of designers, marketers, and product managers have come to rely on Susan Weinschenk’s original 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People as a 'go to' for practical advice on how to use the latest findings in psychology and neuroscience to directly inform and improve their designs, brands, and products. Research hasn’t stopped since the book was written, and...

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