Ciencia ficción (infantil/juvenil)

Infantiles, juveniles y didácticos / Ficción e historias reales infantiles y juveniles / Ciencia ficción (infantil/juvenil) (1733)

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  • The Voyages of the Solar Queen
    Andre Norton
    The Solar Queen is a trader ship crewed by Dane Thorson, Tau, and Captain Jellico. These are her voyages.The Plague Ship: The Solar Queen and her crew have the trading rights to the wealthy planet Sargol, But to take advantage of them and see a any return on their investment they must fight the Reptilian Gorp, negotiate with the cat-like Salariki, and find a cure for the sleepi...

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  • Alexander Bottom & The Dreamweaver’s Daughter
    Lee Richie
    Imagine you enter the world of dreams, only to realise you may never get back.Alexander Bottom has heard every stupid butt joke and then some. The remarks have only made him stronger. Malik Ashkar is one of Alex’s prime tormentors and leaves classmate, Leanne Chambers, simmering over an insensitive racist comment, a comment that will come back to haunt Malik. The unlikely trio ...

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  • Survivorship
    Random B
    ACTION PACKED ADVENTURE BETWEEN WORLDSThe race is on to save Earth.On planet Mrax to learn about his father’s world, Ky finds a powerful enemy among the Elders, who wants to rid his pristine planet of a ‘worthless half-breed’. Still building his alien skills in teleportation and telepathy, he struggles to fit in. A baby Mrug adopts him and becomes another comical challenge for ...

    13,48 €

  • Going Green
    Heather S. Ransom
    Calyssa Brentwood, an entitled high school senior who has just finished her chloroplast cellular enhancement in order to 'go Green,' is now the newest citizen of the Green Commonwealth of SciCity, on her way to finding her place in the upper ranks of her community . . . until she meets Gabe Stayton, an unlikely lab partner, gifted in science and math, and the only person she kn...

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  • Silver and Stone
    Felicity Banks
    Getting into prison is easy.Getting out is hard.Getting away is nearly impossible.Getting the power to control your own destiny might cost everything you have.Emmeline, Matilda, and Patrick are sworn to rescue Patrick's mother from the infamous Female Factory prison, but when a vengeful police officer tracks down their hideout, things get worse fast. Soon they're framed...

    18,43 €

  • Resistance
    Josephine Boyce
    Cassia has successfully started a rebellion against the Global Defence Organisation – but what happens now? She joins the Resistance which is aiming to take back Old Paris and push the GDO back out of Old Europe. Although she supports the Resistance’s aims, she struggles with the impact it has on innocent people’s lives. Kohler (her old enemy) is out for revenge and has found a...

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  • Believe in the Magic of Your Dreams
    D.R. Kryz
    This is a tale of three cousins with a very special magical secret that takes us to strange and awesome adventures in worlds far beyond our reach.Grandfather’s GoldEddie lives on a ranch in the Arizona desert. The ranch sits under the Superstition Mountain. One day while Eddie’s dad and uncles were in the mountain searching for gold, Eddie found a gold nugget. Too excited to wa...

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  • Wolf Squad
    Cameron Alexander
    Bear Company, five stuffed bears-turned-armored protectors, is escorting a young boy named Timmy out of the city on the way to meet up with his father, a famous scientist who opened a portal to another world. But the Dark, shadowy creatures from another dimension, lurk around every corner, waiting for their chance to ensnare Timmy. The bears find another child, Anna, a young or...

    9,24 €

  • In the Fallout
    Adam Wilson
    From critically acclaimed writer, Adam Wilson, and breakout artist, Jeff Chin, comes a stream of consciousness tale set in the mind of a fractured young girl. The world ended in a horrific tragedy, and she now must navigate its aftermath in hopes of finding the one thing she needs more than anything else. A way to move on. ...

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  • The Sparks
    Kyle Prue
    One teen assassin-in-training must unite three warring supernatural dynasties before death comes to them all…'A blistering pace with a gleeful heap of mayhem.' Kirkus ReviewsNeil Vapros just wants to make his father proud. The sixteen-year-old aspires to serve his family as an assassin, but he nearly dies in the process. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Neil’s family, as well as t...

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  • Where Nothing Ill Can Dwell
    Crista McHugh
    For most of her seventeen years, Miranda Prospero has lived with her mother on a wild, uncharted world on the fringes of the Bard Nebula, never knowing there were others like them in the star system. All that changes the moment a ship crashes onto her planet and introduces her to another of her species—a handsome, young man named Ferdinand.But this is no accident.Miranda’s moth...

    9,04 €

  • Zoo Story
    Harris Tobias
    The Zebs are curious about our world but unsure about who is its leader. They interview various animals in the zoo only to learn that they are looking on the wrong side of the bars. The animals report tat their numbers have been reduced to alarmingly small numbers due to human greed and mismanagement. When they encounter Lester Bascomb, the cluless zookeeper, things go from bad...

    17,25 €

  • Monster Zombies Are Coming for Johnny
    A. M. Shah
    Johnny has a terrible nightmare. He’s soaking wet. It’s only a dream, he thinks. As Johnny gets ready to go to school, there’s a very weird thing going on. There’s no one on the school bus or at school. The only people that are there are Monster Zombies, and they are out to take over the town—and Johnny! 3 ...

    6,53 €

  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Retold For Kids (Beginner Reader Classics)
    Jules Verne / Max James
    Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is one of the most thrilling books ever wrote…but it’s also difficult for some younger readers. This book takes the classic novels and retells it for modern readers as a beginning reader chapter book! The story tells of the adventures of Captain Nemo and his submarine Nautilus in a way that beginning readers can understand. KidLit-O’s new...

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  • Charlie the Ninja Werewolf
    Rick M. Green / Rick MGreen
    A young boy becomes a hero and rescues a town when a rotten-smelling werewolf thief shows up. The young and the young-at-heart will love this timeless adventure tale of good vs. evil, bravery, loyalty, and good character. Action-packed from page one, even the most reluctant reader will be begging for more of Charlie's adventures! Book one in a series.  ...

    8,66 €

  • The Time Seekers
    D. A. Squires / DASquires
    Alexandra St. Germaine is dreading going back to school.The Pine School is not a typical school and her sixth-year teacher, Miss Blueberry, is not typical either. And things get off to a rather disastrous start, leading to some shocking changes in Classroom #6.At home, the elegant Chadwick Manor, Alexandra's constant companion is a blue and gold macaw parrot named Taco. He ...

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  • Greg's Second Adventure In Time
    C. M. Huddleston
    Greg is BACK! Back in Time in Greg’s Second Adventure in Time. As Greg once more time travels, he journeys to our nation’s colonial period where he explores our country’s new frontier, encounters hostile Indians, meets famous Americans, and helps win the American Revolution! The Adventure in Time series for middle-grade readers strives to interest children in our nation’s histo...

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  • The Falconer’s Quarry
    Julia Edwards
    The key that unlocks Lucy’s world has a dangerous power.It’s Easter Saturday, and Joe Hopkins is out riding with his brother. When his horse throws him off, he lands, quite literally, in Tudor England. Joe has learned about the Tudors at school. But if he thinks that will help him, he soon discovers that he knows both too little and too much. He doesn’t realise that by giving L...

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  • The Secret of the Great Red Spot
    Leonardo Ramirez
    The family adventure of a lifetime begins!Book One of the Steampunk Series, "The Jupiter Chronicles"It is the year 1892 and Ian and Callie Castillo have had to suffer the hardships of a single parent family since their father went missing five years ago. Since then Ian has refused to use the last gift that his father left the wounded boy; a telescope that sits collecting dust i...

    13,45 €

  • Spit Mechs 2
    Corbett Buchly
    In this humorous, adventurous sequel to Spit Mechs, genius fourth-grader Newton Beam and his friends, Jorge and Jane, don their super suits yet again. In the first book, the trio was the accidental recipients of three alien super suits and were called upon to protect Earth from alien invasion. This time around, they’ve been challenged to a game of baz ball by the galactic champ...

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  • Aspects, Bright and Fair
    Waugh Wright
    Philadelphia teenager Joni Margulis and her best friend Kelly Grebe don’t know where in the world they are. Or even which world. Three days ago, Joni convinced Kelly to sneak into her parents’ lab and, after fiddling with some suspicious equipment, discovered something astounding: namely, that their world is but one of many, extending in bubbles all around them. Not even Joni’s...

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  • Robyn Hood
    John Reynolds
    Robyn Howard is a teenage schoolgirl. She lives with her father and her workaholic mother who always seems too busy for her. Robyn dreams of making a difference and wonders why there are so few famous women in history.After her mother lets her down yet again, she finds herself having a really bad day at school, including quarelling with William, her boyfriend. There is a sudden...

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  • NINE
    D M King
    16 year-old Faith Monroe needs to know if there’s an assigned seat for her in the universe before she loses her life. It’s the year 2025, and she’s one of several teens slated to discover her expiration date, but there’s only one complication: The transport she’s riding in has a number of teens, including herself, who never received the extraterrestrial death chip. A device imp...

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  • Alien Sheep
    Kimpton Diana
    Originally published as 'The Green Sheep'Winner of the children's category of the Rubery Book Award 2015It's not easy to hide a sheep – especially one that's green, bleats backwards and duplicates itself every time it goes to sleep. But that's what Tom sets out to do when he meets a visiting alien whose disguise has gone terribly wrong. Soon Tom's problems a...

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  • 29 (Twenty-Nine)
    Nancy Pennick
    29 ... It's not just a number.Allie Sanders thinks life in a small town can’t get any more dull and boring. She plans to escape after graduation. After a bad break-up, she wants to sail through junior year without distraction. Then the mysterious loner sits down in front of her in AP English. He’s the guy she noticed last year desperately trying to stay invisible. She wants...

    15,87 €

  • Knavery
    Cidney Swanson
    In the sixth book of The Ripple Series, Skandor Dusselhoff uses his ability to vanish purely to make mischief. After he takes a security job with Geneses, however, he meets other ripplers—including one very beautiful girl held prisoner by Fritz. Now it’s time for Skandor to decide what he’ll risk to free her. ...

    16,02 €

  • Striking Mars
    Cidney Swanson
    Fleeing for their lives, Jess and Pavel make it to the Moon, narrowly avoiding the attack on Space Station 92-AE. They should be safe and happy, but they discover they are not alone on Tranquility Base. The stranger they encounter seems uniquely qualified to leak their presence to Chancellor Lucca Brezhnaya, especially when the Marsians contemplate airing Lucca's political ...

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  • Rumble League Ronnie
    A.M. Shah / Melissa Shah Arias PhD
    Meet Ronnie. He is obsessed with a particular game called RUMBLE LEAGUE and loses sight of other important things and people in his life. His friends begin to distance themselves from him because he loses control of himself in this game and doesn’t consider their feelings. Ronnie learns the value of friendship, teamwork, and time management.Our goal as educators is to teach cri...

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  • Solaris Strays
    Janet McNulty
    Book 3 in the Solaris Saga. A teen & young adult science fiction series full of action, adventure, mystery, and a little bit of time travel. Sometimes the real enemy is you. Left to die on the planet of Sunlil, Rynah and her friends find themselves alongside the one man they had thought was their enemy, Klanor, but who had been betrayed by Stein, a man he once trusted. They ...

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