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  • The New Atlantis
    Francis Bacon
    In this work, Bacon portrayed a vision of the future of human discovery and knowledge, expressing his aspirations and ideals for humankind. The novel depicts the creation of a utopian land where 'generosity and enlightenment, dignity and splendour, piety and public spirit' are the commonly held qualities of the inhabitants of 'Bensalem'. ...

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     The time is right, following Benoît Mandelbrot's death in 2010, to publish this landmark book about the life and work of this maverick math genius.This compact book celebrates the life and achievements of Benoît Mandelbrot with the ideas of fractals presented in a way that can be understood by the interested lay-person. Mathematics is largely avoided. Instead, Mandelbrot&#...

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  • Contemporary Knowledge and Systems Science
    As branches of research and knowledge continue to expand, platforms for gathering and understanding new information become important aspects of organizational improvement. Contemporary Knowledge and Systems Science provides emerging research on the methods and applications of knowledge systems in social science, economics, and technological developments. While highlighting topi...

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    University of Texas at Austin My friendship with Freeman Dyson goes back over a half century. My first contact with him goes back to the late 1950s, when I was at the Institute for Advanced Study, and then evolved when I was a consultant at General Atomics in La Jolla, California. Freeman was then trying to design a space ship — the Orion — which would be propelled by atomic bo...

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  • Hands Off My Food!
    Dr. Sina McCullough
    Americans have stopped being watchdogs over their own food supply. Roughly 100 years ago, with the birth of the FDA, we handed that responsibility over to the government and the food industry. They, in turn, have fundamentally transformed our food supply and it’s making us sick, including our children. Not only are we losing our health to food related illnesses like cancer and ...

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  • 3D Printing
    Information Reso Management Association
    The advancement of modern technology has allowed for impressive developments in manufacturing processes. Out of these developments, 3D printing has emerged as a new method. 3D Printing: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice is a comprehensive reference source for the latest research and advances on 3D printing processes, technologies, and methods. Highlighting emerging perspec...

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  • Emerging Research on Bioinspired Materials Engineering
    Mohamed Bououdina
    Bioinspired materials can be defined as the organic or inorganic materials that mimic naturally occurring substances. With applications in a number of fields such as biomedical, chemical, mechanical, and civil engineering, research on the development of biologically-inspired materials is essential to further advancement. Emerging Research on Bioinspired Materials Engineering pr...

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  • Science and the Big Issues of Our Time
    Martin Gellender
    Within the last few generations, our world has been shaped by technological change enabled by scientific advances. This is particularly evident to the 'baby boomer' generation, who have lived through and witnessed huge changes in society over the course of their lifetimes. Although many have little education in science, or have forgotten what they learned in high school, they u...

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  • Handbook of Research on Comparative Approaches to the Digital Age Revolution in Europe and the Americas
    Aurora Cuevas-Cerveró / Brasilina Passarelli / Joseph Straubhaar
    The way we talk, work, learn, and think has been greatly shaped by modern technology. These lifestyle changes have made digital literacy the new written literacy, where those who are not able to use computers are unable to function and perform everyday tasks. The Handbook of Research on Comparative Approaches to the Digital Age Revolution in Europe and the Americas explores the...

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  • Introduction to a Future Way of Thought
    Kostas Axelos / Kenneth Mills
    'Technologists only change the world in various ways in generalized indifference; the point is to think the world and interpret the changes in its unfathomability, to perceive and experience the difference binding being to the nothing.'Anticipating the age of planetary technology Kostas Axelos, a Greek-French philosopher, approaches the technological question in this book, firs...

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  • Enhancing Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research with Technology
    Shalin Hai-Jew
    In light of the expensive nature of quantitative research, such as experiments, researchers must seek other methods of understanding the world around them. As such, new qualitative methods are gaining ground in the modern research community. Enhancing Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research with Technology explores the integration of new digital tools into the research process. ...

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  • Cases on Research-Based Teaching Methods in Science Education
    Eugene de Silva
    While the great scientists of the past recognized a need for a multidisciplinary approach, today’s schools often treat math and science as subjects separate from the rest. This not only creates a disinterest among students, but also a potential learning gap once students reach college and then graduate into the workforce. Cases on Research-Based Teaching Methods in Science Educ...

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  • Social and Economic Effects of Community Wireless Networks and Infrastructures
    It is surprising to think that in today’s rapidly evolving world of technology, over half of the globe still does not have access to high speed internet. Creating community wireless networks has in the past been a way to provide remote communities with internet and network access. Social and Economic Effects of Community Wireless Networks and Infrastructures highlights the succ...

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  • Fostering 21st Century Digital Literacy and Technical Competency
    Antonio Cartelli
    The 21st century has seen an expansion in digital technology and the ways in which it affects everyday life. These technologies have become essential in the growth of social communication and mass media. Fostering 21st Century Digital Literacy and Technical Competency offers the latest in research on the technological advances on computer proficiency in the educational system a...

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  • Internet Accessible Remote Laboratories
    Limited resources and other factors pose major challenges for engineering, technology, and science educators’ ability to provide adequate laboratory experience for students. An Internet accessible remote laboratory, which is an arrangement that allows laboratory equipment to be controlled remotely, addresses these difficulties and allows more efficient laboratory management. In...

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  • Human Resource Management in the Digital Economy
    Juana-Espinosa Susana De
    Businesses worldwide are faced with major challenges related to the progressive (and many times unavoidable) incorporation of information technologies into their processes. Often, organizations don’t suitably react to the new requirements of these technologies, resulting in outdated policies, practices, and strategies. Human Resource Management in the Digital Economy: Creating ...

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  • Mobile Technology Consumption
    Whether used for communication, entertainment, socio-economic growth, crowd-sourcing social and political events, monitoring vital signs in patients, helping to drive vehicles, or delivering education, mobile technology has been transformed from a mode to a medium. Mobile Technology Consumption: Opportunities and Challenges explores essential questions related to the cost, bene...

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  • Libraries, Telecentres, Cybercafes and Public Access to ICT
    Ricardo Gomez
    Public venues are vital to information access across the globe, yet few formal studies exist of the complex ways people in developing countries use information technologies in public access places. Libraries, Telecentres, Cybercafes and Public Access to ICT: International Comparisons presents groundbreaking research on the new challenges and opportunities faced by public librar...

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  • Interactive Media Use and Youth
    Modern advancements in technology have changed the way that young people use interactive media. Learning from such methods was not even considered until recently. It is now slowly defining the landscape of contemporary pedagogical practices. Interactive Media Use and Youth: Learning, Knowledge Exchange and Behavior provides a comprehensive collection of knowledge based on diffe...

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  • Social Knowledge
    For the past two decades, executives have struggled to develop effective ways of sharing what their organizations know. Organizational leaders are now seeking ways to share knowledge with both internal and external stakeholders driven by concerns such as downsizing, the impending retirement of baby boomers, terrorism, and a host of other organizational challenges. Social Knowle...

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  • Global Media Convergence and Cultural Transformation
    Dal Yong Jin
    New media and technology are firmly embedded in our contemporary society and culture. The application of the internet and mobile communications, including online gaming, has made a huge impact on political participation, business, education, and social relations. Global Media Convergence and Cultural Transformation: Emerging Social Patterns and Characteristics aims to engage th...

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  • Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Informatics
    Andrew Chasin
    Because of the constant advances and dynamics within the nascent field of nursing informatics, many nurses struggle in practice as they continue to try and apply habitual communication practices in the new environment without any critical reflection on, and adaptation of, those practices. Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Informatics: Concepts and Applications serves as a valu...

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  • Exploration of Space, Technology, and Spatiality
    The emerging study of technology in space has been shaping human interaction with physical, social, and technological worlds. Drawing upon a wide range of information technology disciplines, this field is now grabbing the attention of many, including computer scientists, anthropologists, and psychologists craving for more on this intriguing new field. Exploration of Space, Tech...

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  • Dynamic Knowledge Representation in Scientific Domains
    The main approach to understanding and creating knowledge engineering concepts is static knowledge. Currently, there is a need to approach knowledge through a dynamic lens and address changing relations on an elaborated syntactic and semantic basis. Dynamic Knowledge Representation in Scientific Domains provides emerging research on the internal and external changes in knowledg...

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    Irina Rodica Rabeja
    WRITINGS I: Digital Image Compression / nD Printing / Internet of Things / Unemployment Solution / Environment Pollution / Astronomy ConceptsSyntheses, analyses, writings with original elements compose the book WRITINGS I covering theory and practice topics from science and engineering and placing them in the history of related events with helpful additions to grasp comprehensi...

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    Irina Rodica Rabeja
    WRITINGS II:Communicating by Electromagnetic Waves to 7G / Preventing Maladies / Quantum Physics Concepts is a blend of synthesis, analysis and originality covering theory and practice topics from science and engineering and placing them in the history of related events with helpful additions to grasp comprehensively the ideas.Based on a large number of sources of information, ...

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  • Peter Artedi
    Hans L. G. Aili / Theodore W. Pietsch
    In this attempt to bring together in a single volume all that is known about the Swedish naturalist Peter Artedi, a chronicle of his life is provided, beginning with his early upbringing in the Parish of Anundsjö, Ångermanland, his school days at Härnösand, his ten years at Uppsala University, his time in England, his life and work in Holland, and ending with his untimely death...

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  • God’s Debris
    Scott Adams
    Created by provocative bestselling author Scott Adams, this book features the internationally influential God’s Debris (2001) and its sequel, The Religion War (2004), plus a short story entitled Lucky House that is set in 2120 after the AI War.Nothing about this book is normal.The author is a trained hypnotist, and the book is written to create an experience you don’t normally ...

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  • Evaluation of Some Virtual Phone Numbers Services
    Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli
    Phone number apps are software that enables you to send messages, Wi-Fi, and cellular calling. Phone number apps are used to make a call, record, and transfer a call, and send customize the greetings. They also are used to send unlimited SMS and MMS. Second Phone Number apps enable you to select a custom phone number and pace phone calls. This ideal when you do not want to shar...

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  • Calculation of Critical Distance in Faulted Meshed Power System
    Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli
    Faults studies form an important part of power system analysis. The problem consists of determining bus voltages and line currents during various types of faults. If the fault location is known the problem can be easily solved. But if the fault location is unknown, it is difficult to solve the problem. If the fault location is known the problem can be easily solved. But if the ...

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