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  • Buddhism For Beginners
    Brittany Samons
    A lot has been said about Buddhism with every scholar trying to understand and portray a scholarly approach to understanding Buddhism. Unfortunately, most of these studies and explanations are not useful especially when needed to serve as a guide of life, which Buddhism should be. Buddhism is a religion based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) who is the founder of...

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  • Lời kinh xưa buổi sáng này
    Nguyễn Duy Nhiên
    Tôi thích được trèo lên những tảng đá nằm thật yên ngủ quên rồi thấy mình là mây trôi vào Phương Vân Am. Tôi thích con đường thiền hành sáng nay có mây kéo vào che kín lối đi. Tôi thích cõi tịnh độ của tôi, của chú Quảng Đạt, nào có khác gì hơn bây giờ và ở đây đâu? Tôi thích những ngày có mây mưa trôi ngang qua tàn lá của rừng già, chợt hóa thân thành ngàn giọt nước mát rơi rụ...

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  • Giảng giải Kinh Dược Sư
    Huyền Châu Thích
    Tất cả chúng ta đều giống nhau ở điểm chung là ai ai cũng đều mưu cầu hạnh phúc. Bằng cách này hay cách khác, mọi nỗ lực trong cuộc sống của mỗi chúng ta, xét cho cùng đều là nhắm đến việc mưu cầu hạnh phúc. Từ những cố gắng lẻ loi của mỗi một cá nhân trong việc tăng thêm thu nhập hằng ngày, cho đến những cuộc chiến tranh thế giới với quy mô lan rộng toàn cầu, tất cả đều không ...

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  • Pyrrho’s Way
    Douglas C. Bates / Douglas CBates
    It is not events that disturb us, but what we believe about them.In ancient Greece, a group of philosophers developed highly effective techniques to change our thoughts for the better, allowing practitioners to achieve inner peace. They called their philosophy 'Pyrrhonism' after the founder of their school, Pyrrho. Pyrrho traveled to India and brought back with him ideas from B...

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  • Finding Your Seat
    Amala Wrightson / Kathryn Argetsinger
    Zen is a subject of fascination for many people, though few have received authentic training in its actual practice. Finding Your Seat presents the basics of that practice, particularly within the context of a Zen Buddhist community, and will serve as a valued handbook for those setting out on this path. Beginning  with basic instructions for Zen meditation and sitting postures...

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  • Facing Suffering
    Gordon Greene
    This book recounts the work it takes to become a hospital chaplain, showing how intensely personal and physical that experience can become.The author started his chaplain training with the arrogance of a medical school faculty member and the certainty of a Zen priest and teacher. And he started with a drive to reform a system of care that hadn’t served his wife and himself when...

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  • Mountains and Rivers Sutra
    Zoketsu Norman Fischer
    The Mountains and Rivers Sutra is one of 93 essays of Dogen, the great 13th century Zen Master, collected in a work called, The Shobogenzo. “Shobogenzo” means, “Treasury of the True Dharma Eye.” Dogen’s essay expressing the reality of the enlightened mind in the poetic natural imagery of his time is a classic of spiritual literature and an essential text for deep Zen practice t...

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  • Guía Práctica de Zen Budista Para Principiantes
    Sence Calzadilla
    Si deseas enterarte cómo es que puedes ser más feliz, y estar más tranquilo en tu vida diaria, sin gastar miles de dólares, sigue leyendo…¿Quieres la felicidad? ¿Buscas estar en paz? ¿Aprecias en el momento, cada minuto que vives?Si respondiste de manera afirmativa, a cualquiera de estas incógnitas que te he planteado, ¡entonces estás en el momento y lugar correctos para descub...

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  • Budismo Para Principiantes
    Sence Calzadilla
    Introducción a cómo usar las enseñanzas ancestrales del Budismo para ayudarte a disparar tu paz, felicidad y satisfacción sin gastar $1000 en seminarios o cursos!El budismo se ha introducido lentamente en la cultura occidental, pero muy pocos entienden la esencia de las enseñanzas de Buda.En esencia, el budismo se trata de ayudar a poner fin al sufrimiento a nivel individual y ...

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  • Zen
    Maya Faro
    Zen Lifestyle Made Easy, Doable and Totally Achievable Even for Busy Individuals!Do you want to learn more about Zen but don’t know where to start?Confused when it comes to “Zen Philosophy” information overload?Overwhelmed when it comes to complicated theory that seems impossible to apply in a busy, modern world?What if you could have one simple guide that distills all you need...

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  • The Art Of Buddhism
    David Dillinger / Sherman Evans
    Do you long to bring greater fulfillment, peace, and purpose into your everyday life?Do you struggle to choose joy as you face anxiety and depression each day?Or are you simply looking for a straightforward way to be happy and compassionate? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this book will quickly change your life.The teachings of Buddhism have guided spiritual...

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  • Meditazione
    Roberta Ricci
    Stai cercando un metodo sicuro, salutare e gratuito per vincere lo stress? Vuoi scoprire un modo per rilassare corpo e mente quando ne hai bisogno, ovunque tu sia? Allora, sei nel posto giusto. Questo libro è per TE!La meditazione, se praticata correttamente, può aiutarti a superare i momenti difficili della tua vita, aprendo la tua mente e sperimentando nuovi stati d'ani...

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  • Jed Talks #3
    Jed McKenna
    Book three in the Jed Talks series by Jed McKenna, author of the Enlightenment Trilogy and Dreamstate Trilogy.CONTENTSI Am an Apple TreeOver the MoonGoddess I: The Tao That Can Be ToldI Call It ConsciousnessMarichelle 7: A Pretty Big ProblemGoddess II: Darkness within DarknessSpiritual DNAAdult UtopiaGoddess III: Soft & YieldingMarichelle 8: Trouble Is FineThe Folly of Human Co...

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  • The Meme-ing of Zen
    Jesse Martijn Braun
    The Meme-ing of Zense, Is the first bundle of internet memes printed and glued into a book by a Zen Buddhist Lama.The West is currently dominated by YIN (mind/ego)this is why everything is now about feelings, emotion instead of truth and reason. We went to far and we need to go back to basic reality, YANG (matter) We need to bring back balance because imbalance always leads to ...

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  • Exploring Chán
    Chuan Zhi
    Drawing on over three decades of study and practice, Chuan Zhi, an ordained monk in the Chinese Linji tradition, takes us on a fascinating journey to uncover the causes and conditions that led to Chan’s formation as a unique expression of Chinese Buddhism. Along the way, he explores some complex topics: How and why did the Chan institution invent its characteristic lineage syst...

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  • Bone of Space
    Seung Sahn
    Zen Master Seung Sahn is the first Korean Zen Master to live and teach in the West. After becoming disenchanted with academics and then radical politics as ways to help people understand life, he turned to Buddhism. Given transmission at the age of 22 by the famous Zen Master Ko Bong, Seung Sahn became the youngest Zen Master in Korea. After three years of silence, he worked to...

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  • Buddhism
    Harini Anand
    What is the secret to happiness? That’s a difficult question to answer.But if you listen to mainstream or social media, you might think it’s money or fame. We idolize celebrities and believe they have a perfect life. But are they really happy? We put so much hope into money and power. But once you have all these things this leaves you empty and thinking...why am I not happy eve...

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  • Zen 24/7
    Philip T. Sudo / Philip TSudo

    12,13 €

    Venerable Narada Mahathera / ĐẠO SINH
    Giống như quả lắc của đồng hồ, đánh qua trái rồi sang phải, phải rồi trở lại trái, luôn luôn như vậy, có bốn phước lành và bốn điều bất hạnh trong đời sống mà tất cả mọi người, ai ai cũng phải đương đầu, không ai tránh khỏi. Ðó là được (làbha) và thua (alàbha), danh thơm (yasa) và tiếng xấu (ayasa), ca tụng (pasamsà) và khiển trách (nindà), hạnh phúc (sukha) và đau khổ (dukkha)...

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  • Sahaja
    Wide Ocean
    Sahaja means that which is natural or spontaneous. Sahaja first found expression in India towards the end of the first millenium CE. It is a tantric approach to life and living, and to finding fulfulment in the midst of the vicissitudes of daily life. 3 ...

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    Nhiều Tác Giả
    Chúng ta đã không biết thừa hưởng những phần quý giá nhất của gia tài tâm linh mà Siddhartha để lại. Đạo Bụt của chúng ta đã hủ hóa, không còn đóng được vai trò như ngày xưa. Chúng ta phải nỗ lực làm mới đạo Bụt để đạo Bụt có thể tiếp tục đóng được vai trò của nó trong việc đem lại an bình cho bản thân, gia đình, đất nước và xã hội. Chỉ thực tập đạo Bụt tín mộ, cả ngày chỉ cúi ...

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  • The Zensational Buddha
    Rahul Karn
    Zen Masters have a unique relationship with Buddha. They love Buddha, yet sometimes they suggest us to kill the Buddha. One Zen Master didn't bow in front of the Buddha statue while other said that Buddha was a dried piece of dung. One ancient Zen Master burnt the Buddha statue, while other said that Buddha was a liar. This book is a collection of hundreds of Zen Stories, w...

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  • Buddhism for Beginners
    Harini Anand
    How To Easily Reclaim Your Natural Joy & HappinessDo you often feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious?Would you like to increase your wellbeing and happiness?If so, then Buddhism could be the answer. Even if you’ve tried meditation or mindfulness before only to find you just cannot do it. In fact, it’s easier than you think. The Department of Psychology at California University ...

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  • The Story of Zen
    Richard Bryan McDaniel
    THE STORY OF ZEN is a complete overview of the ideas, history, evolution, and practice of Zen Buddhism, based on interviews with more than 100 Zen teachers and senior students in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Richard Bryan McDaniel, the author, is a long-time Zen practitioner and well-known expert in his field; this is his sixth book on the subject of Zen. The foreword ...

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  • Manual of Zen Buddhism
    D. T. Suzuki / DTSuzuki
    Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki (18 October 1870 – 12 July 1966) was a Japanese author of books and essays on Buddhism, Zen (Chan) and Shin that were instrumental in spreading interest in both Zen and Shin (and Far Eastern philosophy in general) to the West. Suzuki was also a prolific translator of Chinese, Japanese, and Sanskrit literature. Suzuki spent several lengthy stretches teach...

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  • Manual of Zen Buddhism
    D. T. Suzuki / DTSuzuki
    Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki (18 October 1870 – 12 July 1966) was a Japanese author of books and essays on Buddhism, Zen (Chan) and Shin that were instrumental in spreading interest in both Zen and Shin (and Far Eastern philosophy in general) to the West. Suzuki was also a prolific translator of Chinese, Japanese, and Sanskrit literature. Suzuki spent several lengthy stretches teach...

    29,76 €

  • Buddhism for Beginners
    Alexandra Jessen
    If you want to learn how Buddhism can SKYROCKET your peace and happiness in daily life then keep reading… Do you want to learn the fundamentals of Buddhism? Do you want to learn it in a PRACTICAL manner that actually improves your day to day life? Do you want to learn it in an easy to understand manner? Buddhism now is more popular than it has been in decades, the Buddha’s incr...

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  • 5 Major Sutras of Pure Land Buddhism 净土五经
    Pure Land Buddhism is one of the most widely practiced traditions of Buddhism in East Asia. The book includes 5 most important, famous  and major sutras in pure land buddhism.  3 ...

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  • 7 Major Sutras of Zen Buddhism 禅宗七经
    The Zen-tradition has a rich doctrinal and textual background. It has been influenced by sutras such as the Lankavatara Sutra and the Vimalakirti Sutra.The book includes seven major scriptures of Zen Buddhism.禅宗七经包括:心经,金刚经,圆觉经,楞严经,楞枷经,维摩诘经,六祖坛经等七个经典禅宗佛经 3 ...

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  • nine pieces of zen
    Wide Ocean
    Nowadays people use the word Zen indiscriminately for everything from the Zen of making an instant fortune overnight to the Zen of cooking hard boiled eggs. But what is Zen and what are its philosophical origins as a living tradition of Mahayana Buddhism? This book explores the original “no-mind” teachings of early Zen Buddhism as they evolved in T’ang Dynasty China during the ...

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