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  • Hayatım ve İmanım Ⅰ
    Jaerock Lee
    Karanlık dalgaların, buz gibi esaretin ve en derin çaresizliklerin ortasında Tanrı için eşsiz bir sevgiyle filizlenen yaşamdan çekip çıkarılan en güzel kokulu ruhani bir aroma.  3 ...

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  • Jeta Ime, Besimi Im Ⅰ
    Jaerock Lee
    “Unë i dua ata që më duan; dhe ata që më kërkojnë me kujdes më gjejnë.” (Fjalët e Urta 8:17) ‘Jeta Ime, Besimi Im I dhe II,’ autobiografia e Dr. Xherok Li, gjithashtu ofrojnë aromën më të këndshme shpirtërore për lexuesit. Kjo ndodh pasi që jeta e tij është shkëputur nga dashuria e Perëndisë, një jetë e cila ka përjetuar dallgët e errëta, zgjedhën e ftohtë dhe dëshpërimin më të...

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  • Môj Život, Moja Viera Ⅰ
    Jaerock Lee
    Môj život, moja viera I a II podáva jasnú odpoveď na otázku: „Ako by sme mali viesť kresťanský život?“ A preto je to kniha pre všetkých tých, ktorí prijali Ježiša Krista a veria v jeho krv z kríža.Keď mám byť úprimný, Dr. Jaerock Lee, predstavený pastor Centrálneho kostola Manmin, je človek, ktorého som nepoznal veľmi dobre. Jedného dňa mi jeden z mojich kolegov daroval jeho au...

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  • Minha Vida, Minha Fé Ⅰ
    Jaerock Lee
    A autobiografia do Dr. Jaerock Lee exala o mais fragrante aroma espiritual para seus leitores através de sua vida extraída do amor de Deus florescido em meio a ondas fortes, um jugo pesado, e profundo desespero. 3 ...

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  • The Fight of My Life
    Thomas Beavers

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  • Common Worship
    John H Darch / Stuart K Burns
    Offering an inspiring mix of history and biography, Saints on Earth tells the stories of the diverse people commemorated in the Common Worship calendar of Holy Days, with over 250 saints’ days, festivals and commemorations that greatly enrich the Christian year.This wide-ranging selection of spiritually significant men and women features Celtic and Catholic saints, Reformers, T...

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  • Beyond East and West
    John C.H. Wu / John C.HWu
    When John C. H. Wu’s spiritual autobiography Beyond East and West was published in 1951, it became an instant Catholic best seller and was compared to Thomas Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain, which had appeared four years earlier. It was also hailed as the new Confession of St. Augustine for its moving description of Wu’s conversion in 1937 and early years as a Catholic. This...

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  • Armor On
    When I saw Satan, I wanted to die. I wanted to be in the arms of Jesus that very moment. At the time, I didnt know I was in a dark spiritual warfare and my home was the battlegrounds. Through my journey, Jesus was showing me my spiritual gifts. He was teaching and training me to trust him completely. The once-dark season feels like a lifetime ago. My new voyage with Jesus is a ...

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  • Hallelujah Anyway
    Jean Johnson
    Hallelujah Anyway is the biography of David Johnson: beloved husband, father, and pastor. Hallelujah Anyway traces the Christian conversion of an Englishman who became an evangelist, American citizen, and eventually a pastor in Virginia (USA). Written from the perspective of his lovely wife, Jean Johnson. ...

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  • It’s All About Muhammad
    F. W. Burleigh
    Why all the car bombs, beheadings, and mass murders in the Middle East? Why the relentless killing of non-Muslims throughout the world by the followers of Muhammad's religion? Why Boston, Chattanooga, Paris, San Bernardino? People blame verses of the Koran for all of this, but it's not about the Koran.Author F. W. Burleigh draws on an academic, investigative, and litera...

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  • Using Heavenly Faith to Accomplish Earthly Goals
    John Earl Harris
    This book tells the story of an uneducated man’s journey from shame and regret to honor and respect. “Using Heavenly Faith to Accomplish Earthly Goals” highlights the importance of getting an education and obeying God’s words. The book reveals the author’s abilities to interpret heavenly visions to provide for daily necessities. The author tells his misfortunes in hope of that ...

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  • Akemi's Journal 2
    Akemi Tomoda
    Akemi Tomoda is a Japanese-Canadian who came to Canada in 1970. 'Akemi's Journals' was published in 2011 and this is her section volume. Autobiography of a Japanese-Canadian Christian woman. Testimony of God's blessings. Christian community worship and Bible study. Hobbies of gardening and sewing. Reflections of life in a small neighbourhood in Mississauga, Onta...

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  • Biogragraphical Encyclopedia
    J. Turner Stilson
    This book presents the personalities, doctrines, divisions and events that shaped an American denomination, the Church of God Abrahamic Faith. Yet, it is more than the chronicle of a denomination, it is a compilation of hundreds of detailed biographies, spanning more than 150 years, plus photos, charts, doctrinal discussions, and more. The book honors and records the faithfuls’...

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  • Kamal's Lieder
    I. B. Fandèr / Lars Peter Kruse
    Wie Neale Donald Walsch in „Gespräche mit Gott', gibt uns Kamal, in seinem poetischen Stil, eine seltene Gelegenheit, um einen Blick in die Erlebnisse eines Suchenden im Dialog mit Dem Einen, zu bekommen. Wir werden Zeugen seiner tiefen Liebe und seinem Mitgefühl für die Menschheit und seiner Ehrlichkeit und Hingabe zum Göttlichen. Kamal ist ein Meister darin, das Göttliche in ...

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  • The Good, The Bad and Jesus Christ
    James McConnell
    As an orphan, life was not easy for James McConnell. He also battled with fear for many years but soon ‘learned to whistle’ as he would say. But it would be that fear that would lead him down a dark entry with two half-bricks in his hands. He would have to combat the fear and defeat it completely to be the man of God that he was called to be. Read how he went from having a con...

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  • My Wonderful Journey Through Life - With God, Family, and Friends
    Jr. Warren C Biebel
    This is one man’s perspective on his own life—the challenges, victories, sorrows, and joys of following Jesus for more than 70 years. You’ll be encouraged by what you read, and you may even hear, as you read, the echoes of that great hymn, “Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow.” Follow the author through his many adventures in the northeast part of the USA, where he served three c...

    26,00 €

  • Is It Okay With You?
    Janine Maxwell
    Janine Maxwell is back again with a book that tells more of Heart for Africa’'s amazing work on one of the world’s neediest continents. It takes up where her first book, It’'s Not Okay With Me, left off. Raw in style and truth, this book digs deeper into the who, what, why, and how of the AIDS pandemic and the plight of millions of orphans left in its wake. Is It Okay W...

    13,50 €

  • Five Golden Rings
    Charles Dyer
    The Gospel of Matthew links together 41 men in a genealogical chain stretching from Abraham to Jesus, but he also mentions five women.He did not include such notable women as Sarah. . . or Rebekah . . . or Leah. And the five women chosen seem, at first glance, to be an odd choice. So what is it about the five women Matthew chose that makes them so important to his genealogy? Wh...

    6,81 €

  • MindGames
    Bill Giovannetti
    Having struggles: normal. Not being dominated by them: priceless.Do other people’s actions make you question your worth, doubt your choices, feel insecure, unloveable, and undesirable? You’re caught up in the mess of OTHER PEOPLE’S CRAZINESS!You can rise above the MindGames and find your true self, your inner beauty, and your deeply-rooted strength. You can fulfill God’s purpos...

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  • Cinco Vezes Joaquina
    Felipe Azeredo
    Entre sombras de dor e raios de redenção, surge uma história de resiliência e transformação.Joaquina cresceu em um lar de violência, suportando maus-tratos terríveis de sua mãe. Entregue a outra família no fim de sua infância, encontrou um ambiente frio e sem amor. Na vida adulta, uma benfeitora trouxe esperança, mas essa também a abandonou.Tudo muda quando um fato maravilhoso ...

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  • Família Magalhães
    Hélio João De Magalhães Brandão Pombo
    É um texto que trata da genealogia dos Magalhães, com ênfase ao ramo ligado ao autor, Hélio João de Magalhães Brandão Pombo, linhagem esta que é descendente direta dos Senhores de Ponte da Barca. Poucas pessoas possuem o privilégio de recuperar detalhes da própria ascendência até tão longe, chegando aos anos de 1200.Trata-se de um resgate documental meticuloso que procura dispo...

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  • Um Olhar Sobre A Imprensa Pirassununguense
    Israel Foguel
    EmUm Olhar sobre a Imprensa Pirassununguense , somos convidados a embarcar em uma jornada fascinante pelos meandros da comunicação local, onde cada página revela as intricadas teias que sustentam a vida e a alma de Pirassununga.Neste mergulho profundo, exploramos não apenas os jornais que pontuam a história da região, mas também as vozes por trás das manchetes, as ondas sonoras...

    17,23 €

  • Why the South? Why Egypt?
    Melissa Garcia
    After many years of facing my own down south and Egypt moments of rejection, disappointments, pain, sorrow, and heartaches, I have discovered the hidden gem behind the dark moments we all must encounter in order to live out our greatest potential. It is possible to experience victory while having to journey on down toward Egypt. Down south is where you can experience God’s amaz...

    18,93 €

  • Vladimir Solovyov
    Sergey M. Solovyov / Aleksey Gibson
    The crowning achievement of Symbolist poet and philologist Sergey Solovyov, Vladimir Solovyov: His Life & Creative Evolution remains the most comprehensive critical biography of the great nineteenth-century Russian philosopher, mystic, and ecumenist Vladimir Solovyov. Intended for publication in 1923, this work remained in manuscript until 1977, when it was first published in B...

    30,26 €

  • Eu Não Sou Eu! E Agora?
    Débora Borba Da Cruz
    O autismo virou moda? Agora todo mundo é autista?Eu não tenho a resposta para essas perguntas, mas tenho um lugar à mesa guardado especialmente para você, quer se sentar? Não fique nervoso, vamos ter um encontro agradável.Sobre o que vamos conversar? Bom, aos 26 anos descobri que eu não sou eu e resolvi fazer uma viagem no tempo e reviver tudo novamente com um novo olhar, saben...

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  • Reinvented
    Mike Cinelli
    For two decades, Mike Cinelli fought tirelessly to break free from the clutches of heroin and crack cocaine addiction. But a transformational encounter with Jesus Christ healed the broken pieces of his life and gave him a redemptive story that will inspire anyone looking for hope.In this raw and inspiring Christian memoir, Mike Cinelli describes his personal struggles with drug...

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  • Moisés
    United Library
    El libro Moisés desentraña la vida enigmática y el legado perdurable de la figura central venerada en el judaísmo, el cristianismo, el islam y otras religiones abrahámicas. Considerado el profeta supremo, Moisés desempeñó un papel crucial como líder de los israelitas y el venerado dador de la ley a quien se atribuye la autoría de la Torá.Nacido en un tiempo de opresión, la tray...

    9,08 €

  • Moses
    United Library
    The book Moses unravels the enigmatic life and enduring legacy of the central figure revered in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other Abrahamic religions. Considered the paramount prophet, Moses played a pivotal role as the leader of the Israelites and the revered lawgiver to whom the authorship of the Torah is attributed.Born during a time of oppression, Moses’ journey unfol...

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  • Associação Brasileira De Imprensa
    Jansen Dos Santos Oliveira
    Associação Brasileira de Imprensa - Uma História Não Contadadesvenda os segredos e intricados caminhos que marcaram a Associação Brasileira de Imprensa (ABI) durante um dos seus momentos conturbados de sua história interna. O texto transporta os leitores para os bastidores de uma disputa eleitoral que transcendia o campo jurídico, revelando paixões, desafios e reviravoltas.No c...

    17,68 €

  • Eternidade
    Tantos poemas sobre o amor, a existência humana, a realidade ao nosso redor, a aventura, o passado, o presente , o futuro, a vida e o que lhe faz grandiosa, a coragem, a saudade, amizade, já foram feitos e quantos ainda serão.Todos eles fazem parte daquilo que realmente importa na vida do Cosmos como um todo e do Universo dentro de nós mesmos e em cada ser vivo, a Eternidade, c...

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