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  • Tales from the Riverside
    Larry Landgraf
    Tales from the Riverside tells true and unique stories about one man’s struggle with alligators, snakes, killer bees, and hordes of nasty critters on a daily basis in his swamp. Experience the danger without the need for professional medical services. Life in a swamp is not for everyone. ...

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  • Confessions of an English Opium-Eater
    Thomas De Quincey
    Confessions of an English Opium-Eater (1821) is an autobiographical account written by Thomas De Quincey, about his laudanum (opium and alcohol) addiction and its effect on his life. The Confessions was 'the first major work De Quincey published and the one which won him fame almost overnight. ...

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  • The Life of Samuel Johnson
    James Boswell
    This is a biography of Dr. Samuel Johnson written by James Boswell. It is regarded as an important stage in the development of the modern genre of biography; many have claimed it as the greatest biography written in English. While Boswell’s personal acquaintance with his subject only began in 1763, when Johnson was 54 years old, Boswell covered the entirety of Johnson’s life by...

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  • Haiku Master
    Erik Thomas
    A literary vision quest in space & time coming from the mind of a high school student. All poetry written from 9th through 12th grade blended with an emotive exhilarating score of rhyme nuanced by an organized touch of romance. ...

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  • A Passionate Sisterhood
    Kathleen Jones
    The Lake Poets, Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey, have become a literary myth and we are used to looking at the Lake District landscape through its romantic prism. But for their sisters, wives and daughters the view was very different. The Wordsworths lived at Grasmere, the Coleridges and Southeys twelve miles away at Keswick and the women created a kind of extended family tha...

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  • The Lonely House
    Paul Brody
    During her lifetime, Emily Dickinson did not seek out recognition or attempt to change the world around her, even in the smallest way. A private but not antisocial person, she kept her life’s work, and her innermost feelings, almost entirely to herself. Her life was rich in intellectual pursuits, and she had many friends with whom she exchanged witty and brilliant letters, but ...

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  • Beat Transnationalism
    John Tytell
    Allen Ginsberg told John Tytell that he would not understand the Beat Generation without first experiencing life in Mexico, and so, while writing Naked Angels, the first book to explore the development of Beat literature, Tytell headed south to Oaxaca.In this volume, Tytell examines the importance of Mexico to the Beat Generation, while recounting – via letters from that period...

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  • Memoirs of a Minotaur
    Robin Magowan
    'In his extraordinary book Memoirs of a Minotaur: From Merrill Lynch to Patty Hearst to Poetry, Robin Magowan (grandson of the founder of Merrill Lynch and nephew of one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, James Merrill) turns his uncompromising vision and diamond-edged language toward the emotional terrain and the kind of privileged life very few of us have known, ...

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  • Pal do Pal ki Zindagani (Aap Beeti)
    Dr. Mohammed Aslam Faroqui
    This autobiography of Dr. Mohammed Aslam Faroqui 'Pal do Pal ki Zindagani (Aap Beeti)' is the memoir of a person who has advanced via learning & studying by Urdu language, and he has also written it so that others may benefit in some way. In addition, Urdu poets and authors may find motivation to pen their biographies.ڈاکٹر محمد اسلم فاروقی کی یہ آپ بیتی اردو زبان سے پڑھ کر آگے...

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  • Jane Austen
    United Library
    Jane Austen ofrece una visión cautivadora de la vida y el genio literario de uno de los novelistas ingleses más célebres de todos los tiempos. Nacidas el 16 de diciembre de 1775, las obras de Jane Austen han dejado una huella indeleble en el mundo de la literatura, conocida por sus agudas observaciones de la nobleza terrateniente británica de finales del siglo XVIII. Las novela...

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  • Just the Thing
    James Schuyler
    This fully updated edition of James Schuyler’s letters to three dozen intimates, published on the 100th anniversary of the writer’s birth, offers unparalleled insights into the lives, friendships, and sensibilities that sprang from the influential New York School. James Schuyler’s effervescent takes on people, nature, art, writing, and love are on joyous display in his letters ...

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  • Writing Great Tom
    T. S. Matthews
    Writing Great Tom is the account of a biographer’s journey that began with a letter from a New York editor asking him to write a biography of T. S. Eliot. T. S. Matthews referred to the journey as 'living a detective story.' He began keeping this backup account when he thought it might be impossible to write the biography. He comforted himself with the idea of publishing instea...

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  • Parada Biológica
    Joaquín Moreno Marchal
    En el confinamiento, los espacios urbanos cambiaron de significado. Se perdió casi por completo el espacio público, se modificaron los espacios domésticos. Se inventaron formas de celebración y de comunicación. Hizo su aparición la creatividad para afrontar los retos de la nueva situación. El autor, a través de sus notas tomadas día a día, reflexiona sobre los cambios personale...

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  • Reading Buechner
    Jeffrey Munroe
    Frederick Buechner is one of the most gifted writers of his generation, and his legacy casts a long shadow over Christian letters today. As a memoirist, he opened up an entirely new way to think about the genre. As a novelist, he was a finalist for the Pulitzer. And as a theologian and preacher, he pioneered the art of making theology accessible for a popular audience.Yet for a...

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  • Talking to the Dead
    Sarah LeFanu
    In 2020 the former Women’s Press editor and literary critic Sarah LeFanu published her group biography of three British writers and their travels to South Africa in the closing days of the Victorian era, Something of Themselves: Kipling, Kingsley, Conan Doyle and the Anglo-Boer War, which was shortlisted for the Elizabeth Longford Prize for Historical Biography. Talking to the ...

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  • The Radical Isaac
    Adi Mahalel
    Examines the Yiddish-Hebrew writer I. L. Peretz’s alignment with the Jewish working-class in Eastern Europe and his devotion to progressive politics. ...

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  • La doña y el monte
    La Literatura, cuando es buena, como es el caso, emplea lo escrito para construir algo que no está escrito: el mensaje del texto. Este libro rebosa de anécdotas hilarantes, irreverentes e irónicas, algo propio de quien aprendió a situarse frente a la vida como la Doña; y también de anécdotas sosegadamente melancólicas e introspectivas, algo propio de quien, a la inversa, aceptó...

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  • Interviews With Legendary Writers From Beyond
    Cathy McGough
    WHAT WOULD YOU ASK YOUR FAVOURITE WRITE FROM BEYONDIF YOU MET HIM?With the help of a Fictional Psychic colleague, the following authors are brought back for once in a lifetime fifteen minute interviews:*Poe *Hawthorne *Tennyson *Shelley *Keats*Leacock *Voltaire *Paterson *Twain *Byron*Dostoevsky *Thoreau *Baudelaire *Burns*Collins *Dickens *Coleridge *Kipling'The humorous prese...

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  • The Bard and his Sister-in-Law
    Mallika Sengupta / Lopamudra Banerjee
    A historical novel/biographical nonfiction by award-winning feminist author/poet Mallika Sengupta from Kolkata, India, ’Kabir Bouthan’ focuses on the multifaceted history of the illustrious Jorasanko Thakurbari, Kolkata, the birth place of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore (mentioned in the book as ’Rabi’). The narrative chronicles the inter personal relationships between the ...

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  • Letters to Hyman Bradofsky and Others
    H. P. Lovecraft
    H. P. Lovecraft’s literary career ended very much the way it began-with amateur journalism. In 1914, he had entered the United Amateur Press Association and gained lifelong friends and a renewed will to live and write. In 1930, Lovecraft’s attendance at the annual convention of the National Amateur Press Association led to a renewed interest in the multifarious issues agitating...

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  • Aus Meinen Erinnerungen an Emanuel Geibel
    Wilhelm Deecke
    Dieses Buch ist eine persönliche Erinnerung an den Dichter Emanuel Geibel, geschrieben von seinem Freund und Weggefährten Wilhelm Deecke. Es beschreibt Geibels Leben, seine Persönlichkeit und seine literarischen Werke. Der Autor teilt seine eigenen Erfahrungen und Eindrücke von Geibel und gibt dem Leser einen Einblick in das Leben des berühmten Dichters. Es ist ein unverzichtba...

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  • Pis’ma A.P. Chechova; Volume 3
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov / Mariia Pavlovna Chekhova
    This collection of letters and essays by Anton Chekhov offers insight into his life, career, and creative process. It includes correspondence with family, friends, and other writers, as well as literary criticism and reflections on the craft of writing.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we ...

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  • Thomas Corneille, Sa Vie Et Sor Théatre
    Gustave Reynier
    Ce livre est une biographie complète de Thomas Corneille, l’un des dramaturges et poètes français les plus célèbres du XVIIe siècle. L’auteur examine la vie et l’œuvre de Corneille, en se concentrant sur son origine, ses études, ses relations, et ses travaux littéraires. Il analyse également les différences et les similitudes entre Thomas Corneille et son frère Pierre Corneille...

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  • Oscar Wilde
    Martin Birnbaum
    A collection of personal anecdotes and fragments of writing from the life of Oscar Wilde, one of the most celebrated playwrights of the Victorian era. This book offers a unique glimpse into the mind of a literary genius, full of wit and charm, and is a must-read for all fans of Wilde’s work.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of th...

    29,53 €

  • Life and Literary Remains of L. E. L
    Laman Blanchard
    This book is a biography of Letitia Elizabeth Landon, an English poet and novelist who wrote during the Romantic era. It contains selected letters and poetry, as well as a biography of her life. Essential reading for anyone interested in Romantic era literature.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilizati...

    36,62 €

  • Boswell’s Life of Johnson
    George Birkbeck Norman Hill / James Boswell / Samuel Johnson
    This classic work of biography and travel writing provides fascinating insight into the life and times of Samuel Johnson, one of the most important literary figures of the 18th century. The book includes a detailed account of Johnson’s tour through Scotland and the Hebrides, as well as passages from his personal diary. Boswell’s lively prose and vivid descriptions make this boo...

    43,23 €

  • The Journal of Leo Tolstoi
    This book is a collection of the journals of Leo Tolstoy, one of the greatest writers of all time. Written over the course of several decades, they offer a unique insight into the mind of one of the most complex and fascinating figures in literature. This English translation brings Tolstoy’s journals to a wider audience, allowing readers to experience the poetry, philosophy, an...

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  • Mémoires D’outre-Tombe; Volume 1
    François-René Chateaubriand
    Ce livre est une autobiographie de l’auteur sur ses expériences politiques et personnelles de la fin du XVIIIème siècle et du début du XIXème siècle. Chateaubriand a été un acteur clé de la Révolution française et de l’émergence du romantisme littéraire dans en France.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civ...

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  • Samuel Lover, A Biographical Sketch With Selections From his Writings and Correspondence
    Andrew James Symington
    This book is a biographical sketch of Samuel Lover, the Irish songwriter, novelist, and painter. It includes selections from Lover’s writings and correspondence, giving readers a glimpse into his life and work. Written by Andrew James Symington, a contemporary of Lover’s, this book is an essential read for anyone interested in Irish literature and culture.This work has been sel...

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