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  • Famous People Who’ve Met Me
    Owen Husney
    “Famous People Who’ve Met Me” is an outrageous collection of true stories starring oddball characters, behind the scenes gurus, scoundrels, and brilliant superstars in the music business straight out of Minnesota. The unique memoir does more than just recount tales; it’s a true in-depth character study as told through the eyes of musician, agent, concert promoter, and manager O...

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  • Marvin Kaplan
    Ken Rotcop
    ISN’T THAT WHAT’S-HIS-NAME?!  Maybe you remember him as a regular on two of the longest running sitcoms on television. On ALICE he played Henry Beesmeyer, the telephone repairman who hung out at Mel’s Diner. And before that as Alfred Prinzmetal, an aspiring poet, on the sitcom MEET MILLIE.  Or more recently as Mr. Gordon, the long-suffering patient, on the sitcom BECKER starrin...

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  • Cyrano de Bergerac
    Edmond Rostand
    Hercule-Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac was a French dramatist and duelist. He is now best remembered for the works of fiction which have been woven, often very loosely, around his life story, most notably the 1897 play by Edmond Rostand. In these fictional works he is featured with an overly large nose, which people would travel from miles around to see. Portraits suggest that ...

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    Don Hamilton
    THE MUSICIAN is an autobiography of an 86 year old Jazz  musician who wanted to go to some big city like New York or Chicago to become a 'star',ater he graduated from college, however he decided to become a music teacher, for the security and be a part time professional musician as a sideline. After he tried the professional world for two summers, he realized he had made the ri...

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  • Wax Poetics Issue 67 (Paperback)
    A. D. Amorosi / Chris Williams / Dan Dodds
    Our new version of the classic Wax Poetics music journal!Wax Poetics Issue 67 contains all-new content featuring interviews and write-ups on a slew of Prince's albums, including 1978's 'For You,' 1986's 'Parade,' 1987's 'Sign O the Times,' 1988's 'Lovesexy,' 1991's 'Diamonds and Pearls,' and 1995's 'The Gol...

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  • My book of Genesis
    Richard Macphail
    FOREWORD BY PETER GABRIEL. School friend, aide-de-camp and tour manager, Richard Macphail was for almost five years the glue that held Genesis together, and in his affectionate memoir My Book of Genesis he tells his own unique story of the group's early years. Richard was the singer in Anon, the Charterhouse school group that included Mike Rutherford and Anthony Phillips, w...

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    Jan-Willem Dikkers
    Conversations unfold between cover star My Friend Dahmer’s Ross Lynch and Derf Backderf, as well as Brandi Carlile and TORRES’ Mackenzie Scott. Director Jessica M. Thompson discusses her new film The Light of The Moon with lead actor Stephanie Beatriz. Winfried Bullinger details his photobook At The Edges of Power. Collaborators Alex Cameron and Roy Malloy answer questions from...

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    Sue Tabashnik
    Patrick Swayze, the beloved dancer, actor, singer, songwriter, producer, choreographer, family man, athlete, horseman, and more, had a diversified career in the arts world for over thirty-five years. He often played hero roles in his work and spoke about traditional values such as honor, integrity, morality, passion, faith, and love. He was always searching for meaning in his l...

    19,13 €

  • Minstrel Magic
    Eleanor Pritchard
    The Black and White Minstrel Show was one of the greatest shows the BBC ever produced, bringing the BBC international plaudits and awards. Sweeping the board at the first-ever Golden Rose of Montreux, it was snapped up by nearly fifty countries worldwide. It became the first television show in the world to invade and conquer the live theatre, running for an amazing eleven years...

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  • Understanding Gary Numan
    Paul Sutton
    The first analytical study of the pioneering English  musician. The historian, Paul Sutton begins by taking the reader through a vastly entertaining potted history of rock music pioneers, tracing them all back to “a delta of Mississippi mud from where howled the first harmonica, and from where was heard the first blue plucking finger on string”, to show that popular music was s...

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  • Elvis Meets The Beatles
    Chris Hutchins / Peter Thompson
    Elvis meets The Beatles.  HOW did John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr ever get to America in the first place? How did Elvis Presley, a poor boy from the Tennessee backwoods, arrive in Hollywood? This book is a rare focus on the lives and careers of five of the most famous entertainers ever. It converges on the night the greatest summit in rock 'n ro...

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  • Arm Candy
    Christopher Gaida / Michael Aloisi
    The #1 Best Seller, now in paperback! In this newly edited edition, Chris reveals what happened after Hollywood heard about this book. Find out whether he has been blackballed from the industry, what celebrity sister confronted him on a live radio show about his Diva’s chapter and what he wants everyone to really know about the entertainment industry. From Julia Robe...

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  • Bob Crane
    Carol Ford / Dee Young / Linda J. Groundwater / Linda JGroundwater
    The Estate of Bob Crane and I both worked closely with Carol and Linda, and immeasurably appreciate all of the hard work and dedication they put into this book. The only truthful and accurate account of my dad’s life. -Scott CraneSince his untimely death on June 29, 1978, Bob Crane’s unofficial biography has become akin to a broken record. Like a skip in the acetate, his murder...

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  • Bob Crane
    Carol M. Ford / Carol MFord / Dee Young / Linda J. Groundwater / Linda JGroundwater
    The Estate of Bob Crane and I both worked closely with Carol and Linda, and immeasurably appreciate all of the hard work and dedication they put into this book. The only truthful and accurate account of my dad’s life. -Scott CraneSince his untimely death on June 29, 1978, Bob Crane’s unofficial biography has become akin to a broken record. Like a skip in the acetate, his murder...

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  • AFFAIRS VALENTINO - A Special Edition
    On August 23rd, 1926, silent film star Rudolph Valentino died unexpectedly at thirty-one-years of age. His sudden death inspired mass hysteria among his fans. His grieving fans were not the only ones to mourn. His business manager and close friend, George Ullman, was appointed executor of Valentino’s estate and faced the daunting task of settling the movie star’s complex postmo...

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  • Grande Illusions
    Tom Savini
    Legendary special make-up effects artist, Tom Savini’s books, Grande Illusions and Grande Illusions II, have been entertaining readers and educating the next generation of artists for decades. Now, for the first time, both books are combined into one ultimate guide to the craft and art of make-up effects. With hundreds of pictures and diagrams, Grande Illusions uses Tom’s rea...

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  • Unmasked
    Michael Aloisi
    Kane Hodder. To fans, this name is synonymous with horror, an icon on the level of Bela Legosi, Boris Karloff and Vincent Price. Kane has appeared as a stunt man and actor in more than two hundred television shows and movies in a career spanning over thirty years. His role as Jason Voorhees in four consecutive films of the Friday the 13th series came to define the character ...

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  • Ridiculous!
    David Kaufman

    15,90 €

    James Alexander
    THE LEGEND OF CLOUDS follows the fortunes and failings of a late 60s Rock group, through the highs and lows of the music business ........... This book is based on true events......... all persons appearing in this work are who they are said to be. any resemblance to real famous people, living or dead, is entirely intentional, so brace yourselves for a ride through Rocky territ...

    15,58 €

  • Sinéad O’Connor 48
    Andrew Catlin
    Sinéad O'Connor 48 reproduces the chronological sequence of photographs from one of the first photographic shoots with Sinéad for a magazine cover, including the out-takes. It gives a fascinating insight into both Sinéad at a turning point in her life, as she was becoming famous, and into the process of a photographic portrait as frame by frame the picture is rearranged and...

    27,44 €

  • The Other Side of the Moon
    Sheridan Morley
    ‘A highly readable work … Niven emerges as gallant and gracious.’ Chicago TribuneSheridan Morley wrote this biography of the consummate on-screen English gentleman after speaking to over 150 of Niven’s friends and colleagues (only Rex Harrison refused). The result is a picture which both supports and contradicts the charming vagabond persona depicted in Niven’s own bestselling ...

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  • Fighting Clowns of Hollywood
    David Ossman
    David Ossman’s memoir of The Firesign Theatre’s rapid response to the on-coming Reagan Era recounts the quartet’s uneasy transformation from writer-performer-producers of in-studio comic audio masterpieces to theatrical hopefuls and Movieland script-writers.  Firesign goes Hollywood with a million $$ MGM movie deal and a string of big stage shows, featuring all-new hot comedy m...

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  • Listen Up!
    Kelle Sutliff
    Kelle Sutliff is a gifted Psychic Medium who has worked in her industry for over fourteen years. She uses her expertise to show people that the psychic world is very real and offers inspiration and comfort to those dealing with grief. She also works as a Psychic Investigator consulting on current missing person cases and cold cases nationally and internationally. In her career ...

    16,67 €

  • Other Side of This Trial
    Billy Gaines
    'I think you will be blessed by Other Side of This Trial written by my dear friend Billy Gaines. The event-by-event evidence of the hand of God working on his behalf clearly illustrates the fruit of a life yielded and trusting in the goodness, mercy, guidance, and power of God.'-Kathie Lee Gifford, Emmy-award winning host, actress, singer, and songwriterThrough triumph, tragedy...

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  • Life of Beethoven
    Anton Schindler
    'DURING the painful illness of full four months which terminated in the death of Ludwig van Beethoven, he was one day conversing with Hofrath von Breuning and myself on the subject of Plutarch’s Lives. Breuning took advantage of the long-wished-for opportunity to ask Beethoven, apparently without any particular object, which of his contemporaries he should prefer for his biogra...

    20,80 €

  • Manchester unspun
    Andy Spinoza
    An enthralling tale of modern Manchester, told by a writer and journalist who has spent four decades reporting on the movers and the shakers of this unique city, from council leader Sir Richard Leese to Sir Alex Ferguson and Tony Wilson. ...

    35,33 €

  • My Choir Journey
    Brian E Davies
    This is a story about a life singing in Welsh choirs, including the internationally acclaimed Morriston Orpheus Choir. Following a journey through time and across the world from the South Wales valleys to the Sydney Opera House, the story tells of great music-making and behind the scenes fun and games. The author describes the travel experiences of numerous world-wide tours and...

    35,63 €

  • Charmed - From Motown to Combat and Back
    Tom McAuliffe
    Charmed - From Motown to Combat and Back!From the rough streets of Detroit to the US Navy’s elite Combat Camera Group to Major Market Radio, Politics and Entertainment Tom Patrick McAuliffe’s life is one of the most interesting stories ever! Overcoming a poor upbringing, Bullies, Drugs, ADHD and the AA gene... he’s an ordinary guy leading a extra ordinary life. Bringing hope fo...

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  • Sonic Life
    Thurston Moore

    33,63 €

  • Beethoven
    Elliott Graeme
    The following brief sketch can lay no claim to originality; it is merely a slight résumé of the principal events in the master’s life (from the works of Schindler, Ries, and Wegeler, and more especially from Marx and Thayer), and is intended for those who, without the leisure to go deeply into the subject, yet desire to know a little more about the great Tone-poet than can be g...

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