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  • USA Destinations That Spark Our Fascinations
    Gene Lipen
    He's off to sniff out America's incredible sights. Will his paws dig up any surprises?Adventure-loving Arthur is a dog on a mission. And nothing wags his tail more than a run around his beautiful country. Tracking treasures from airport to train to bus, he doesn't want to miss a single precious place.With eyes wide, looking at giant presidents' heads carved into...

    11,29 €

  • Finn and Remy Explore Dallas
    Jane Du / Jonathan Rosamond
    Finn and Remy are two rambunctious little hedgehogs who got their start gracing the covers of greeting cards ( Join them on an adventure around their hometown and visit their favorite spots, including White Rock Lake, Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, the football stadium, farmers market, State Fair, and more! Written and illustrated right here in Dallas..Finn and...

    25,67 €

  • World Atlas For Kids - Kids From Around The World
    Speedy Publishing LLC
    Children naturally like to hear about other children. They can identify with another child wherever the other child happens to live. This allows them to imagine themselves in another country when they read about others. The children can see and experience famous places, exotic food and foreign practices. In other words, it gives them all the excitement of travel without the exp...

    15,86 €