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  • MyaGrace Wants to Get Ready/MyaGrace quiere alistarse
    Jo Meserve Mach / Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier
    'This is an awesome and colorful book showing how children with disabilities can do things just like their peers. The book encourages making decisions and choices in real world situations. The photographs were awesome as well.' - VS, Verified Purchaser In MyaGrace Wants to Get Ready, a young girl with disabilities delights us with her enthusiasm as she gets ready to attend her ...

    10,87 €

  • Nutcrackers and Pirates
    Charmain Zimmerman Brackett
    When 6 year-old Jeremy attends Nutcracker, he watches a male dancer pick up a ballerina and walk effortlessly around the stage with her lifted high above his head. Jeremy sees the athletic side of dance and decides he wants to be like the dancer he saw on stage. Join Jeremy in his dance journey.  3 ...

    17,08 €

  • How They Became Famous Dancers
    Anne Dunkin
    How They Became Famous Dancers: A Dancing History for young readers tells the story of twelve dancers – six women and six men –who became famous, some against all odds. Coming from different parts of the world (France, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Trinidad, and the United States) and displaying a variety of physical sizes, body shapes, and skin colors, their l...

    30,35 €

  • Ezequiel Mora Un regreso gris
    Xyan Xoce
    Esta novela es la continuación de las andanzas y aventuras de Ezequiel Mora, que se desarrollan después de que lo dejaron abandonado en una isla en el caribe, a la suerte, la supervivencia de él y otras personas se desarrollan en la tranquilidad, hasta que llegan unos visitantes sin ser invitados, para hacer negocios inapropiados. Esta novela es la continuación de EZ...

    20,74 €

  • Burning Up The Stage - An introduction for young actors
    Vin Morreale
    Becoming an actor takes more than just a dream and a sense of play. In this first book in the BURNING UP THE STAGE series, young performers learn basic acting terms and how actors go from dreams to being part of the drama.Vin Morreale, Jr. is an internationally produced playwright and author who has been teaching acting for more than 40 years. He has taught and directed actors ...

    14,25 €

  • Mi No Inglish 'If you guan to learn, yu can duit'
    Wilian Arias
    En los medios de comunicación se difunden noticias sobre migrantes, a diario se sabe de personas tratando de llegar a los Estados Unidos, en búsqueda del famoso Sueño americano, un término que no es más que un simple eufemismo. Uno pensaría que al cruzar la frontera y eludir a quienes la resguardan, la vida de un migrante se transforma, que de forma casi automática resuelve sus...

    19,61 €

  • Libro-juego. Los colores
    Edoardo Dudine / Patrizia Del Meglio
    ¿Quieres dibujar tu retrato dentro de este marco?¿Quieres que descubramos juntos el mundo de los colores? Emprenderemos un viaje fantástico.Aprenderemos los colores observándolos,pero también comiéndolos y bebiéndolos.¡Ah! Para utilizar este libro necesitarás un montón de cosas: témperas, rotuladores, tijeras de punta redonda, recortes de papel de colores, harina, leche, manteq...

    29,07 €

  • The Biggest Gift
    Adrianna Cox / Martin Sommersby
    The Biggest Gift is a nativity play that tells the real Christmas story.This play is suitable for large or small groups. There’s parts for wise men, shepherds, King Herod, and Innkeeper, as well as Mary and Joseph. Other children can join in as extras.Much of the story is told by the narrator, which can be an adult voice, or shared between several older children, with the remai...

    5,49 €

  • The Big Festival of Lights
    Mint Editions
    The Big Festival of Lights: Stories and Plays for Hanukkah is a collection of short fiction and plays by nine prominent Jewish figures of the early twentieth-century meant to capture and celebrate the spirit of the holiday. In, 'By the Light of Hanukkah: A Play in Three Acts,' by Solomon Fineberg, a young man named David awaits to hear about his admittance to the American Rabbi...

    10,47 €

  • Lágrimas de guerra II
    Abner Vásquez Vásquez
    El escenario desde donde se cuenta esta historia, retrata una realidad social que se apoya en lo tradicional de una región con costumbres marcadas, para contar la historia de familias y personas, donde el amor, el miedo, la guerra y la miseria, se manifiestan. de forma particular en cada uno de los personajes y que, a su vez, sirven de retrato social.La pluma del autor está de ...

    18,72 €

  • My Black is Beautiful
    George Earl Muhammad
    This book teaches young Black children to love their skin, hair, disability, and culture. It also teaches that no matter what shade of black you are, you are perfect in God’s eyes. Love yourself while they are young so that they will love themselves when they become adults. It also teaches that bullying isn’t right but that through knowing your worth, everything will be all rig...

    13,68 €

  • Kayda-Bug
    K Lee / K. Lee
    Being a pre-teen and growing into a teenager is not alwaysana easy process. Not only for the young lady, but also for her mother. It is a challenge but a necessary part of life for when girls grow into young ladies. This transition must happen and the two have to learn to give and take. The young girl learns and embraces responsibility, and the mom has to allow her the room t...

    25,57 €

  • My Precious Hands Mes Mains Précieuses
    KERRIAN N. Adebanjo
    What are the dos and don’ts for using our hands? Making the right choice is not always easy for young children. Violence is never okay. The earlier children learn this, the better it is. Our beautiful hands are to do good things. Sometimes children may struggle with this and may need to be reminded or taught what they must use their precious hands to do. It is important that pa...

    9,10 €

  • That’s Not Fair
    Casey N Morris
    The book 'That’s Not Fair,' explains what it means to be equitable through the simplest demonstration.Two classmates who are close friends and very similar to one another, participate in an activity theteacher directs to explain the difference between equity versus equality.The activity that Jordan and Justin participate in helps us to understand that we cannot allocateresource...

    21,65 €

  • The Wind in the Willows
    Millie Hardy-Sims
    'The Wind in the Willows' follows the adventures of the anthropomorphic animals Mole, Rat, Badger, Toad, and their friends. Mole is at home doing spring cleaning, and he is quite bored with it. He casts down his cleaning instruments and runs to the surface and the river. It is at the river that Mole meets Rat, and the two form an immediate friendship. This friendship brings Rat...

    8,90 €

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
    Millie Hardy-Sims
    Carried by a tornado to the Land of Oz, Dorothy Gale unwittingly frees the Munchkins from the cruel Witch of the East. She is given the witch’s silver shoes and is told by Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, that her best hope for returning home is to seek out the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Along the way she rescues a forlorn Scarecrow and a broken-hearted Tin Woodman, and is joi...

    10,02 €

  • The Adventures of Pinocchio
    Millie Hardy-Sims
    It is the early 18th century and our story takes place in a small Italian town outside of Rome. The story is narrated by Nicolina, a talking cricket, as she recounts her encounter with Pinocchio. Our story starts with Maester Antonio, a carpenter, and his young apprentice Guiseppe Collodi, better known as Gepetto. Antonio is greatly impressed with Gepetto’s skill and decides to...

    9,03 €

  • Beauty and the Beast
    Millie Hardy-Sims
    First written in 1756 by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont, Beauty and the Beast is a well loved fairytale that has enchanted children for centuries. This adaptation keeps elements of the original fairytale, whilst also providing new and exciting changes.Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a selfish Prince. One night, an old beggar woman knocked at the door to his...

    10,19 €

  • Breck and the Online Troll
    Eve Yarnton / Mark Harrington
    Breck and the Online Troll is designed for special needs and lower age students to introduce basic online and grooming safety to children. This book has been created for SEN Teachers to use with children with the cognitive age of 8+. ...

    21,40 €

  • Secuestro
    Javiera Paz
    «Una venganza, treinta chicas desaparecidas, soldados por todo el mundo, un loco fiel, desquiciado y obsesionado y una sola esperanza».Todo parece ir bien con la vida de Alice, hasta que, de un momento a otro, se ve enfrentada a cuatro deterioradas paredes que la observan día y noche. Hora tras hora. Segundo a segundo.El caprichoso destino se interpone en su camino con ojos azu...

    21,64 €

  • Lágrimas de guerra
    Abner Vásquez Vásquez
    Bajo esa convicción, de corazón y pensamiento renovado, se reencuentra con su vocación.La pasión por la literatura del autor, le inspira a escribir esta maravillosa historia de amor, titulada 'Lágrimas de Guerra I'.Una imaginaria obra de arte, donde los sucesos contados, como la tragedia, el hambre, el amor y la guerra, dan vida a esta singular historia, tomando como referente,...

    15,60 €

  • Mighty Dancing Sam
    Julia Crescenzi
    Mighty Dancing Sam is a short poetic story to inspire young children to believe in themselves even in times of adversity. This book is sure to bring delight in children’s eyes through the soft illustrations and the powerful message of maintaining hope. While so many dance children’s books feature women this book is helping normalize young boys in the dance world. Perfect for a ...

    11,96 €

  • Teatro para niños y niñas
    Jorge Darget
    Con su encantador estilo, el autor nos invita a convertirnos en una sirena, un gaucho argentino, un pirata, un príncipe, un hada, una bruja y una heroína; entre otros tantos personajes maravillosos. Por momentos la imaginación nos transporta a un castillo, a bosques encantados, a la Pampa argentina, a un inmenso mar, y a la vida misma. La fantasía traspasa todo el libro, como l...

    11,44 €

  • The mirror of gesture, being the Abhinaya darpana of Nandikeśvara
    Ananda Coomaraswamy / Gopala Kristnayya Duggirala
    This book has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to literature. This forms a part of the knowledge base for future generations. We have represented this book in the same form as it was first published. Hence any marks seen are left intentionally to preserve its true nature. ...

    6,70 €

  • Triptych
    Fiona Graham / Rosamunde Hutt
    The Portuguese visual artist Paula Rego has inspired this new trilogy of plays. Her paintings Crivelli's Garden, The Prey and Breaking China became the catalyst for writing by theatre maker Fiona Graham. Commissioned by Theatre Centre and Komedia, these three new plays were developed for specific audiences through a series of artist/audience residencies and collaborations. ...

    18,02 €

  • King Richard II
    William Shakespeare

    73,69 €

  • La vida de horacio
    Lucho Zúñiga
    El primer día de enero de 2015 apareció un texto breve sobre un niño recién nacido en una canasta. Durante las próximas 24 horas esa publicación, se volvió viral y recibió muchas interpretaciones, entre ellas la idea de que el niño era una metáfora del año. Sin embargo al día siguiente, se siguió contando la historia del niño en internet, relato que duró hasta el 31 de diciembr...

    22,05 €

  • Halloween Coloring & Craft Book
    Vanessa E Salgado / Vanessa Salgado
    Celebrate the spookiest season of the year with Crafterina's Halloween Coloring & Craft Book. Included in the book is a Halloween story, coloring & activity pages, paper crafts, and so much more! ...

    9,11 €

  • A Boy At Heart
    Ray M. Vento / Ray MVento
    Third book of the nostalgic Sam Caruso Stories, A Boy At Heart is a story of love, friendship and imagination coming together to create lasting memories for Sam Caruso of his beloved Aunt. In this story, Sam has a birthday, and his favorite aunt rewards him with a wonderful present: tickets to the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera! Sam has a wonderful experience, followed by dinner...

    13,40 €

  • A Boy At Heart
    Ray M Vento
    Third book of the nostalgic Sam Caruso Stories, A Boy At Heart is a story of love, friendship and imagination coming together to create lasting memories for Sam Caruso of his beloved Aunt. In this story, Sam has a birthday, and his favorite aunt, rewards him with a wonderful present: tickets to the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera! Sam has a wonderful experience, followed by dinne...

    20,90 €

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