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  • Azulejerías del Hospital de Pobres Sacerdotes de Valencia
    Inocencio Vicente Pérez Guillén
    Las azulejerías del Hospital de Pobres Sacerdotes de Valencia constituyen, posiblemente, el conjunto más importante conservado in situ de la cerámica arquitectónica valenciana. En este libro se estudia un primer grupo, terminado en 1782, siendo arzobispo de Valencia Francisco Fabián y Fuero, el cual, con motivo de la celebración del segundo centenario de la muerte de san Luis B...

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  • Dancing Dragon Magic
    Susan Smith James
    What happens when dragons begin to whisper their stories? Born from raw clay and crafted into art, magical dragon pots began to tell their tales to their creator, potter and first-time author Susan Smith James, with mysterious and wonderful results. From the Night Dragon, the Ice Dragon, the Smoke Dragon and more, each dragon has gifted us with tales of their secret and magnif...

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  • Dancing Dragon Magic
    Susan Smith James
    The Dragons are talking! Susan Smith James creates dragons in clay. One day she asked the pots what they had to say. To her surprise, they let her listen in on their conversations, and so evolved this story, told through the dragon’s words and illustrated with Susan’s dragon pots. Experience the beauty, love, wisdom and magic of the Dragon Realm.Meet Sun Dragon, Smoke Dragon, D...

    30,88 €

  • Reinventing craft in China
    Geoffrey Gowlland
    How does a craft reinvent itself as ‘traditional’ following cultural, social and political upheaval? In the township of Dingshu, Jiangsu province of China, artisans produce zisha or Yixing teapots that have been highly valued for centuries. Yet in twentieth-century socialist imagination, handicrafts were an anomaly in a modern society. The Maoist government had clear ambitions ...

    95,74 €

  • A Ceramic Guide
    Trent Berning
    A Ceramic Guide: The Art of Creating and Teaching Wheel-Thrown Ceramics offers a thorough, well-organized, and detailed approach to the numerous aspects of the ceramic medium and the use of the potter's wheel as a mode of artistic expression. The book guides learners through studio set up, construction processes, how to critique and self-evaluate ceramic work, how to set up...

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  • Stained Glass Mosaics
    Sigalit Eshet
    Mosaics can be created from various materials, ceramics, dinnerware, polymer clay, beads, etc., but its true magic lies in crafting with glass.This book will teach you how to work with different types of glass. It contains an assortment of projects with step-by-step descriptions and images enabling you to create unique and original mosaics. In this Book: 14 original projects ...

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  • The Magic Mesh - Mosaic Mesh Projects
    Sigalit Eshet
    You've gathered a lot of dishes that are cracked or broken? Good.In this book we will learn how to use them. In the mesh mosaic work you can combine different materials, decorate your walls -outside or inside and enjoy from a colorful and special mosaic art work.This book focuses on creating a mosaic on mesh in different techniques.You can create mosaic-letters, house numbe...

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  • Mosaics for the Home and Garden
    Sigalit Eshet
    If you want to decorate your garden with handmade crafts that will last for many years, mosaics are the way to go!In this book you will learn how to make every project a cheerful and bright addition to your home or garden.The book "Mosaics for the Home and Garden" contains step-by-step projects of mosaics for decorating your home and garden, as terracotta pots, metal tables and...

    12,66 €

  • Beautiful Mosaic Flowers
    Sigalit Eshet
    Have you always wanted to create something special for your home that your neighbors don’t have?Are you looking for mosaic patterns book and decorating ideas?In this book you will learn how to cut and create beautiful mosaic flowers from tiles in an easy and precise way - step by step. The book is accompanied by mosaic images, explanations and illustrations to help you integrat...

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  • Técnica cerámica de la mayólica
    Susan Mussi-Natalia Galera
    Lo que diferencia esta técnica cerámica de otras es que: la arcilla bizcochada se cubre con un esmalte estannífero, opaco y vitrificable que tapa el poro. Luego se decora pintando a mano con óxidos y pigmentos cerámicos y se cuece en el horno a 980°C. Este proceso integra los colores que sobresalen formando otros y permitiendo que los movimientos y la intensidad de las pincelad...

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  • Traditional Potters
    Isabelle C. Druc
    This beautifully illustrated book offers a look at traditional potters and their work, and at different hand building techniques and wheel throwing practices still in use in many parts of the world. Based on personal and first-hand accounts with potters of Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand and Vietnam, this book is as much a travel diary about ceramic production as a do...

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  • Clay and Glazes for the Potter
    Daniel Rhodes
    2015 Reprint of 1957 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition. Not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Profusely Illustrated, with photos by the author. A book for the potter, student, teacher, designer, collector or industrial ceramist who wishes to know more about the materials of the craft of pottery, and the ways in which the many varied colors and text...

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  • Bulletin of the Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong Vol. 1 & 2
    Long out of print and unavailable, and now available in a special reprint edition, the first two bulletins of the renowned Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong featured articles presented by such luminaries as Soame Jenyns, Hugh Moss and Cheng Te-K’un, among others. Essential reference material for all with interest in the fine- and plastic arts of ancient China. ...

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  • The most creative bit of glass work in the city
    Douglas Stinson
    This book weaves a web with strands that connect a favorite saint, an American revolution in stained glass design, a west-coast cultural renaissance, and a now obscure Swedish scientist and theologian. With beautiful photographs and prose, it brings to life the art and science of art conservation as dedicated people of various talents and interests struggle to preserve a cheris...

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  • Glidden Pottery
    Ronald J. Kransler / Ronald JKransler
    This book is the fascinating story of the company and the people who produced Glidden pottery. The first section of the book tells about the history of the company, the important designers who worked there, and the wonderful designs they created. The second section of the book contains a richly-illustrated catalog of Glidden pottery. The photo illustrations show the patterns an...

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  • Beau-He-Me-N-Rib
    Mary-Susan Kirkpatrick
    Beau-He-Me-N-Rib explores the unique original paintings, clay creations and poetry of Mary-Susan Kirkpatrick. Viewers will appreciate the personality of this soulful artist, revealing her natural expression and great sense of shape and color combinations. Mary-Susan's work gracefully flows across each canvas. Readers will enjoy the poetry she writes for her paintings. The artis...

    73,66 €

  • Maiolica
    C. Drury E. Fortnum / CDrury EFortnum
    Maiolica is a book written by C. Drury E. Fortnum that provides a comprehensive overview of the art of Italian pottery. The book delves into the history and development of maiolica, a type of glazed earthenware that was produced in Italy from the Renaissance period onwards. Fortnum explores the techniques used to create maiolica, including the use of tin-glazing and the intrica...

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