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  • E is for Economics
    Veronica Goodman
    From Adam Smith to Zero Sum, E is for Economics is a humorous, colorful introduction to the language of economics for preschool-age children. Written by an economist, the book features a new economics term for every letter of the alphabet, illustrated by full-color, playful images to entertain parents and children alike as you move from A to Z.While I wouldn't recommend tha...

    23,76 €

  • Tick Tock Adee Mouse School Rock
    Aden Donaldson / Sir Aden Lynn
    Goodmorning, good afternoon, and goodnight! Telling time and making rhymes are all in a day's work for Adee Mouse! Come along as he takes us on just another day in the life of Adee Mouse in, Tick Tock Adee Mouse School Rock!  3 ...

    17,12 €

  • Pretzels by the Dozen
    Angela E Hunt
    Did you know the pretzel is symbolic of the Trinity? Best-selling author, Angela Elwell Hunt shares the compelling story of the hidden Christian symbolism behind the pretzel and helps children ages 4 to 8 discover its fascinating history. In this delightful rhyming and counting tale children will be captivated by the stunning, life-like illustrations by Bill Dodge. Learn surpri...

    18,56 €

  • The Number Story 3 / The Number Story 4
    Miss Anna
     Packed full of wonderfully clever ways of helping children to remember numbers.’                                                                                                 -----     Wishing Shelf REVIEWS The Number Story 3 and 4 is a very clever little book – two books in fact – that work very hard to help young children to understand numbers.    Most counting book...

    19,12 €

  • A is for Ackee
    Nikko M FungChung
    A is for Ackee is an ABCs learning book with a Caribbean Vibe! Take a trip to the tropics with this vibrant children's learning book.  A fun way to learn the Alphabet Introduce children to new fruits and vegetables Bright illustrations A-Z glossary in the back of the book 3 ...

    9,78 €

  • Numbers with Bella
    Lorraine O'Garro / Lorraine O’Garro
    Following the success of The Alphabet with Bella, this book supports the learning of numbers from one to ten in a unique and colourful way.  Numbers with Bella is full of fun learning opportunities for small children. ...

    15,70 €

  • Actividades para Aprender los Números
    Primeros Pasos
    Acompaña el aprendizaje de los más pequeños con actividades para ejercitar la observación, la motricidad fina y la atención.Más de 80 páginas de diversión y aprendizaje. Páginas para colorear, aprender los números, dibujar sus contornos, completar los números que faltan y muchas otras actividades para niños de 2 a 4 años de edad.Este libro estimulará la creatividad y mejorará e...

    8,98 €

  • Formiche Sui Miei Jeans
    Mary Ann Vitale
    Nominato per il 2014 LSOR Reviewers Choice Award.Vi ѐ mai capitato di trovarvi vicino ad un formicaio? Cosa fareste? Una brutta avventura accade a Lisa Maria, mentre gioca con la sua amica. Ahimѐ! Nascosta dietro un recinto, viene assalita da file di formiche, che salgono sui suoi jeans. Sconvolta, corre a casa. Solo la mamma può aiutarla. ...

    11,55 €

  • Colors On Our Papers/Rangi Za Makaratasi Yetu
    Mary Birdsell / Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier
    This beautifully photographed concept book teaches colors and Swahili by sharing the coloring pages of young children in Tanzania.Are colors the same all around the world? See what colors kindergarteners in Tanzania are choosing as they color their school papers. It’s fun to learn the name in English and Swahili.Grade Interest: Pre-K-1GRL:B ...

    16,56 €

  • Looking For Our Families/Kuangalia Familia Zetu
    Mary Birdsell / Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier
    This beautifully photographed concept book teaches matching skills and highlights different activities animal families like to do together.All animals have families.  Monkey, hippo, elephant, buffalo, and zebra families look very different. Do you think you can find their families? You can learn to name them in English and Swahili, too. Grade Interest: Pre-K-2GRL:C ...

    16,57 €

  • A to Sea
    Kirsti M Scott
    Teach little ones their letters through the beauty of sea glass with  letters, sea animals, and coastal images created with surf-tumbled pieces of beach glass. Each letter in the alphabet is represented by a sea glass art mosaic of an ocean animal or beach image, and letters created with sea glass. ...

    10,10 €

  • Alphabetta Natura
    Jennilee Murray
    Alphabetta Natura is a hardcover alphabet book, including 26 full colour illustrations. Each full-page illustrated letter of the alphabet includes a unique font, an hodgepodge of alliterated items, and is paired with a dash of unconventionally alliterated prose on the facing page that directly relates to the illustration. The prose runs from a laundry list of items in each illu...

    25,79 €

  • Our National Parks Alphabet Book
    Shirley Spencer
    Artist and Naturalist Shirley Spencer creates a celebration of our National Parks and Monuments with bold, vibrant and stylized watercolor paintings in this unique alphabet book. From A (Acadia National Park) to Z (Zion National Park), each letter explores the natural wonders of parks, both famous and lesser known. Younger readers can relate a letter of the alphabet with one of...

    16,15 €

  • Coloring Activity Book
    Maggie Lakes Meadow
    This fun Coloring Activity Book is great for those rainy days when your kids have to be inside. It's full of large pictures to color and puzzles like matching an animal to what it eats. There are also counting activities you can do with your child like counting how many dogs are on the page. It will keep their minds as well as their hands happily busy for hours! Perfect for chi...

    7,59 €

  • Puzzle Book for Kids
    Marshall Koontz
    Pages of fun! Mazes, Connect the Dots, Spot the Difference! Everything your child loves to work on is in this high quality puzzle book. Great for gift giving - this book is made with thick paper and cover, not a flimsy print job you would find in the dollar store. Any child that loves puzzles will love this book. ...

    10,73 €

  • Doggy Loves Autumn
    Jayne Flaagan
    Follow along with Ella the Doggy, as she keeps busy during the season of Autumn!Ella is having lots of fun as the weather cools down in Minnesota. While on her walks outside, she notices lots of changes. Inside the house, there is more action as she sees her people family celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving.This is a children's animal discovery book that makes learning f...

    10,09 €

  • Moony Moon Shines at Noon!
    Kevin Driscoll
    Moony Moon wishes so badly that he could shine at noon with Sunny Sun, so, one day, he does!  And by doing so, Moony Moon learns where he is truly meant to be, and what true happiness really means.  3 ...

    9,29 €

  • So Many Monsters
    Janet Westrup
    “So Many Monsters” is 4 books in 1! As part of the Smart Cookie Easy Reader series of leveled readers, 'So Many Monsters' is specifically designed to support beginning readers.   'So Many Monsters' uses: repetition number words color words simple grammar vivid images/strong image support specifically designed text that gets more and more challenging, based on previous...

    12,65 €

  • The Criminal McBride
    Jerry (ZaZa) Bader
    The Criminal McBride tells the tale of a ne’er-do-well villain who tries hard to find a place he can hide but ends up loosing his ill-gotten gains, and ends up alone on a desert island with only two chimps to keep him company. The rhyming text and humorous colorful images are designed to teach an entertaining lesson, fostering good behavior. Don’t Underestimate Your KidOur late...

    14,06 €

  • The Silliest Dragon
    Brian Rathbone
    Sometimes the silliest dragon gets in trouble. Looking for a fun bedtime story filled with silliness and love to share with your kids? The Silliest Dragon has a message for you. 3 ...

    7,88 €

  • I Love Birds
    Barbara Miller
    Learning to identify birds when you are very young can develop into a pleasurable lifelong hobby. i love Birds is a book of colorful birds with brief descriptions for toddlers for identifying birds and encouraging their interest in them. 'What is that bird, Grammy?' On a cold and sunny winter day while babysitting my grandchildren, we watched birds flocking to feeders in the y...

    10,74 €

  • Mandala For Kids
    Bowe Packer
    'Are you ready to provide some relaxation for your kids?' 'Good - now you can with Mandala Coloring Books.' 'Let their little coloring imagination come alive!' Relaxation is an important element to everyday life and allows you to sustain healthy living, especially for little young kids. This book was designed and made for those who not only care about their kids well being but ...

    7,86 €

  • Mandala Coloring Book For Kids
    Bowe Packer
    'Are you ready to provide some relaxation for your kids?' 'Good - now you can with Mandala Coloring Books.' 'Let their little coloring imagination come alive!' Relaxation is an important element to everyday life and allows you to sustain healthy living, especially for little young kids. This book was designed and made for those who not only care about their kids well being but ...

    11,71 €

  • Narnie
    Adorable antique heirloom paintings based on delightful old nursery rhymes. “Narnie – My Grandmother’s Nursery Rhymes” is a precious baby’s first picture book incorporating original oil paintings unearthed from the Macdonald family archives.It is a beautiful gift for any newborn - especially from parents, grandparents and all future generations sharing song, recital and picture...

    24,81 €

  • The Sock Monster ate my Favourite Sock
    Emma R McNally
    Humorous rhyming poem with beautiful hand drawn pictures telling the story about Tom, a young boy, who has lost his favourite sock.Back cover:Tom has lost his favourite sock.Has anyone seen his sock?It's his favourite pair that matches his top,with only one he will have to hop.Has anyone seen his sock?Count the socks on every page as you discover what happened to Tom's ...

    10,44 €

  • Doggy’s Minnesota Winter
    Jayne Flaagan
    Ella the doggy loves the season of winter – especially because she lives in Minnesota!In states that get cold like Minnesota does, people have to dress up to stay warm outside, but not Ella! Ella is a dog called a Husky and Huskies can play outside for a long time without getting cold because their fur keeps them warm.In “Doggy’s Minnesota Winter,” ('Ella the Doggy' book series...

    9,99 €

  • Fun & Playful Bears Coloring Book
    Bowe Packer
    'Why are kids so fascination with Bears? Well, it is simple - bears are big, powerful and majestic thats why! Now you can give them a whole book of majestic and powerful bears to bring to life with color in this delightful coloring book for kids. Coloring is not only relaxing and calming for children, it can also provide developmental benefits as well. Your child will have a gr...

    7,59 €

  • Libro-juego. Los números
    Cinzia Compagnino / Patrizia Del Meglio
    ¿Qué sabéis de los números? ¿Nada?Entonces, venid conmigo.Haremos un viaje fantástico por el mundo de las matemáticas.Si estáis listos pasad la página.¡Ah, me olvidaba!Para esta aventura necesitaréis lápices y rotuladores. ...

    29,07 €

  • Libro-juego. Los colores
    Edoardo Dudine / Patrizia Del Meglio
    ¿Quieres dibujar tu retrato dentro de este marco?¿Quieres que descubramos juntos el mundo de los colores? Emprenderemos un viaje fantástico.Aprenderemos los colores observándolos,pero también comiéndolos y bebiéndolos.¡Ah! Para utilizar este libro necesitarás un montón de cosas: témperas, rotuladores, tijeras de punta redonda, recortes de papel de colores, harina, leche, manteq...

    29,07 €

  • Viva a Matemática Pratico - 1º Ano Volume 1
    Alda Carvalho / Carlos Santos / Isabel Pestana
    O projeto Viva a Matemática! consiste na elaboração de livros de matemática para os primeiros anos do ensino básico (1.º ciclo). O modelo didático é fortemente inspirado no bem sucedido método de Singapura, muito bem avaliado nos mais cotados estudos internacionais.As páginas são limpas e claras, os problemas são variados, incidindo sobre propósitos bem definidos e obedecendo a...

    29,92 €