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    Marilee Wein
    Surprise adoptee, Grandfather was a coal picker in Scotland, at 29, and Chief Inspector of Mines for British Columbia, at 43. He had shared his date and place of birth, or so, it seemed. This genealogy embraces late 18th to early 20th Century, Scotland, with US implications. His family is lovingly presented in “who done it”, under evaluation, as his potential birth parents. His...

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  • Close to Forever
    Victoria D. Loggins / Victoria DLoggins
    Alexis had known since she was a young girl that if she wanted something she would have to work for it.  Not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she knew the road to success and having it all would be a challenging and sometimes difficult path to take.  What Alexis didn't see coming was Oliver, the man who would take her heart almost from the second she met him.  Almost ...

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    I wonder what it would feel like to meet your family – your parents, siblings, aunts and uncles for the first time in the middle of your childhood? At a time when making friends, and being accepted is anxiety ridden and tenuous. What if you were damaged, fragile and angry? What if this was your last chance to be part of a family before being sent permanently to a group home for...

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  • None Call Me Dad
    Ky Owen
    None Call Me Dad is the true, mesmerizing story of a 21st Century dad. On two weeks notice, Ky Owen becomes an adoptive father to a six-year-old son. Five years later, on two days notice, he becomes a father to a teenage daughter. Along the way he assumes the role of father figure to four other kids. “None call me dad,” Owen writes, “But they know that’s who I am.” Intriguing ...

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  • Gabrielle’s Gift
    Lerone Landis
    The premise of Gabrielle’s Gift is a simple one - a child’s wish for a very special birthday gift. It is a gift that that nearly every kid will ask for at some point in their childhood, the gift of a pet! This everyday typical scenario is coupled with an atypical family dynamic in which Gabrielle’s parents are two dads. The unique family is never explicitly mentioned. The visu...

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  • ABC, Adoption & Me
    Casey Anne Swift / Gayle H. Swift
    A book about adoption that celebrates the miracle of family and addresses the difficult issues as well. With charming, exuberant illustrations and a diverse representation of families, ABC, Adoption & Me will warm hearts, deepen understanding of what it means to be an adoptive family and provide teaching moments that bring families closer, connected in truth, compassion, and jo...

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  • A Life Let Go
    Patricia J Florin
    Closed adoption, heralded as the answer to the problem of unplanned pregnancy, shows its other side in A Life Let Go, A Memoir and Five Birth Mother Stories of Closed Adoption. These women tell how they experienced unplanned pregnancy in the restrictiveness of the last decades of the twentieth century. All gave up a child in closed adoption—the only option—understanding they wo...

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  • Chicken and Hen
    Aefa Mulholland
    In the heartwarming and heartbreaking 'Chicken and Hen,' Aefa Mulholland recounts the story of her family's adoption of a tiny, talkative three-year-old from the other side of town, from his first words to her to his final goodbye. ...

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  • In a Heartbeat
    Mikki . Shepard M.A / Mikki M.A. Shepard
    In A Heartbeat: The Miracle of a Family that was Meant to be is a delightful true story spanning several generations of families being born out of love, not necessarily biology. The heart of the story is about how the Law of Attraction brought about an adoption that created the 'miracle of a family that was meant to be.'This inspiring book shares a ’good news’ adoption story ...

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  • In a Heartbeat
    Mikki . Shepard M.A / Mikki M.A. Shepard
    In A Heartbeat: The Miracle of a Family that was Meant to be is a delightful true story spanning several generations of families being born out of love, not necessarily biology. The heart of the story is about how the Law of Attraction brought about an adoption that created the 'miracle of a family that was meant to be.'This inspiring book shares a ’good news’ adoption story ...

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  • Es tiempo de que nazca el alma, un cuento de adopción
    Carmen Martinez Jover
    El alma está reunida con su grupo de almas. Más tarde, visita a los Sabios, quienes le dan importantes consejos para ser feliz una vez que haya nacido. Entonces, los Sabios le muestran destellos de las posibles vidas que puede elegir y elige a los padres que le gustan. Al tomar el reto de no nacer de una manera convencional, nace en el vientre de otra mujer y gracias a la adopc...

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  • Soul’s Time to be Born, an adoption story
    Carmen Martinez Jover
    The soul is with its soul group, then goes and visits the Elders who give the soul advice on how to be happy when it’s born.  The soul is then shown glimpse of possible lives and choses the parents it wants.  Understanding that it cannot be born in a conventional way and is born in another woman’s womb and with the help of adoption lives happily with its chosen parents.This sto...

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  • As I Lay Me Down
    Sarah Knipping
    This is the story of the death of Mere O’Conner.This is the story of how Mia says goodbye to her Nan.This is the story of how Avery says goodbye to her Mum.This is the story of how Kim says goodbye to her Mum-in-law.This is the story of how Ethan says goodbye to his foster Mum.This is the story of how Rangi says goodbye to his Mum.This is the story of a whānau having to say goo...

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  • Kids Say and Do the Darndest Things (Yellow Cover)
    Sharon Purtill
    A parenting journal designed to capture all the crazy, silly, funny, serious and hilarious stuff your kid says and does. The moments that made you proud, happy, curious and laugh out loud! Let’s face it, out of the mouths of babes come some of the most wonderful, amazing things. The kinds of the things you’ll want to treasure forever. Kids Say and Do the Darndest Things is an i...

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  • Anyas Name
    DrGinnie Milano / Dr. Ginnie Milano
    Anya’s Name is the story of a seven-year-old girl who is struggling to hold on to a memory. As an adopted child, she looks for help to tie her past and her present together. It is a sweet story of acceptance and resilience based on one little girl’s search for her roots and her joy in embracing her future. Anya’s Name speaks to all of us who have longed to know where we came fr...

    12,84 €

  • Upside Down
    Shannon Guerra
    Adoptive and foster families working through attachment issues often feel alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way - communities around them can intentionally be part of the solution instead of unintentionally being part of the problem. Without that support, adoptive and foster families live in isolation.Shannon Guerra learned this first-hand after she and her husband adopted ...

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  • House on Fire
    Jenn T Grace
    Fire. While it appears destructive, it’s also a force of renewal. Just as fire clears the way for new growth, so too can people transform their lives when they confront their worst fears and step into the sunlight of their purpose and truth. 'House on Fire,' a raw and riveting memoir by author and publisher Jenn T. Grace, explores her journey growing up as an adopted child in a...

    25,76 €

    Samantha Evans
    Are You Still On The Fence About Adoption?For over 15 years the author, Samantha Evans has been helping families with adoption and lifestyle transitions.Inside this adoption guide, you’ll learn:How Much Time You Need To Set Aside For AdoptionWhat Adoption Process Actually InvolvesHow It Works For Both You And The ChildHow To Make The Decision Much Less ConfusingVarious Perspect...

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  • Homeless Footsteps
    Kina Nicole Jones
    Growing up without biological parents is life-altering and even worse when those same parents are drug users. It is not long before you are figuring out the world on your own making many avoidable mistakes, learning lessons along the way.  Homeless Footsteps addresses the emotional behavior and social problems of children born to drug-addicted parents. The main character Kina i...

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  • The Gift Best Given
    Edward James Di Gangi
    “Like a jigsaw puzzle, every story is made up of pieces; big ones, smaller ones, pieces not easily found, tiny and hiding, essential to complete the picture.”At almost seventy years old, Edward Di Gangi had never given much thought to the fact he was adopted.  However, a cemetery visit and a book about a favorite author’s search for lost family suddenly compel him to embark on ...

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  • How To Become a Foster Parent
    If you want to know how to be a better step parent, then check out this step-by-step "How To Become a Foster Parent" guide.You will discover the effective tools and techniques on how to blend families together with less conflict and become a better step parent to the kids.- How to introduce your new partner to your children.- Many different step parenting tips.- Find out practi...

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  • Don’t Mess With This Mama
    Missy Maxwell Worton
    A PRECIOUS ETHIOPIAN GIRL IN PERIL...AN AMERICAN ADOPTIVE FAMILY IN PURSUIT OF HER FREEDOM...INTERVENTION FROM AN UNSHAKEABLE GODWith Hurricane Sandy slamming into the East Coast, an epic spiritual storm ensues for Mark and Missy Worton, who courageously board the last plane to Ethiopia to rescue a six-year-old girl. Although Favor has already been declared their daughter, she ...

    15,03 €

  • Pieces Of You
    J. Hickey / JHickey
    Who am I? Where did I come from? Where do I belong? These are daunting questions that almost every adoptee has asked themselves.Take a look inside the world of adoption and reunification through Joanne’s eyes.Where her journey began in 1968 on the tiny island of Newfoundland, Canada, but only for a short time. Suddenly, she was living a life in the United States.Eventually, she...

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  • Creole Son
    Ellen Kay Trimberger
    Creole Son is the compelling memoir of a single white mother searching to understand why her adopted biracial son grew from a happy child into a troubled young adult who struggled with addiction for decades. The answers, E. Kay Trimberger finds, lie in both nature and nurture.When five--day--old Marco is flown from Louisiana to California and placed in Trimberger's arms, sh...

    24,58 €

    Tambeara Watkins
    I AM ZOE, and life had groomed me perfectly for Gavin Coleman. Mother walked out when I was 12 years old. Only child. Estranged father. I fell in love before I could think about whether I loved him or not. He was overwhelming and suffocating. He made me feel like I was everything he had ever dreamed of, drowning me in love and attention. He was in darkness, and I was his shinin...

    21,03 €

  • The Baby Between Strangers
    S. K. DeMarinis / SKDeMarinis
    The longing and quest for dreams as experienced by two completely different women is paralled in this tale through their acts of perseverance, survival and self-discovery. Each must decide to surrender or continue in their quests, as they stumble over roadblocks and cross paths with people who affect their choices.Sue is determined to find her forever family as she nears the ag...

    12,44 €

  • There is Purpose and Hope with God as Your Captain
    Rebekah Tague
     Are you fostering a child or teen boy in your family? Are you a man mentoring a teen boy or young man? Are you interested in sharing the gospel with them in a personal way? This book is a helpful resource to guide your prayers and discussions. This 134 page, full color paperback book consists of 25 days of prayer. With each daily topic there are Bible verses with short descrip...

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  • I’m Praying You are Rooted and Growing
    Rebekah Tague
    Are you fostering a child or teen? Are you a woman mentoring a teen girl or young woman? Are you interested in sharing the gospel with them in a personal way? This book is a helpful resource to guide your prayers and discussions. This 134 page book consists of 25 days of prayer. With each daily topic there are Bible verses with short descriptions beneath each verse that highlig...

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  • May’s Boys
    Beryl P. Brown / Beryl PBrown / Beryl Patricia Brown
    Losing her husband just before WWII shattered May Sheppard’s dreams of having a family. Her life is transformed by the arrival of Cliff, an evacuee from the city who has never known a loving home. Already struggling with the hardships and deprivations of wartime Britain, May must now fight prejudice and defend Cliff against vindictive locals. She finds her strength stretched to...

    10,78 €

  • Tangled Vines of Good Intentions
    Kay Lee
    Have your parents ever told you something as a child that you learned years later wasn’t true?  Imagine living your life believing one thing, only to have the rug pulled out from underneath you. Would it have changed who you are if you had known the truth?When Cassie Dodd finds out at the age of eighteen she was adopted, her entire world as she knew it becomes unrecognizable. T...

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