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THIS BOOK SAVES LIVES! The Silent Crisis Destroying America’s Brightest Minds  FIRST EDITION COLLECTIBLE (614 Pages)

THIS BOOK SAVES LIVES! The Silent Crisis Destroying America’s Brightest Minds FIRST EDITION COLLECTIBLE (614 Pages)

Sharon Esther Lampert / Sharon Rose Sugar / SMARTGRADES BRAIN POWER REVOLUTION

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Join Our Team! Achieve a Dream! Knowledge Changes You!You Change the World!www.smartgrades.comSMARTGRADES Is a Global School Supply Company:Shop USA, Shop UK, Shop AUS, Shop EU, Shop CAN, Shop INDIA, Shop ASIA, Shop AFRICAwww.smartgrades.comSMARTGRADES BRAIN POWER REVOLUTIONShop: School Notebooks, Homework Planners, and Study SkillsShop: Thinking Tools, Testing Tools, English Essay Tools, Math Tools, Reading and Writing THIS BOOK SAVES LIVESWhat All Parents Need to Know About Their Child’s EducationTHE SILENT CRISIS DESTROYING AMERICA’S BRIGHTEST MINDS'BOOK OF THE MONTH' Alma Public Library, WisconsinMore Than One-Third of 'America’s Brightest Minds' Flounder Academically in America’s Best Public and Private Schools. American Students Are in Crisis: Disconnected, Depressed, Disillusioned, Deviant, Drugged, and Disgruntled!

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