The Physic Garden

The Physic Garden

The Physic Garden

Adam Horovitz

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Palewell Press
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3,65 €
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This anthology, edited by Adam Horovitz, includes poetry submitted to the Poetic Botanica page of the Ledbury Festival 2016 website, and is illustrated with photos of the Physic Garden and its healing plants. Its poems introduce us to every use of healing plants, from medicine, perfume and poison, and the power their scent has to unlock deeply-buried memories.As Sue Johnson, one of the contributors writes, the Physic Garden is a place where magic happens / a melting pot for the senses. With launch readings at both Hellens Manor and Ledbury 2017, The Physic Garden is sponsored by Chloe Garner, Artistic Director of Ledbury Poetry Festival, and by Adam Munthe of Hellens Manor, who writes: With the Ledbury Poetry Festival, poets have brought their eyes and thoughts to our fields and gardens, and found new ways to celebrate the environment which nourishes us.

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