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Tellwell Talent
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The book goes beyond the mainstream thinking and uses a different process of thinking to build the intelligence analysis. It unlocks the European code by using the Albanian key of the past 100 years. The book highlights the Triple Entente of Britain, Russia and France, and particularly the Dual Anglo-Soviet Entente which triggered the European events in century XX. The rise of USA after WWII as the leading power in world affairs canceled out the Entente Iron Wall or the Entente European Order.Only some contributions from the book are the following: 1) The Civil Wars are International Civil Wars. 2) Albania (Shqipëria) is where the East-West clash of civilizations and mindsets occur. It is where the Eastern autocracy (irresponsibility) collides with the Western democracy (responsibility). 3) The clandestine operations of sending paramilitary commandos into Albania in 1949-1954 were 'repatriation' operations. 4) The members of the Cambridge Spy Ring that worked for USSR were Entente spy guys.

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