The immortal lover

The immortal lover

Hash Blink / Thomas sheriff

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In this fantasy novel, Yang and Mei are immortal lovers who have watched as their kind diminishes and the world changes. They are determined to remain together, even as the world crumbles around them. Yang’s magic continues to grow stronger, and he creates a magical garden for them to reside in peace. However, they sense danger approaching and prepare to face it together.In their journey, they encounter mischievous fairies, dark elves, and trolls, fighting to protect themselves and the balance of magic. Tragedy strikes when Yang is killed by the leader of the dark elves, leaving Mei and Miya devastated. They vow to seek revenge and continue fighting, even without Yang’s physical presence.Mei’s grief turns into rage, and she and Miya train relentlessly to avenge Yang’s death. They plan a strategic attack on the dark elves and emerge victorious. They continue to face challenges, including rescuing a captured centaur leader, and realize that their fight is far from over.Mei’s unease grows, and they discover that Yang is not dead but a shapeshifter who had faked his death to protect them. He reveals that he needs their help to save his fellow shapeshifters. Mei and Miya agree to help, but they demand no more secrets from Yang.As they embark on their journey to save the shapeshifters, they face treacherous terrains and powerful enemies. However, they notice that Yang is growing weaker. Mei and Miya express their concerns, and Yang finally admits that he needs rest.

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