The Gamers' Academy

The Gamers' Academy

The Gamers' Academy

Shanice Williams

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Lands Atlantic Publishing
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Relatos sobre deportes (infantil/juvenil)
11,01 €
IVA incluido

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  Seventeen-year-old Letti has shown enough talent to be living the dream as a student at the prestigious and private Gamers' Academy. When she’s not in weekly meetings that push her buttons, she’s having practice gaming sessions and hanging out with Eric, her boyfriend and fellow teammate. But there's a new arrival - A mysterious, elite gamer who is beginning to grab everyone's attention, and if Letti’s not careful, hers too. With the most important tournament coming up, concentrating just got a little more difficult and the only one who seems to notice is her. But maybe being pushed out of her comfort zone isn’t so bad… isn't gaming supposed to be entertaining and challenging anyway?  

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