The Easy Route

The Easy Route

Ganta Kishore Kumar

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21,43 €
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Goal: To help you learn the main ideas to trade well. By the end of this book, you will know how the Stock Market works.We also explain:Tools like BB, RSI, and the ATR, Stock, Broker, Places to trade, How to buy and sell, How to read charts and patterns, How to manage risk and money, How to think like a trader, IPO, Stock Market history and changes, Different places to trade (NYSE, NASDAQ, NSE, BSE, ECNs, Dark Pools), How to check financial reports.We also show you 2 Trading Methods from start to finish. You will see how we made them, what we used for them, and how you can test them yourself. This is where you use what you learned and see how methods can be made.We teach you how to make and use your own Trading Methods, How to value stocks, How to study companies, VWAP, How to use numbers easily (Earnings, Earnings Per Share, Price to Earnings, Price To Book, and more).You will fully understand Indexes, the Economic Cycle, Monetary and Fiscal Policy.

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