The Detectives of Shangani

The Detectives of Shangani

The Detectives of Shangani

Nahida Esmai

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21,67 €
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Bakari and Omari live on the island of Zanzibar and are the best of friends. It is the beginning of a long holiday and they are excited about what adventures are in store. Bakari’s beloved grandmother comes to visit the family, bringing with her many gifts – including a new friend for the boys! One day while exploring the boys discover hidden treasure. The boys, nicknamed ‘The Detectives of Shangani’, embark on a quest to discover the secrets of what they have found. They travel around the Spice Islands and meet strange characters, all to discover the mystery of the lost rubies!Nahida Esmail has crafted an exciting adventure tale with memorable characters. Young readers and adults alike, will enjoy this award-winning novel and the mysteries they uncover!

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