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The Death Of Endless Damnation

The Death Of Endless Damnation

The Death Of Endless Damnation

Terry Lee Miller

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Eternity Publications
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20,73 €
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     Within the pages of this book the fundamentalist damnationist movement is shown to have betrayed the New Testament Church and Biblical doctrine of universal Christian redemption. They readily and unashamedly promote the Augustinian/Romish false doctrine of hideous merciless and endless punishment in the Lake of Fire for all eternity. Is there a literal Hell and Lake of Fire where the lost are punished? Yes, absolutely there is! Is this where the unsaved/lost are punished endlessly/eternally? Traditional Baptist, Reformed Calvinists (who arrogantly promote forced salvation or forced eternal damnation on all) Presbyterian, Catholic etc, all say yes. However, the Word of God correctly translated and rightly divided does not teach  punishment in a three story universe, Heaven Earth and Lake of Fire where lost souls are mercilessly tormented in fire and brimstone for eternity! (Such would make our compassionate Savior a sadist infinitely worse than Hitler ever was or could have been!) While our Savior did indeed teach a literal Hell/Lake of Fire, and warned of such, he never taught endless suffering therein. Unitarianism (a deadly heresy) and most Universalists etc, reject the idea of a literal Hell/Lake of Fire to promote a pacifist God. They falsely reason that the Hell/Lake of Fire Jesus referred to is only symbolic or allegorical. Read this book to find that all souls will eventually and universally be blessed with eternal salvation. As well that Hell and the Lake of Fire is really the means for God to bring the lost to total humility, remorse, suffering, repentance, and ultimately unto the new birth and universal salvation. “Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess…” The hideous doctrine of merciless endless torment in Hell/Lake of Fire has bred atheism, agnosticism, and a rejection of Biblical Christianity for centuries! Remember, “While truth will stand examination, it may be rejected and denied, but cannot be refuted!”  3

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