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The Art of Successful Writing is an edited book, that provides systematic instructions, on reading, writing, and critical thinking, while combining a comprehensive review of the use of grammar.Each chapter allows students to demonstrate their ability to master the principles of quality writing. The incremental approach of this book has been constructed to accommodate a range of writing levels and abilities.Constant reinforcement is provided through examples and exercises, including text designed to involve students in the learning process, by actively encouraging critical thinking, research and the practice of writing. Each chapter integrates examples that associate writing theory with practice, thus creating a structured foundation, for students to develop and apply their writing skills accordingly.To aid the competence process, tips for effective writing are included in every chapter, as well, as thought-provoking scenarios which provide challenges and opportunities for learner reflection and collaborative interaction. These exercises are especially helpful for learners working in an academic or professional context, especially when an assignment requires the written input of each person in the group.In summary, this book provides a range of discussions, examples, and exercises, which range from the initial stages of how to write a grammatically correct sentence through to mastering the art of academic essay and research writing    3

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