Seaper Powers

Seaper Powers

Seaper Powers

Kim M Cameron

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Side FX Partners, LLC
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Infantil y juvenil: no ficción general
22,60 €
IVA incluido
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Seaper Powers is a magical tale about a little girl who travels off to an island vacation and finds that magical sea grass transforms her ability to talk to fish! She befriends two unlikely sea creatures as they search for buried treasure. Mom's and Dad's will love this book which has a positive message about friendship and the environment. Also available in audio. Considered one the best new adventure books released this year for 5-9 year olds.   How Seaper Powers Started: Kim Cameron is a true believer in inspiring and nurturing kids. She teaches vocal lessons to students at the School of Rock and volunteers at the Children's Hospital, performing with puppets. While on tour in the Caribbean, she met a 12-year-old who had a fascination with octopi. This brief encounter inspired the creation of Mr. Octopus, a children's tune featuring an 8-year-old whom Kim recently signed to her record label. After completing the song, her co-writer and guitarist, John DePatie, encouraged her to take it to next level by writing a children's book using the song as the impetus. They called the book Seaper Powers, in Search for Bleu Jay's Treasure.   Book #1: In Search of Bleu Jay's Treasure: A magical tale about a little girl (Emma) who discovers special seagrass off the island of St. Thomas. It transforms her body so that she can talk to fish!  Not only does she make new friends, she sets off on a new adventure to find buried treasure!   Book #2: The Mystery of the Blue Pearls: In this adventure, Emma must save the ruler of the sea after she uncovers a secret city that no human has ever seen before!   Book #3: The Rescue: In this adventure, Emma has to save Steve, the starfish, from a deadly disease. Along the way, she finds herself in need of her own rescue.   Book #4: The Riddle: Emma, her friends Marty, the merman, Oliver, the octopus, Steve, the starfish, and Wally, the whale, travel to the Florida Keys to solve a mystery that has been guarded for thousands of years. The only way they can find out the truth is to follow a map of riddles.

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