Radiology Secrets

Radiology Secrets

Pranav Bhatia

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The History and Evolution of Breast Imaging: From Darkness to ClarityBreast imaging is a field that plays a critical role in women’s health. In this article, we will take a historical and evolutionary journey through the various imaging technologies that have helped to early detect and treat serious conditions such as breast cancer.In the early days, the primary way to assess breast health was through a physical exam. In the 1870s, a revolution in breast imaging occurred with the discovery of x-rays by Dr. Edmond Becquerel in France. However, early x-rays were blurry and unclear, and they also had high radiation doses.In the 1920s, the development of mammography was a turning point in breast imaging. Dr. Howard Hughes developed a technique for compressing the breast onto film, resulting in high-contrast images that improved diagnostic accuracy. However, film mammography was time-consuming and expensive, and radiation concerns remained.In the 1970s, digital mammography emerged as a promising alternative to film mammography. Digital images are sharper and have less noise than film images, making them easier to interpret. Digital mammography is also more efficient and less expensive than film mammography.

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