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OTTO! A Three-Step Process for Controlling Your Negative Voice

OTTO! A Three-Step Process for Controlling Your Negative Voice

BettyAnn Leeseberg-Lange

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Autoayuda y desarrollo personal
30,45 €
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'A straightforward and holistic guide...for anyone who experiences negative self-talk and wants to shut it down.' - R. Andrew White, Director of Partner Success at APLnexED '...helped me finally face down my venomous inner voice and achieve things I’d never even dared to dream.' - Regina Nuzzo, PhD, Professor, Gallaudet University, Science Writer, International Speaker on Statistics'...can easily be used by young people, college students, and teens dealing with the negativevoices they hear...' - Judith Beach Wallins, Retired English Teacher, University of Idaho 'A useful and simple 3-step process for controlling that negative voice in our heads.' - Matt Hayat, Master Qigong InstructorDo you have a little (but oh so loud) voice in your head that tells you 'You’re incompetent' and 'No one likes you'? Or that you’ll never achieve that goal or - my goodness - you simply can’t wear that outfit?That’s your OTTO.We all have an OTTO. We can learn to live with it, flinching from its barbed insults and cutting remarks. We can let it stop us from speaking up or trying something new.We can learn to talk back to OTTO. That’s exactly what BettyAnn Leeseberg-Lange teaches you in OTTO! A Three-Step Process for Controlling Your Negative Voice (It Has a Name and Everything!).Grab your crayons (yes, really) and get comfy. You’re about to discover a quick but incredibly effective way to deal with your OTTO every time it has something nasty to say to you.

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