Mrs Rochester's Attic

Mrs Rochester's Attic

Mrs Rochester's Attic


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What can Father Divine do when a nun confesses a disturbing secret?Bill has always lived in his parent’s basement. Nothing  odd about that... is there?How can Eleanor bear watching her old love Paul, hidden as she is at the bottom of his garden?How can Sarah’s suddenly bottomless bag be full of bees?What can forgotten gods do? Go clubbing obviously.The stories in this book explore secrets, doomed relationships, and madness, inspired by the sad fate of the first Mrs Rochester in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. Deranged and hidden away by her husband, Mrs Rochester haunts the corridors of Thornfield Hall, and eventually destroys it.The authors were not required to write directly about Mrs Rochester, Jane Eyre or the Brontës, but all the stories had to contain a deep, dark secret, insanity or ill-fated love.And what a wild mix they came up with. Some of the stories in this book are fantastical and some are realistic. Some are set in the past and others are contemporary. There’s a wide mix of genres. But they all have a hint of the gothic and a tinge of strangeness.  Just the thing to read while hidden away in your own attic...   3

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