Medicine Made Easy

Medicine Made Easy

Ananya Reddy

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Hospital pharmacy is a healthcare profession responsible for the management of medications in hospitals. Hospital pharmacists select, dispense, store, and monitor the use of medications. They also provide patients with information about medications and help to reduce the risks associated with medication use. Role of Hospital Pharmacy The roles of hospital pharmacists are as follows: Medication selection: Hospital pharmacists select appropriate medications for patients. They consider patients’ medical history, current conditions, and other factors.Medication dispensing: Hospital pharmacists dispense medications to patients. They ensure that patients receive the correct medications, correct doses, and at the correct time.Medication storage: Hospital pharmacists store medications in a safe and effective manner. They ensure that medications are not wasted or disposed of as unwanted medications.Medication use monitoring: Hospital pharmacists monitor medication use. They ensure that patients are using medications correctly and that no adverse effects are occurring from medications.Providing information about medications: Hospital pharmacists provide patients with information about medications. They tell patients how medications work, how to take them, and what potential side effects are associated with medications.Reducing the risks associated with medication use: Hospital pharmacists help to reduce the risks associated with medication use. They educate patients about medication use and help to identify and resolve problems with medication use.

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