Lynnea Hagen on Stuckness

Lynnea Hagen on Stuckness

Lynnea Hagen on Stuckness

Lynnea Hagen

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Consejos sobre carreras profesionales y cómo alcanzar el éxito
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Performing and sustaining high levels of achievement while accomplishing all we want, can be challenging and frustrating endeavors. Coupled with complexities of today’s lifestyles, a fast-paced world, and our many roles, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, blocked, or stuck. As a result, progress feels non-existent, and productivity and performance suffer while procrastination blooms - along with negative self-talk. It can be a self-perpetuating spiral.Lynnea Hagen on Stuckness shares information on the human condition called 'stuck,' and provides tips on how individuals and teams can get out of their own way, gain focus, renew motivation, and move toward achieving goals. Its 140 bite-sized quotes offer practical, creative, and inspiring ways to help 'grease the skids to productivity' in ways that require less energy and fewer road bumps than mere self-discipline and self-control techniques alone.'...practical and true to life. Some tips hit you right in the eye; some are even funny.' ~ Anolia Facun, best-selling author, founder of What a Wonderful World Enterprises.'...there isn’t a more memorable, concise, and catchy way to get yourself up and moving than by reading every empowering quote in this book, journaling on it, and sharing it with your friends!' - Josephine Hanan, CEO, Founder Promote HER BusinessLynnea Hagen on Stuckness is part of the THiNKaha series, whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out AhaMessages™. Increase your influence by picking up the Aha Amplifier and easily share Lynnea’s quotes on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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