Let's Talk Sex & STDs

Let's Talk Sex & STDs

Let's Talk Sex & STDs

Dr. Katina Davis-Kennedy

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Parte I: Observando el nuevo entorno
1. ¿Qué está pasando con el trabajo?
2. ¿A qué nos dedicaremos?
3. ¿Quiénes y para quién trabajaremos?
Parte II: Guía de supervivencia
4. Antes de salir
5. Elegir el camino
Conclusión: toca pasar a la acción
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There comes a time when every person has to learn about sex; typically, students learn within their middle school years about sex education. Unfortunately, by then they have been influenced by others with the wrong information, or have heard rumors that are mostly untrue. Let's Talk Sex and STDs: The Student Edition is here to lay all of the misleading information and stories to rest and provide easy to understand facts and guidelines about sex.This guide breaks down all the essentials: STDs, myths, Q&A, visuals and other important facts. The tools provided will assist with sexually transmitted disease prevention, unexpected and teen pregnancy, as well as sexually uneducated students teaching other students.Dr.Davis-Kennedy has created this self-help medical advisory so that when students are learning about sex, they can educate themselves with the proper information in order to protect themselves in the future.

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