Let's Git Outta Here

Let's Git Outta Here

Let's Git Outta Here

Kate J Kuligowski

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The Guys Publishing Company
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19,83 €
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This is the story of many, many heroes and heroines, volunteers and employees alike, all of whom fought their way, making tedious progress, against unsurmountable odds and waged a long but winning battle…for the love of Valencia County Animal Shelter (VCAS) animals. Over a period of forty years, these individuals gave of themselves and selflessly stood up for the lives of the forgotten animals incarcerated at VCAS, once branded as the Dungeon of Death.  Captured in this book are some of the many heart-rending stories heralding their challenges, achievements, and their boundless respect for life. Spotlighted is the game-changer for this transformation: their life-saving and innovative rescue-transport program. Color photos featured throughout the book help tell the story.The Research and Resource section gives the reader the opportunity to look up non-profit organizations featured within the book so they too can help make a difference.PROCEEDS FROM THIS BOOK WILL BE DIRECTED TO ONE OF THESE 501(C)(3) ORGANIZATIONS:Animal Humane New Mexico, Animal Protection Of New Mexico, Bridges To Home, Bro And Tracy, F.A.T. Katz, Heart And Soul Sanctuary, Helping Paws Across Borders, Homeless Animal Rescue Team Of New Mexico, Lap Dog Rescue Of New Mexico, New Mexico Animal Friends, NMDOG, NM K911, Quixote Humane, Spay And Neuter Coalition Of New Mexico, Street Cat Hub, Tootsie’s Vision, Watermelon Mountain Ranch   

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