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Illumination - Finding Light in Cancer’s Shadow

Illumination - Finding Light in Cancer’s Shadow

Chung / Håkan Bjӧrn / Linda Chung

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Sustainable Life Design
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10,23 €
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A Best-Selling Author’s Inspiring and Illuminating Journey of Acceptance, Gratitude, and Courage while Battling Cancer.This book is for those who are dealing with cancer, loved ones or friends of those dealing with the disease - or perhaps anyone facing a difficult tribulation in their life and seeking guidance and hope.Illumination - Finding Light in Cancer’s Shadow tells a touching story of courage, perseverance, and love through Linda and Håkan’s journey of living with a diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer. It will open your eyes and touch your heart. Through their experiences and perspectives, you will learn how to find the light within the darkness and discover how to take control of your life with hope, grace and a strong will to live a fulfilled and meaningful life.The book will inspire and help you:Harness the power of resilience and courage to overcome the toughest of challengesFeel the depth of love, gratitude and hope through the inspiring narrativeTransform your perspective with life-affirming lessons throughout the bookInside you will experience:Heart-touching insights, stories of compassion and tender confessions of love and griefThe life and the choices of two remarkable people faced with a serious health challengeA journey of self-discovery and understanding of the true value of lifeDon’t miss out on the opportunity to read Illumination - Finding Light in Cancer’s Shadow and gain life-changing insights.

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