GPS Guide For Athletes and Those Who Surround Them

GPS Guide For Athletes and Those Who Surround Them

Michael McGinnis J.D.

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Realization Press
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20,56 €
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'GPS Guide for Athletes and Those Who Surround Them' is for anyone on the conveyor belt within the sports world: Parents of Pee Wee, Little League, AAU, or travel ball athletes. Athletes in high school or college with a goal to make it to the big leagues. Coaches who desire to better guide their players through the sports process. Agent-advisors or other sports professionals seeking the best information to provide their clients. Michael McGinnis, J.D., Founder and Sports Agent-Advisor, Empowerment Sports Group LLC, and Contract Specialist lays out the complexities of the current sports model; showing practical ways on how to navigate it, while proposing a more effective, empowered model where everybody wins. You’ll want to keep this book as a handy reference guide so you can avoid roadblocks and chart your sports course with confidence!

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