Michael Lutter

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Eating Disorders are one of the most common, but elusive conditions to treat in all of Psychiatry. While current treatments do help some patients with eating disorders, too many individuals receive little to no benefit from treatment options leading to a lifelong struggle with anxiety around eating and body image. In this book, Michael Lutter, MD/PhD presents the developement of his new program GIFTED: Genetic Information For Treating Eating Disorders. GIFTED utilizes modern genetic testing methods to take a fresh look at the underlying causes of eating disorders, sometimes with shocking insights. GIFTED: Genetic Information For Treating Eating Disorders will be of interest to any patient, family member, or eating disorder clincian who is interested in alternative appraches to current treatment methods. The book is 192 pages with illustrations and links to animations that make difficult concepts of genetics and neuroscience easy to understand.

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