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Ethical Marketing Through Data Governance Standards and Effective Technology

Ethical Marketing Through Data Governance Standards and Effective Technology


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Ética empresarial y responsabilidad social
373,52 €
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Marketing on digital platforms requires critical thinking on data management systems, machine learning methods, and attributes like customer trust, societal ethics, and managing consumer feedback with the utmost utilization of technology in different ways. The pursuit for a unified source of information is fundamental for marketers in digital marketing. Ethical Marketing Through Data Governance Standards and Effective Technology delves into the intricacies of achieving this unity by addressing the challenges and presenting solutions in a structured manner. The book explores the fundamental necessity for an effective data governance strategy. It emphasizes the eradication of silos and the establishment of regulations governing data classification, storage, and processing. Within this framework, the application of artificial intelligence in marketing takes center stage. The book investigates Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing, machine learning methods, and data management systems. Furthermore, the book studies advertising standards and challenges on online platforms. The intersection of technology and advertising is dissected, focusing on virtual assistance through avatars and their impact on consumer psychology. The importance of a comprehensive database governance strategy is underscored, presenting a complete approach for corporations to navigate the intricacies of online marketing while upholding ethical standards.

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