Emigration breeds success

Emigration breeds success

Patricia Lisung

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Autoayuda y desarrollo personal
12,57 €
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Emigration breeds success: Life is to enjoy is a book about  processes we can all go through including personal growth, entrepreneurship, how to overcome adversity, find our purpose and succeed in all areas.This book features chapters such as 'My path to success', 'Fighting my fears', 'Healing wounds' and 'Life is to enjoy' which are not only for immigrants, they focus on phases to achieve a full, free and happy life in any country, which is what we all seek.Have you heard that being an emigrant is only for the brave? Emigrating means suffering, loneliness and depression?We have to get rid of the idea that you have to suffer to succeed. I always have ingrained my mom’s words: 'We are the king’s children', that means to me that we are here to enjoy, to be happy and free, to be successful, to triumph and enjoy an abundant and prosperous life, anywhere, in any country.Of course not everything is so simple. We have opted for a new country, in many cases with a different  language; sometimes we  have to deal with our fears and insecurities, sometimes anxiety, unwelcome people, health, economic or relationship problems; unpleasant or lonely moments; but we must always remember the positives, know that there are also angels that cross our path, opportunities of all kinds, joy and many, many laughs. If we learn to bask in our triumphs and see ourselves successful with the small steps and achievements we obtain, we will feel fulfilled and continue to starve for better.This book is very useful  for  immigrants in any country, as well as for the friends and family of immigrants, so that they can understand us a little more, see through our eyes, walk in our shoes and expand their horizons.I’m giving you examples and advice on how you can develop according to your skills and goals. How to prosper in any country. Success stories of people I have met, according to my definition of success, regardless of their immigration or relationship status, because success is for everyone, alone or accompanied.And to all readers, immigrant or not, I will show you how to overcome adversity and seek a purpose in life. People who never give up are the ones who achieve results and feel successful. Life is to enjoy and you must always keep in mind that happiness is the meaning of life.Writing helped me to heal, showing my strong and vulnerable sides, capturing all my feelings in these pages is a great achievement and has helped me to progress personally. I am happy to share it with you, because I feel that it will help many people reading about my journey as well.  This is my way of telling them that they are not alone, that we have all gone through or experienced difficult times and that there is always a light to  guide you, that we have to follow our instincts, our hunch, our inner voice that does not lie. 

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