Coveting Catherine

Coveting Catherine

Cassie Colton

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Mystic Marigold Publishing
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Catherine, now widowed after marrying Leo’s teammate Rick 'Ash' Mitchell, is burdened with regret for the choices she made. The night she ended her relationship with Leo to marry Ash, she could not have foreseen the heartbreak that awaited her. Catherine’s life becomes entangled with Leo’s once more when she seeks his help for a friend in need.On the run to protect Emma, Leo and Catherine are again drawn to each other. Sparks fly as they navigate the dangers surrounding them, and both believe a second chance at happiness is within reach. However, the tides turn when Leo discovers that Ash, Catherine’s deceased husband, is alive. Caught in a web of conflicting emotions, Leo must grapple with the decision to give up the woman he never stopped loving.Catherine must confront the truth about her past, laying bare her secrets to Leo.

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