Corporate Espionage, Geopolitics, and Diplomacy Issues in International Business

Corporate Espionage, Geopolitics, and Diplomacy Issues in International Business

Corporate Espionage, Geopolitics, and Diplomacy Issues in International Business


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As global business competition continues to accelerate, it is imperative that managers and executives examine all facets of an organization so that it remains successful. Often dynamics such as espionage, diplomacy, and geopolitical atmosphere have a great impact on daily operations of an organization; however, these areas are often overlooked. Corporate Espionage, Geopolitics, and Diplomacy Issues in International Business highlights strategic planning and operations tactics in the areas of human resource management and security. Featuring the impact of espionage, geopolitics, and diplomacy, this book is an insightful reference for business and government executives, scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, and practitioners .

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